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2002-04-30 Thread Jens Posingies
Hi, this may sound very easy for fop-cracks, but it's killing beginners like us: How can I generate page-breaks in fo? There seem to be fitting fo-markups (page-break-after, page-break-before etc.), but sadly they are not implemented yet. Ideas? Thanks, Jens

Newbie: html-like table to fo-table

2002-05-16 Thread Jens Posingies
because of counting columns etc.)? The fo:table-markups are a bit confusing, and some of them don't seem to work as expected in the current FOP-version (like table-and-caption). Who has experiences with fo:tables and xslt and could give us a hint? Jens Posingies

AW: Image problems

2002-05-23 Thread Jens Posingies
the jimi.jar was distributed with fop, but because of some sort of copyright problems you have to download it seperately from sun. This should solve the problem. Jens Posingies Lüneburg (Germany) -Ursprüngliche Nachricht- Von: Kevin Pearcey [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 23. Mai

AW: PDF table of contents - possible with FOP?

2002-05-27 Thread Jens Posingies
Title: PDF table of contents - possible with FOP? Here an xsl example, takenfrom my current project: xsl:template match="chapter" mode="content" fox:outline internal-destination="[EMAIL PROTECTED]}" fox:label xsl:number count="chapter" level="multiple"/ xsl:text./xsl:textxsl:value-of

Problems with nesting fo:graphic in fo:block?

2002-06-16 Thread Jens Posingies
')/xsl:when/xsl:choose xsl:value-of select=@source//xsl:attribute /fo:external-graphic fo:block ... xsl:value-of select=$lang/illustrations/ xsl:number count=graphic level=any/: xsl:value-of select=@alt/ /fo:block /xsl:template Jens Posingies, Lüneburg

AW: Problems with nesting fo:graphic in fo:block?

2002-06-17 Thread Jens Posingies
=#00a0a0 Abbildungen1: Top Zugriffe auf Dokumente im Altsystem /fo:block -Ursprungliche Nachricht- Von: Oleg Tkachenko [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Gesendet: Sonntag, 16. Juni 2002 22:20 An: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Betreff: Re: Problems with nesting fo:graphic in fo:block? Jens Posingies


2002-06-18 Thread Jens Posingies


2002-06-19 Thread Jens Posingies