[flexcoders] Re: Get the fontWeight of a datagrid header.

2011-09-12 Thread aceoohay
I guess no one knows how to do this. If I find a way I will post it here. Paul --- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, aceoohay pauls@... wrote: I found what I want (I think) in cachedHeaderRenderer - inheritingStyles - fontWeight. Unfortunately I have no idea how to reference that. Any

[flexcoders] Scroller and mouseEnabledWhereTransparent Issues

2011-09-12 Thread jitendra jain
Hi Coders, I have one group component in which the children are added dynamically. There is also some components on which it is overlapping . But when i apply the scroller with height 90%. No area below this component is clickable even though its height is not 90%. Even i tried with

[flexcoders] navigateToUrl( ) - can I determine when completed?

2011-09-12 Thread lanekelly5
I have a function call in my app that calls the server and expects back a CSV file that I want the user to be able to save. Right now I make that call via navigateToURL() with a parameter of _blank. Due to a change in requirements, I need to refresh a grid after that server call is completed

[flexcoders] Flex line chart

2011-09-12 Thread chinwesley
I want to create a line chart in Flex. I know how to create a simple one but the one I need to create needs to have 6 series (lines). The problem is that when I get the data from MYSQL, there is 6 xFields (one for each line) that are the same. eg. Western Cape - January, Western Cape -

Re: [flexcoders] Flex line chart

2011-09-12 Thread Brendan Meutzner
I've re-read your post 3 times, and still can't make sense of how your data is structured. Is there any way you can post an example of the structure? There's always a way to massage the data to fit into the charting... Brendan On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 7:06 AM, chinwesley wesleyc...@hotmail.com

[flexcoders] Why does FormItem label text-align stop working in TileLayout?

2011-09-12 Thread Chris Velevitch
In Flex 4.5 spark forms, I can right justify formitem labels with the style:- s|FormItem #labelDisplay {text-align: right;} and form layout set to s:FormLayout/. When I change to layout to:- s:layout s:TileLayout requestedColumnCount=3/ /s:layout the label text