Re: [OT] Anyone want a Defender?

2001-05-14 Thread mallum

you still selling this Dave. If so Id definetly be interested. My ones
completely bust.


on Fri, May 04, 2001 at 09:35:19PM +0100, David Cantrell wrote:
 I've got bored with my Defender, so am selling it.  Anyone interested? defender beats watching buffy on the stupid-box any day of
 the week.
 David Cantrell | [EMAIL PROTECTED] |
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in the world which we decided to release incomplete just for a laugh

Re: Wavelan

2001-04-03 Thread mallum

Yes it DOES work.

I run an Orinocco in an ELSA pcmcia-isa card ( about 35 quid ) on my gateway
at home. Just make sure you use the latest pcmcia stuff and run the cards in
'Ad-Hoc' mode. Theres no need for bridging either, Linux seems to happily 
ferry packets from wired to wireless ( and vise versa) with justa bit of 


on Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 08:24:32AM +0100, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
 Robin Szemeti [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
  my current plan of attack is probably 2 lucent/orinoco wavelan 128/RC4
  cards .. one in the laptop .. one in the border router machine on an ISA
  adaptor .. one guy I spoke to reckoned it would work .. another reckoned
  I was an idjut (well we knew _that_ already ..) and you had to have a
  'access point' not just two wavelan cards .. dunno which to believe as
  half the access points just have a wavelan card in them anyway ... I do
  know that they are piss expensive over here .. might wait till I go to
  the states ... 
 Should work between the two cards, just make sure you have some
 crossover aether between the two...
 Dave Hodgkinson,
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Re: Scraping news feeds?

2001-03-09 Thread mallum

I run and do this on a largish scale.

For aggregating RSS feeds I use RSSLite [1] rather than XML::RSS. RSSLite
avoids using expat and is a little naughty in parsing XML that would make
expat barf ( Alot of RSS feeds unfortunatly contain bad XML ).

For actual scaping of sites I basically use meaty regexps or HTML::Parser. also supplys feeds [2] in RSS if you want to use them.

I hope to Open Source in the near future when I sort out some
contractual obligations.


[2] (eg )

on Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 04:36:56PM +, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
 What's the best way to scrape a variety of news headlines from various
 sites? Sort of a moreover for the intranet...
 Dave Hodgkinson,
 Editor-in-chief, The Highway Star
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Free T-Shirts

2001-02-01 Thread mallum

It seems that Foyles on Tottenham Crt Rd are giving away free orielly shirts.
I got a Perl and a Linux one just by asking ( there are loads on some
orielly display in there ) and not even purchasing anything.


Re: Free T-Shirts

2001-02-01 Thread mallum

on Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 01:48:14PM +, Greg McCarroll wrote:
 hurrah for the mayhem of foyles!

Its always fun when you get served by the crazy russian girl in there who
always will ask you some bizzare visual studio question, when you inform her
you use Linux and not Windows she then tells you Linux is no good because it
dosn't support DCOM. hm


Re: (OT-ish) whois

2001-01-18 Thread mallum

Netscape has;



On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 12:12:19PM -, Robert Shiels wrote:
 jimphillips has one on Microsoft too.

Re: OT : DVD

2001-01-15 Thread mallum

I've seen this in electronics botique on Oxford Street.

You can also get the sequal to dragons lair (space something...?) and a some
wierd hologram based game which I can nearly remember.

Beware however, Some Playstation II magazine reviewed these and gave them
either 1 or 0 out of 10. 

Im waiting for the firefox laser disc game to be on DVD.


On Sat, Jan 13, 2001 at 05:00:11PM +, Greg McCarroll wrote:
 Did I hear correctly a rumour recently that you could currently on
 in the near future get Dragons Lair on DVD. For those of you unfamiliar
 with it Dragons Lair was a laser disk based game where you only had to 
 hit one or two buttons each scene. I can't see a reason it couldn't
 be done on DVD somehow.
 While talking about it, i have a very very old memory of it being
 the cover story in computer and video game annual or some such
 Greg McCarroll

Re: OT : DVD

2001-01-15 Thread mallum

Yes its the DVD version. At the front of the shop, think they were about 15
quid each.

On the subject of games, anyone see the 'bits' special on C4 the weekend about 
violent games - its was pretty good for 'bits' ? 


On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 04:22:39PM +, Greg McCarroll wrote:
 * mallum ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
  I've seen this in electronics botique on Oxford Street.
 as in the DVD version to be run on a DVD player? as for it being bad gameplay
 i don't really care i just want it for historic sake - if i wanted gameplay
 i'd play NetHack, phear me and my B,Fp,+3 BDSM ;-)

 Greg McCarroll