Re: [MTT devel] MTT: let's use git tags

2014-06-24 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
+1 for using branches : branch usage is less error prone plus git makes branching unexpensive. as far as i am concerned, i'd rather have the default master branch is the for the "stable" version and have one branch called devel (or dev, or whatever) : - git clone => get the stable (aka master)

[MTT devel] collecting OpenMPI info when the AlreadyInstalled module is used

2014-07-09 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
Folks, i noticed that the bend-rsh cluster (Ralph from Intel ?) does not report : - bitness - endian - compiler - compiler version - configure arguments - vpath mode (to be confirmed) i believe the root cause is MPI is not built via mtt since the AlreadyInstalled module is used. bitness can be

Re: [MTT devel] Send results to multiple databases?

2017-12-20 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
My 0.02 US$ An other approach would be to run the MTT tests, store the results in a (text ? xml ?) file, and then submit them from an internet connected machine. not only that would allow you to submit to multiple databases, but that would allow you to run the MTT test suite on an

Re: [MTT devel] complaints about github pages being generated with every PR

2018-10-17 Thread Gilles Gouaillardet
Howard, each commits trigger a travis build, and the deploy section of travis builds the doc and push it if the html has changed (the pdf contains timestamps, that's why we only focus on the html). bottom line, the doc will be updated to gh-pages only if it has to. If the gh-pages repo is