[Mobile.AI] income tax software

2017-02-22 Thread Erri Swami
-- no waves no sea, no hurdles no life, so keep trying to achieve goals in your life, mobile: +919493607122 Skype: erriswami2 mail: olivepre...@gmail.com download through this link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3927350/Income%20Tax%20Data%20Sheet%20Telangana.xls Search for previous

Re: [Mobile.AI] To buy a bluetooth keyboard

2017-01-10 Thread Erri Swami
hi sir! can we do all most all things with this zebronics tabmate Bluetooth keyboard? like call receiving, making calls, selecting the more option buttons, checking time, battery status, tower signal strength, sending messages, adding icons to the home screen and removing them from home screen

Re: [Mobile.AI] lyf and redmi sets

2017-01-09 Thread Erri Swami
Onlyf is more accessable. as far i explored it is very good. cost is also low. lyf3404 is the model. if anybody wants to buy lyf you can go for flame 8 marsh mello which is recently released. it is having the feature of OTG also, camera of 8 amd 5 mp respectively. 8gb internal, 1gb of ram, battery

Re: [Mobile.AI] Accessbility in ATM's

2016-12-17 Thread Erri Swami
i withdrawn many times in SBI ATM, it is more accessable for us even for totally blind, i tried in other ATMs like sindicate, axis and some others they are not accessable as far i know and i tried. thank you. On 12/17/16, Ajay Minocha wrote: > Hi Meesha, > > Talking ATM

Re: [Mobile.AI] Complete List of 'Ok Google' Voice Commands Published

2016-07-11 Thread Erri Swami
thank you Pranay for giving another link of OK google voice commands. i also got the error in the previous link, now its working nicely, there are commands belong to 25 categories. that's all? or, some more commands are there? On 7/11/16, Pranay Gadodia wrote: > Hi

Re: [Mobile.AI] Internet radio has stopped working in Symbian devices like Nokia E 63, C5 E5 etc.

2015-12-22 Thread Erri Swami
yes you are right, it was stopped before one year, now we can listen only saved stations in our favorite list, didn't you save the stations before? if you have saved please send them on this list, in the previous days some of our friends on this list had sent one radio udaan saved link, i have

Re: [Mobile.AI] Android 6.01

2015-12-17 Thread Erri Swami
friend, i am able to move the third party apps to the sd card. for this i am going to settings and then to apps, there press any app which you want to move to sd card, left side uninstall and right side force stop buttons will be there. just below the force button we can find storage, if you press

[Mobile.AI] a tutorial on very useful android app translate

2015-10-14 Thread Erri Swami
friends here i am giving you a link of ftutorial regarding a very useful android app called translate. it is almost given in telugu and little bit in english. size 15mb: through this application we can get instant translation for 94 languages.

Re: [Mobile.AI] need e speak for android

2015-09-05 Thread Erri Swami
: >> >> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6355842/com.reecedunn.espeak-1.48.05.apk >> >> After installing Espeak, open espeak setting and change the default voice >> to >> Telugu. >> >> -Original Message- >> From: Mobile.accessind

[Mobile.AI] need e speak for android

2015-09-02 Thread Erri Swami
friends, i downloaded e speak from playstore but it doesn't show me telugu language, anybody of our list please send me the link of e speak which can read telugu, i searched but i couldn't find, that's why i made this request to you all, please respond accordingly, thanks in anticipation -- no

[Mobile.AI] android bluetooth keyboard format, steps to use it and its merits and deamerits

2015-08-04 Thread Erri Swami
hi friends, i bought bluetooth keyboard for my android1, i used it and writing its format and some useful steps i have come through, note: except my these steps if anybody have the additional steps you explored and found, please write ahead. here is the bluetooth keyboard: -- Bluetooth keyboard:

Re: [Mobile.AI] removing icons from the home page.

2015-08-01 Thread Erri Swami
very simple of suspence talkback with bluetooth keyboard, we can simply press shift+alt+z, and to resume, simply lock the screne and on, thank you On 8/1/15, Bhavya shah bhavya.shah...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, Giri Sir, Sorry for my forgetfulness, but, which device are you using? I ask this

Re: [Mobile.AI] moving apps to sd

2015-07-29 Thread Erri Swami
go to settings and then select apps, then you will see all apps you installed, click any app which you want to remove from your phone, when you click on particular app you can see the options like force stop, uninstall, move to sd card etc. some apps will not move some times even when you7 click

Re: [Mobile.AI] Can I play a pen-Drive on my Moto E?

2015-06-25 Thread Erri Swami
hi, do we need to download any specific application to support OTG cable? because i perchased OTG cable but it is not working, please tell me to use it. On 6/24/15, Satguru Rathi tarannumra...@gmail.com wrote: Hi, Seems interesting! Could someone explain OTG cable? Mine one has only micro

Re: [Mobile.AI] suggest Android mobile in the range of 10 thousand

2015-04-26 Thread Erri Swami
although i am using android1 micromax aq4501, i don't prefer that, but micromax a104 fire2 is very very excellent with in the minimum cost of just Rs.6 thousand, it has features like this: internal memory 8gb, ram1gb, duel camera back and front 5 and 2 mp respectively, duel speaker with standard

[Mobile.AI] need your help to format my memory card

2015-04-19 Thread Erri Swami
dear all, please give me your valuable suggestion on my problem, recently i copied some files from public computer in cell point, there after i faced a new problem, what ever the file i delete automatically it will be there in memory card just after a little while, then i decided to format that,

Re: [Mobile.AI] Request for recommendation of an accessible mobile that can record FM radio programmes.

2015-04-15 Thread Erri Swami
hi anna, i am using android1 micromax aq4501, in this phone while we listen any programme on fm, we have recording option when we press more option button, it records very very clearly without any loss of quality like sterio or digital.regards On 4/15/15, Ankit Kumar ankit.cp...@gmail.com wrote:

Re: [Mobile.AI] Wi fi facility in Nokia c5 regarding

2014-12-31 Thread Erri Swami
no need to have special software, u just open the browser and go to setting by pressing key1, in the settings select general and then keep always ask option for the access point, then open browser then it will ask u select connection, then press up arrow u will the option to select wireless,