Re: Blob-free OpenBSD kernel needed

2015-06-05 Thread Michel Behr
Countryguy, I guess my challenge would be this: If you consire all this easy and important, why don't you start right away implementing on those ideas and share the links with the results with everyone? (This is what I say to myself every time I think about something on the lines of your message.

Re: Private cloud hosting recommendations

2015-10-09 Thread Michel Behr
I don't have a server recommendation. Just my 0.02: for rootbsd, the fact they might be too small do have its advantages in terms of exposure (who would spend too much energy trying to hack them?). And for rootbsd or any other option some backup policy would be recommended, right? (So even with

Re: A branded USB stick as an alternative to the CD set?

2015-12-01 Thread Michel Behr
As I understand, one of the reasons for the Foundation to avoid targeted contributions is to preserve the independence of the project - in the current model they are accountable for allocating the resources as they see fit. So IMHO there is value in that model for that regard. On the other hand,

Re: A branded USB stick as an alternative to the CD set?

2015-12-01 Thread Michel Behr
ers should *NOT* need to get involved in this discussion, this is between non-developers and the OpenBSD foundation). On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 6:18 PM, Michel Behr <> wrote: > As I understand, one of the reasons for the Foundation to avoid targeted > contri

Re: bandwidth usage limits with pf, etc.

2015-12-31 Thread Michel Behr
AFAIK systat displays info, it doesn't allow to limit bandwidth for example On Thursday, 31 December 2015, Brian Conway wrote: > systat will show you most of what pftop does, no package necessary. > > >

Re: whats wrong with me?

2015-11-30 Thread Michel Behr
Krzysztof, dmesg output could also be helpful for people trying to help you out. Interesting how this applies to so many other contexts in our lives - especially in business and overall management related matters: "Always provide as much information as possible. Try to pin-point the exact

Re: just a friendly request

2016-01-24 Thread Michel Behr
Just my 2 cents (I hope my comments are not misleading in terms of the project directives) The content you would usually find in Linux tutorials, as "recipes" (e.g. "type these characters to find happiness") in OpenBSD AFAIK are incorporated into: 1) "quasi-tutorials" man pages - e.g.

help: wireless mouse detected but not working

2016-07-20 Thread Michel Behr
Hi all! I'm trying to use a Logitech wireless mouse - it gets detected (dmesg attached) but it doesn't work. The laptop has trackpad and it is working OK. A regular USB mouse works simply plugging, but not a wireless one. It's not a bluetooth device, so AKAIU it should be working. I tried looking

Re: github

2016-08-07 Thread Michel Behr
>From all discussions: 1) a solution looking for a problem 2) the problems github tries to address are not considered urgent nor important problems by OpenBSD developers 3) migration cost/benefit is not worth it - and using 2 different methods of VC take away focus from the team". On Sunday, 7

Lenovo Notebook: No HDMI video output; DRM error; -current MP#115

2017-07-22 Thread Michel Behr
Hi - I'm trying to connect my Lenovo Laptop a monitor via HDMI but I'm getting no output (below I'm including messages regarding xrandr, dmesg, and Xorg.0.log). Any pointing to the right direction would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Michel. $ uname -a OpenBSD S400 6.1 GENERIC.MP#115