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2011-05-25 Thread Ted Goranson
and dynamics of the two worlds in integrated fashion, that is enough. We don't have to go further with the philosophical exercise of generating one from the other. Moreover, I question the wisdom of this because it assumes a priority. --Ted _ Ted Goranson http://www.sirius


2011-04-09 Thread Ted Goranson
intelligence as inhabiting this new, non-parametrizable space. --Ted _ Ted Goranson _ Ted Goranson ___ fis mailing list https

Re: [Fis] Poetry, Computers and Information - reply to Zhao

2011-03-03 Thread Ted Goranson
of system design. This swerve in career was the result of involvement in a US project, which aimed to address fundamental problems with computer reasoning. That program was run by Ted Goranson, who is also a member of this forum, and will likely comment soon. _ Ted Goranson

[Fis] A Metacomment

2008-06-26 Thread Ted Goranson
will be a crisp description of the different options, approaches and philosophies with possible test protocols. If we are scientists, and as passionate and insightful as the discussion shows, we may as well get serious, yes? -Ted -- __ Ted Goranson Sirius-Beta

[Fis] Info, meaning narrative

2007-10-12 Thread Ted Goranson
problems with or matches with this narrative model, I would be genuinely interested to know. - Beth Cardier -- __ Ted Goranson Sirius-Beta ___ fis mailing list

[Fis] The Goals and Worlds

2007-10-07 Thread Ted Goranson
to on this, but that may be just a religious view. But itdoes seem that this cusp of introspective apparent selfishness implicit in Pedro's and Walter's posts has merit. I read Stanley such that he supports this. -Ted -- __ Ted Goranson Sirius-Beta

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2007-03-19 Thread Ted Goranson
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 00:42:32 -0400 To: From: Ted Goranson [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [Fis] Mind, matter, meaning and information Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii ; format=flowed Welcome Robin. You can do little better than to engage John Collier on this. I

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2007-02-02 Thread Ted Goranson
of management is exceeded. -Best, Ted -- __ Ted Goranson Sirius-Beta ___ fis mailing list

Re: [Fis] Reply to Ted Goranson: levels of description

2006-06-11 Thread Ted Goranson
by their shadows. I'm not surprised that most physicists want to ontologically flatten everything into a QM-described truth. What does surprise me is that no one has mentioned the inconvenient fact that gravity, that most prevalent force in physics, is notably unfriendly to QM. Best, Ted -- __ Ted

Re: [Fis] General Question: Definition of information

2006-04-27 Thread Ted Goranson
rld as an agent in some way as a citizen. With this, I can then use the vehicle of whatever science of information that results to "carry" notions (presumably retailored ones) like ethics to cells and particles, and understand both why and how I swim in the world, but how it swims in me. B

[Fis] The Identity of ProtoEthics

2006-04-27 Thread Ted Goranson
the protoethic. Sorry for the long message. Best, Ted -- __ Ted Goranson Sirius-Beta ___ fis mailing list