Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Packages pulling in python-3*, also they dont require it

2010-03-20 Thread Jean-Marc Hengen
Duncan wrote: ... ++ - I can only add the saying With freedom comes great responsibility.. Maybe the python herd could maintain a little status page which covers informations like: - Estimated python 3 compatibility in respect to the packages in the main tree. - Recommendations if installing

[gentoo-dev] EAPI 2 policy for portage tree

2008-12-08 Thread Jean-Marc Hengen
, when the outcome is, that I won't be supported, then I know and should rethink my strategy to manage my gentoo boxes. With kind regards, Jean-Marc Hengen, a happy gentoo user

Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: default desktop profile

2007-08-02 Thread Jean-Marc Hengen
that in make.conf. This is only an opinion from a user and reflects a part, on how I see gentoo and what it makes it for me the best distribution out there. Greetings, Jean-Marc Hengen -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list

Re: [gentoo-dev] QA issue: No stable skype in Tree

2007-06-15 Thread Jean-Marc Hengen
a friend or just maybe have luck with google) or use the ~arch 1.4. This won't affect users that already have 1.4 installed, or just have the distfile. As a current user of skype, I like that idea. Greetings, Jean-Marc Hengen -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list