Re: session question

2001-03-16 Thread Craig R. McClanahan
On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, [iso-8859-9] Altuð Altýntaþ (Koç.Net) wrote: Hi , i have got two contexts , one of them is VARDIYA and other one is CIS. Two of these contexts are implemented by using session object . You will do much better asking Tomcat-related questions on the TOMCAT-USER

Re: Directory layout feedback

2001-03-16 Thread Sam Ruby
Peter Donald wrote: Gonna have to disagree. You do whats best when there is no significant advantage of doing it otherways. Standardizing on a crap standard because someone decrees it a standard is near lunacy. I'm 180 off of this position. If there IS a significant advantage to doing it

Rescheduled PMC meeting: 2001-01-19 at 1900 GMT

2001-03-16 Thread Sam Ruby
I was never clear on the date/time, and we never got a quorum, so lets try again. Below is the proposed agenda (only change is to add an entry scheduling the next meeting). For reference, 1900 GMT is: California: Monday at 11 a.m. New York:Monday at 2 p.m. Spain/Zurich:

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Tomcat 3.3 Milestone 2

2001-03-16 Thread Larry Isaacs
The second milestone release of Tomcat 3.3 is available for download and testing. As a Tomcat 3.x release, it remains an implementation of the Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications. The Milestone 2 release primarily offers bug fixes over Milestone 1. In this milestone release, documentation