share internet with win xp

2004-01-16 Thread Carvalho Paulo
Hello everyone, I would like to share an internet connection between freebsd and windows xp. This is my scenario: I have a ADSL internet connection in a winXP pro box. I have another box with FreeBSD 4.9 recently installed that is not configured for networking or anything. I

XFree86 configuration

2004-01-13 Thread Carvalho Paulo
Hello everyone, I just installed FreeBSD 4.9, and when I try to cofigure X through sysinstall it gives an error message in the end. The messege says that an error has ocurred and asks if I want to try again. I tried several times and then gave up. What I want to know is if there is any

Trouble: cant do anything

2003-10-29 Thread Carvalho Paulo
Hi, I kind of newbie to freebsd, so go easy on me. First of all I was having troable to install version 5.1 on my machine, but then i finaly got it (or at list I thought so). When I boot the system it asks me to write the path of my shell, and since I don't have any installed I just press