Re: [GKD] Analyzing the Harvard e-Readiness Guide

2002-05-20 Thread philipp
Many people seem to have valid criticism for the Harvard e-Readiness guide. Does anyone know of a better model/methodology that is freely available? In addition I would be interested in e-Strategy examples (which I understand as the necessary next step after e-Assessment efforts) that have been

[GKD] ANN: Acces a l'Information pour les Femmes en Zones Rurales

2002-05-20 Thread Marie
Annonce : liste de diffusion de [EMAIL PROTECTED]! Conference en ligne : Acces a l'Information pour les Femmes en zones rurales 3-21 Juin 2002 Le Reseau des Femmes d'Ouganda (Women of Uganda Network, WOUGNET) vous invite a participer a une Conference en-ligne sur l'acces a l'Information pour

Re: [GKD] Non-profit Local Wireless Networks

2002-05-20 Thread Fantsuam
Fantsuam Foundation is collaborating with Kabissa to provide email and internet services for Not-for-Profit organizations (including tertiary educational and health institutions) in Nigeria with particular interest in those operating in rural communities where