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> > * - BTW, does that mean that all calls within NI are now charged at local
> > rate?  Can belfast.pm enlighten me on this?
> Do you really think we'd get that lucky? No we get hit with the charge for a
> national call even though it's all in the one area code. They just divide it
> with codes for each area, so Belfast in 02890 whilst Lisburn is 02892.

Calling from Belfast to Lisburn is charged as a local call, AFAIK.

Before the number change Belfast was 01232 and Ards/Bangor was 01247,
but calling between them was considered local.  Now they are 02890 and
02891, and still local.

> So like London we get hit with a 2nd or 3rd change in the last 10 years
> and get no real benefit from it.

It means that we don't have to dial the STD code when calling within NI,
saving three keystrokes: NI is well known for golf, after all.


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