crazy golf

2001-06-14 Thread Chris Heathcote
Beware, it's in Flash (or Shockwave) Hole 17 is a bugger c. -- every day, computers are making people easier to use

Re: tape changes

2001-06-06 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 5/6/01 10:31 am, Robin Szemeti wrote: hmm .. we're trying to justify a move to 5gb a month .. at which point Nildram sounds like a cheaper option. ... is Aylesbury nice? No :) But hopefully you wouldn't need to go there that often (just when the root password expires ho hum). I think

Re: tape changes

2001-06-05 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 4/6/01 11:29 pm, Chris Benson wrote: OTOH It makes Nildram's gbp2000 p.a. including 15mins of technician/day to do whatever you need seem very good value. I have one of those. Nildram couldn't be more helpful. I've even had to visit my box on occasion (ok, so they're in Aylesbury, but it's

Re: Windows Perl - how?

2001-05-31 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 31/5/01 12:37 pm, Mark Fowler wrote: I seem to remember downloading an .exe last week (which I no longer have and no longer seems to be where it was on thier site.) Are they randomly switching between MSI and .exe and haven't bothered to upload the installer when they switched back. I

Re: Laziest way of selling stuph on line?

2001-05-25 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 25/5/01 10:17 am, Dave Hodgkinson wrote: Is there any easier way of flogging stuff on line than using Amazon Z-shops? They settle quickly, commission isn't horrendous and they do some inventory management. I think Yahoo do a similar deal. Not necessarily much better tho'. c. --

OT: Eiswein

2001-05-22 Thread Chris Heathcote
(because people were talking about it) ROME, May 21 (Reuters) - Canada has won the right to compete with Germany and Austria in supplying Europeans with Icewine, a sugary dessert wine made from grapes harested in freezing temperatures. c.

Re: Election Manifestos

2001-05-22 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 22/5/01 4:02 pm, Simon Wistow wrote: the Tory's want to repeal IR35, make RIPA less strict and speed up Local Loop unbundling, whereas Labour want to introduce laws meaning that if you pretend to be a teenager on the Net you can be jailed for 5 years (bad luck bK). It seems that every

Re: Election Manifestos

2001-05-22 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 22/5/01 4:19 pm, Robin Szemeti wrote: thank goodness for proportioanl representation, it should make the next parliament a lot more representative of what people actually want, ratehr than a choice between 2 (and a half ) evils. Errr... no PR yet for general elections! Slight aside, but

Re: Election Manifestos

2001-05-22 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 22/5/01 4:46 pm, Simon Wistow wrote: Simon Cozens wrote: I've yet to hear a Labour MP talk eloquently about anything at all. Anyone ever talked - sorry, tried talking - to their MP about RIP? Harriet Harman tried to tell me that I didn't really know about computers or the Internet.

Re: Election Manifestos

2001-05-22 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 22/5/01 5:26 pm, Robin Szemeti wrote: Errr... no PR yet for general elections! really .. are you sure ? .. I'm certain this lot said they were going to do something about that ... how odd. It was part of the buttering-up in case of a need for a Lib-Lab pact. It's certainly been pushed

Re: Politics (was RE: BOFHs requiring license)

2001-05-14 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 14/5/01 9:24 pm, Robin Szemeti wrote: What the hell happened to the youth that did amusing things with steam engines, collected stamps and had a chemistry set? .. give a 16 year old a chemistry set today and they'd try and inject it. They seem to have taken anything remotely fun out of

Re: (OT) constrained walk

2001-05-11 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 11/5/01 4:35 pm, Paul Mison wrote: This time, the constraint is the route; we'll be trying to walk around the Circle line, either trying to follow it as closely as possible or just walking between the stations. (We're deciding that on crisps, when it works.) Has anyone got a proper

Re: Company Name

2001-04-25 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 25/4/01 9:02 am, Robert Shiels wrote: I will mainly be doing SAP work, but hope to get other IT work too, so don't want SAP in the name. I came up with Diatom Consulting for an ex of mine (mainly a SAP sysadmin). Old chemistry and physics books are good starters, as are other languages.


2001-04-25 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 25/4/01 5:25 pm, Paul Makepeace wrote: If you read the small print they threaten to disconnect service if whois info isn't accurate. Pity you have to supply perfect info for spammers. I think that's fair, like accepting mail to postmaster@, hostmaster@, webmaster@ etc. It's not like email

Re: next social meeting vs tube strike

2001-04-19 Thread Chris Heathcote
On Thu, 19 Apr 2001 18:03:20 +0100 (BST), Mike Wyer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Nope. All very respectable, sadly. No bonobos at all, and all the other apes and monkeys were very well behaved. Last time I went, the prarie dogs had gone. I was not amused. c. -- every day, computers are

Re: Crazy Idea

2001-04-04 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 4/4/01 11:27 am, Simon Wilcox wrote: Luckily it only did minor damage to the backstage area. I bought a supply of various flashes and explosions, but did not have a firing box. Using the switch on a 4 way extension block (with a number of mains plugs to croc clips) is probably not the

Re: originality

2001-03-27 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 26/3/01 10:04 pm, Greg McCarroll wrote: The problem of course with London ( is that every activity we can think of is drink related. Well we do have a river here ya know ;) Other ideas: taking over a London Eye pod hiring a room in the VA, Science Museum or Nat Hist Museum

Re: white wine

2001-03-27 Thread Chris Heathcote
DavidC: According to the critics, it is 'acceptable if not great' but fuck it, *I* liked it. Remember a lot of wine suffers from the holiday effect, and doesn't seem quite as nice on a wet blustery Thursday night. Lachryma Christi del Vesuvio, in case anyone is interested. Ah, I have heard

Re: Mailbox co-lo - honest opinions

2001-02-09 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 9/2/01 4:23 pm, David Cantrell wrote: That's why I recommend Nildram... They're expensive, but it's worth it. Indeed. Real people to talk to. Real people to help out when things inevitably go pear shaped. Real people to plug things in and unplug them. c. -- every day, computers are


2001-01-04 Thread Chris Heathcote
on 4/1/01 11:03 am, David Hodgkinson wrote: Anyone fancy dim sum shortly? What, when McDonalds are doing 2-for-1? ;) c. -- every day, computers are making people easier to use