Re: Some Northern Irish Fun and Games ...

2001-05-21 Thread Marty Pauley
On Fri May 18 07:27:10 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote: This is the sort of thing that happens in the country i grew up in But Greg, it's not what you think. It's part of a secret trans-atlantic conspiricy to

Re: Disclaimer

2001-04-10 Thread Marty Pauley
one for the NotMattsScripts project, so does anyone have a good concise copyright and disclaimer notice for free Perl code? I've googled around and can't find anything I like. I do this: =head1 COPYRIGHT Copyright (C) 2001 Marty Pauley. This program is free software; you can redistribute

Re: Disclaimer

2001-04-10 Thread Marty Pauley
On Tue Apr 10 11:27:48 2001, Robert Shiels wrote: 1. I want anything I write to be free for others to use and generally bugger about with. 2. I don't want anyone to be allowed to sell my code, or to sell anything closely derived from it. Then you cannot use GPL, Artistic, BSD, or any free

Re: Disclaimer

2001-04-10 Thread Marty Pauley
On Tue Apr 10 13:59:15 2001, Matthew Byng-Maddick wrote: No. You cannot sell the source and binaries seperately. Yes you can. If you do, you must sell the source at cost price. -- Marty PGP signature

Re: Tie::Scalar::Decay ...

2001-04-10 Thread Marty Pauley
On Tue Apr 10 15:51:21 2001, Rob Partington wrote: In message [EMAIL PROTECTED], Greg McCarroll [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: * David Cantrell ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: ... is on its way to CPAN. If you're desperate for it, you can also snarf it from

Re: Social Meeting

2001-04-02 Thread Marty Pauley
On Thu Mar 29 03:13:59 2001, Dave Cross wrote: OK. Bowing to pressure from the heretics - we'll go to the Anchor next Thursday. Never let it be said that I don't listen to the little people :) Can someone product a set of simple instructions on how to get there. Could someone please

Re: ISO8601 [was] Re: Pointless, Badly-Written Module.

2001-03-30 Thread Marty Pauley
On Thu Mar 29 15:37:29 2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: * - BTW, does that mean that all calls within NI are now charged at local rate? Can enlighten me on this? Do you really think we'd get that lucky? No we get hit with the charge for a national call even though it's all in

Re: April Meetings

2001-03-26 Thread Marty Pauley
On Sun Mar 25 19:05:36 2001, Tony Bowden wrote: On Sun, Mar 25, 2001 at 06:44:43PM +0100, Dave Cross wrote: The April meetings are approaching and we have no firm plans for them yet. The social meeting will be on April 5th. Last plan I remember was that mstevens was going to investigate

Re: Fruit flies like a banana

2001-03-24 Thread Marty Pauley
On Fri Mar 23 18:17:13 2001, Lucy McWilliam wrote: Yeah, like where they knock out the alcohol dehydrogenase gene and get all the flies absolutely bladdered :-)) Can I assume that these genes were removed to donate to members? -- Marty PGP signature

Re: Debian question ...

2001-03-24 Thread Marty Pauley
On Thu Mar 22 14:48:48 2001, Marcel Grunauer wrote: David Cantrell writes is there an easy way of getting a list of all the packages which are currently installed? I dislike dselect intensely, and the docs for dpkg et al don't say anything useful. dpkg -l |

Re: Pointless, Badly-Written Module.

2001-03-21 Thread Marty Pauley
Schwern [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:06:26 + From: Michael G Schwern [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Marty Pauley [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: FW: london-pm RE: Pointless, Badly-Written Module. Tell them if they keep talking shit about me I'll have to personally come down and CUT

Re: Matt's Scripts Projects

2001-03-20 Thread Marty Pauley
On Tue Mar 20 11:46:25 2001, Gareth Harper wrote: On a completely off topic note I'm appealing to the contractors among you here. Those of you who have yor own company. Did you set yourselves up as a Limited Company, or as a Sole Trader. If you set yourself up as a limited company did/do

Re: Version control

2001-03-16 Thread Marty Pauley
On Mon Mar 12 21:45:34 2001, Jim Gillespie wrote: Does ClearCase work with anything but Solaris? I was talking to my current boss and he reckons it needs a patched kernel in order to do funky stuff with the file system. I've used it on AIX. -- Marty

Re: DJ jabbers on the O'Reilly Network

2001-03-12 Thread Marty Pauley
On Sat Mar 10 08:30:53 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote: * David H. Adler ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 06:48:16AM -0500, Dave Cross wrote: I wonder if O'Reilly approached the copyright holder ... Heh! "The use of the beer glass image in association with

Re: Version control

2001-03-12 Thread Marty Pauley
On Mon Mar 12 16:57:09 2001, Leon Brocard wrote: David Cantrell sent the following bits through the ether: But there are alternatives. Does anyone here have any comments on Perforce or Clearcase? Needless to say, both companies have crap websites with no useful documentation and a