Re: [pfSense] Making an install CD

2014-10-31 Thread melvin
Yes windows burns  I SO  files as bootable disk. I do it regularly.  div Original message /divdivFrom: Ryan Coleman /divdivDate:10/29/2014 00:57 (GMT-05:00) /divdivTo: Mark Hisel, pfSense Support and Discussion Mailing List

Re: [pfSense] Traffic routing issue

2014-12-12 Thread melvin
What you're sewing is the proxy doing what you've told it to do. When the pc on the lan side (any vlan) requests a connection to a server the proxy makes that request on its behalf and returns the packets sent back from that request.  In order for that to happen on a secured connection the

Re: [pfSense] Firewall Hardware/Setup for Datacenter...

2015-02-06 Thread melvin
If you're going to have 2 systems you can cluster them and make anything you're running HA even without duplicate vms. div Original message /divdivFrom: Chuck Mariotti /divdivDate:02/05/2015 22:22 (GMT-05:00) /divdivTo: pfSense Support and Discussion

Re: [pfSense] bind domain specific forwarder

2016-09-22 Thread Melvin
What you're trying to accomplish is something we commonly do with conditional forwarders, but they would forward all requests to a specific domain so site1... and site2... would have to be separate domains.  I don't use bind to do that personally but I would assume it has that capability.

Re: [pfSense] speed problems with SG-1000

2017-05-15 Thread Melvin
Based on the product page the max throughput as you described would seem to be 200Mbps. See the notes at the bottom of the page. -Original Message- From: List [] On Behalf Of John DeSoi Sent: Monday, May

Re: [pfSense] CARP Demotion Not Working

2017-11-03 Thread Melvin
But think of the time you would have wasted instead. Just trading a little pride for time. Seems like a good deal most times. On Nov 3, 2017, 15:02, at 15:02, Andrew Kester wrote: >Actually, it looks like Node B was indeed in maintenance mode. Setting > >it back to

Re: [pfSense] Upgrades to 2.4.3.x failing after updating metadata

2018-05-17 Thread Melvin
Lots of ISPs still make you do that for managed circuits. ⁣Sent from BlueMail ​ On May 17, 2018, 10:56, at 10:56, John Johnstone wrote: >On 5/16/18 12:25 PM, WebDawg wrote: > >> It is high risk compared to serial, but when you are doing the job >>

Re: [pfSense] pfsense on watchguard xtm 810?

2018-02-16 Thread Melvin
I've had good luck in similar cases by installing on a generic machine then putting the media in the target box. On Feb 16, 2018, 13:40, at 13:40, Eero Volotinen wrote: >Hi List, > >I need to install pfsense 2.4 on watchguard xtm 810. there is issue as >it >does not boot

Re: [pfSense] Bandwidth Mismatch between pfSense and Data Center Provider...

2018-05-23 Thread Melvin Backus
Is it possible these numbers are for both interfaces on the pfSense box? If so, do they include both inbound and outbound traffic for both? That would effectively double the true data transfer if traffic isn't being routed between other subnets / interfaces on the firewall. I don't have RRD