[kicad-users] Gentoo live ebuild

2007-10-13 Thread David Bourgeois
Hi, I create a live ebuild for compiling and installing kicad from SVN head under Gentoo linux. Its now as simple as typing 'emerge kicad-live' to get kicad updated to the latest svn revision. You can grab the ebuild at

[kicad-users] Re: Kicad + Borland CPP (Free Turbo Version)?

2007-10-13 Thread drwrench
Hi Dick, Thanks for the reply. I have not seen support for this compiler in the makefiles. Ok Do you realize what the quality level is for the GCC compiler suite that Kicad uses as standard? I don't know much about the recommended compiler but I did download it and will use it if I

Re: [kicad-users] Re: Mils

2007-10-13 Thread KeepIt SimpleStupid
Let's face it, humans like things easy. It's much easier to say 5 mills, than 5 thousanths of an inch, although saying 250 thousanths seems to be more of the norm when machining in english units. Thickness, such as a plastic bag seems to be expressed in Mills. Confusion, of course. When

Re: [kicad-users] Kicad project for Low TIM (Leach Amp)?

2007-10-13 Thread KeepIt SimpleStupid
It's a nice amp. You'll like it. I taped it in 1980 or so. Just like everyone else, I made subtle changes. A couple notable ones: metal film resistors where possible. 10 turn pot for bias adjustment. I added audio ramping and thump supression as well. The power supply makes a big difference

Re: [kicad-users] Kicad project for Low TIM (Leach Amp)?

2007-10-13 Thread jeremy
With KiCad, and I suppose any design package, you need to know the physical size of the components. So hopefully, the following is not off-topic. Most component choice results in a decision on component size, and that will affect the layout and physical arrangement. If I do a PCB design in KiCad