Re: New work on installer?

2004-05-17 Thread slave-mike
If one were to *not* use the installer to setup a FreeBSD system, (aka, like *old* dos, each step done manually), what are the manual steps involved? Matthew Seaman wrote: On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 01:00:37AM -0500, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Has there been any new work on the installer or planned?

Re: Using the ATAPI/CAM Driver

2004-01-30 Thread slave-mike
Jeff Elkins wrote: No responses on this yet, but I can hope :) Another issue: After changing the permissions on the /dev/pass* devices, following a reboot, they all reverted, rendering k3b useless. I'd appreciate some help... I've enabled the ATAPI/CAM driver in my kernel under freebsd

Re: the -L in dump

2003-11-07 Thread slave-mike
It should. To test it after running the dump do a restore -i -f /mnt/backup_drive/ad0backup/main_backup11_03 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Was working my way through dump and was going over what the -L switch is used for. I guess one would use this when you are dumping a mounted file system correct?

Re: Running RawIO

2003-11-07 Thread slave-mike
If your hard drive is IDE, then /dev/da0 is definately wrong. :) Try /dev/ad0. This is presuming of course that rawio doesn't do anything *bad* to your data. Rishi Chopra wrote: I am newbie who just installed RawIO ('cd /usr/ports/benchmarks/rawio', 'make install') but am having trouble

Re: Extracting individual Files via tar

2003-11-06 Thread slave-mike
you must use the f flag when manipulation files. no f flag equals attempt to access tape drive. Martin McCormick wrote: The command tar ztf /usr/local/src/ports.tar.gz produces a table of contents just like the man page says it should. The man page also says that individual files can be

Re: Anymore help out there? Re: mail never gets sent

2003-11-06 Thread slave-mike
You need to configure sendmail to route via your ISP's SMTP gateway. Many IP's are listed in a 'dial up user blacklist', and yahoo, aol, etc will reject your mail otherwise. REF: SmartHost in you sendmail config. webmin is your friend. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote on

Re: Anymore help out there

2003-11-06 Thread slave-mike
Set your SmartHost in your sendmail config to relay through your ISP's SMTP relay will fix the problem. Robert Huff wrote: [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The timeouts look suspicious. Is your upstream blocking outgoing SMTP connections (perhaps in an attempt to stop spam)? A quick way to check

Re: Silent boot?

2003-10-31 Thread slave-mike
If all you are wanting to do is hide the boot messages at boot time, the splash boot screen would be an option. look in /boot/defaults Yong Yi wrote: Anyone know whether it'd be possible to cleanly disable printing the kernel boot messages (the bold white text)? Meaning, short of commenting out

Re: poptop / pppd

2003-10-19 Thread slave-mike
Please use the port mpd instead. Chris Knipe wrote: Lo all, Very arb and weird problem... I've followed all the docs that google could return (they all mostly the same in any case), and yeah... My PPTP server *does* work.. As long as I don't terminate more than one connection at a time to the

Re: Problems with latest update and network

2003-10-19 Thread slave-mike
Please spit out and attach as plain text tht outputs of ifconfig netstat -rn ps ax | grep dh Richard Morse wrote: Hi! I just CVSup'd (last Thursday) and upgraded my system to RELENG_4. I now cannot connect (seemingly) to the network. Whenever I try to ping and outside system, I get


2003-10-19 Thread slave-mike
AMD Duron, Athlon, et al, are all i386 compatible processors [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: FreeBSD- Do AMD Duron processors fall under the AMD64 release category, because on your website it only says that AMD Opteron and Athlon prcoessors are the AMD64 architecture. Thanks

Re: screen font size

2003-10-19 Thread slave-mike
YOu X-Windowing installation is *not* right. Update your XFree86 to the latest available (via packages), not you might need to download and upgrade your FreeBSD 4.5 to 4.8-RELEASE or 4.9-PRERELEASE, this should give much up to date video card drivers, then you run XFree86 -configure and follow

Re: Best place to start a misc program at bootup

2003-10-19 Thread slave-mike
a shell script ending with .sh with chmod +x in dir /usr/local/etc/rc.d man heir jason dictos wrote: Hello again, So there's /etc/rc, and etc/rc.local, and then there's the fancy rc.conf scripts which stat programs. /etc/rc and /etc/rc.local don't appear to be designated places for