Re: pf: antispoof with dynamic IP address?

2021-05-22 Thread Mogens Jensen to any At some point when the IP lease is renewed, the ISP has assigned an address from another block e.g. I would now think that the block rules created by antispoof are obsolete as they are not updated with the new address, but why should it still work without interface name in parentheses? Thanks. Mogens Jensen

pf: antispoof with dynamic IP address?

2021-05-21 Thread Mogens Jensen
ilter rule of: block all === Is it not even simpler to just specify the filter rule as block without all, they seem to expand identical? Thanks. Mogens Jensen

Re: athn(4): hidenwid?

2020-07-20 Thread Mogens Jensen
‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐ On Thursday, July 16, 2020 9:33 AM, Stefan Sperling wrote: > Nevermind, I have found the problem. Thanks. BTW some time ago I watched your EuroBSDcon 2017 talk on device driver development. I found this introduction very clear and interesting. Regards, Mog

athn(4): hidenwid?

2020-07-16 Thread Mogens Jensen
on on whether hiding the ESSID is ridiculous or not, I'm just testing different things, so I know which features work and which don't. Regards, Mogens Jensen

Prohibit WiFi interface from transmitting?

2020-07-05 Thread Mogens Jensen
pens, as I can't guarantee that none of the devices within wireless range are malicious. Regards, Mogens Jensen

Re: OpenBSD Readonly File System

2020-06-25 Thread Mogens Jensen
On Wednesday, June 24, 2020 10:58 PM, Aaron Mason wrote: > Auto filesystem repair is bad juju. Indeed, but an unbootable network appliance thousands of miles away, is much much worse. Regards, Mogens Jensen

Re: OpenBSD Readonly File System

2020-06-22 Thread Mogens Jensen
very small change compared to have read only filesystems. Anyone who knows OpenBSD, will be able to manage the firewall without special instructions. Regards, Mogens Jensen

fw_update verify firmware?

2020-05-14 Thread Mogens Jensen
to a MITM attack, but I'm no expert. Regards, Mogens Jensen

Problems configuring Unbound?

2019-08-29 Thread Mogens Jensen
ost -t gateway.local Host gateway.local not found: 3(NXDOMAIN) === What could I be doing wrong? Thanks. Mogens Jensen

Re: Filesystem corruption on OpenBSD routers after power outage?

2019-06-17 Thread Mogens Jensen
the boot process at the exact time 'reorder_kernel' is running, the system will break because of a corrupt kernel and repair is not possible remotely. Is there a way to avoid 'reorder_kernel' during the boot process and run it manually instead? Thanks in advance. Mogens Jensen

Filesystem corruption on OpenBSD routers after power outage?

2019-06-04 Thread Mogens Jensen
routers without UPS, tell if filesystem corruption is going to be a problem after power outages, or if there are any officially supported ways to make the system resilient enough to not break after a power outage? I'm using an mSATA disk with MLC flash in the router. Thanks in advance. Mogens Jensen