Just one more thing: for non-developers, if you think there's any sense in
this idea I just described, please, some "seconding" and/or additions would
be welcomed. Also some e-mails directed to fundrais...@openbsdfoundation.org
would be great in this regard too. (Again: OpenBSD developers should *NOT*
need to get involved in this discussion, this is between non-developers and
the OpenBSD foundation).

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 6:18 PM, Michel Behr <michelb...@gmail.com> wrote:

> As I understand, one of the reasons for the Foundation to avoid targeted
> contributions is to preserve the independence of the project - in the
> current model they are accountable for allocating the resources as they see
> fit. So IMHO there is value in that model for that regard. On the other
> hand, the fact that none of the donations is directed specifically to
> compensate for the hard work of the developers (and more specifically
> Theo's) gives the foundation the prerogative to, for example, have at the
> donation page one donation account separate, specific for developers, with
> a clear message that those resources would go directly to the developers
> (or to one developer...), in contrast with the "standard" donation channel,
> which funds only events, infrastructure, etc. It would a reasonable
> exception. I think if this done with the same transparency things have
> being managed so far, there's no problem.
> And by the way, this suggestion is mine, not Theo's (and I'm far from
> being a developer!), so I'm cc'ing the foundations' e-mail address - I see
> this as matter of interest to the foundation because it touches directly
> their purpose of providing the administrative support for the project to
> keep it moving forward - e.g. providing a channel through the donations
> page for developers to receive direct contributions would permit them the
> flexibility to dedicate even more time to the project. It would also be one
> more "communication channel" for recognition to the developers high-quality
> code that's been produced over the years.
> Anyway, just my $0.02... (I think this is a matter that's between the
> non-developers community and the OpenBSD Foundation, Theo and the other
> OpenBSD developers should not need to get involved on this discussion).
> Kind regards,
> On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 4:35 PM, Theo de Raadt <dera...@cvs.openbsd.org>
> wrote:
>> > > > Now to be clear Theo, are donation via the paypal on the donations
>> page
>> > > > are directly to you and you can do as you see fit, and/or only
>> checks
>> > > > would be best?
>> > >
>> > > Correct, as I see fit.  I try to use it for the Project for things the
>> > > Foundation doesn't fund.  I declared it that way on the web site.  I
>> > > have not used it much for my own needs.
>> >
>> > I'd guess this has been thought of and just throwing in lame ideas
>> > on the off chance it's of any use and maybe it's just extra site coding
>> > work and there are legal complications, if not then are the people in
>> > charge of the foundation website/operation privvy to this list? Is Bob
>> > part of that?
>> >
>> > ....
>> > I wonder if it would gain any traction if there was a separate donation
>> > box and cheque address with a statement along the lines of The OpenBSD
>> > project leader works full time and receives no support from donations
>> > to the foundation. If you would like to also support The project
>> > leader directly then you can do so here or by sending a cheque to.
>> >
>> > _______________Made up example, Don't send here________________
>> >
>> > Theo De Raadt
>> > The OpenBSD project leader
>> > 8101 160 Street
>> > Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
>> > T5R 2G9
>> > _______________________________________________________________
>> >
>> > Alternatively but perhaps more complex behind the scenes?.. a percentage
>> > box so everytime someone makes a donation they can choose a percentage
>> > of their donation to the foundation from 0%-?% that goes to support the
>> > project leader.
>> >
>> > That way I guess the project leader could choose to waive it if the
>> > foundation is ever in trouble financially should they wish so long as
>> > the site foundation site discloses that possibility for legal reasons I
>> > guess?
>> We've heard numerous times that the OpenBSD Foundation avoids
>> targetted contributions.  I don't think what you suggest is the
>> right method of solving this (essentially, splitting a pie).

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