[ns] How to Enable/Disable FEC

2006-03-06 Thread qadous
Dear ns-users, Dear Ittipong, I need to solve the same model... ( how to enable FEC in ns2) ... I tried to use $ns_ node-config FECProc_ to enable it but it does not work. Thank you in advance for your help. Kind Regards *

[ns] How to use Error Models with Wireless channels ?

2006-03-06 Thread qadous
Dear P.Navaratnam, I have the same problem , Have you solved itplease let me know if you overcome it. According to me: I select the shadowing model as propagation model for wireless link. In this model you can specify the loss ratio ( just read chapter 18 in ns-doc.pdf file) if you solve

[ns] urgent help needed mac-802.11 tcl code

2006-03-06 Thread ARUN KUMAR
Hallo All, I am new to ns-2 simulation. I am simulating the mac_802.11. I have created a dummy mac_802.11. I want to run a simple tcl for this mac just to get the information of sender id and receiver id in the screen. Which code of the TCL script shall i modify. If you have any code for this

[ns] How to start the node at appointed time.....

2006-03-06 Thread Yung-Ling Yu
Assuming I have three wireless node, I want to set Node0 power ON at 10s (in other words, deploying in network) Node1 power ON at 20s Node2 power ON at 30s But I've tried it in TCL code and its seems that it can't support a = function like this. $ns_ at 10.0 set node_(0) [$ns_ node] $ns_ at

Re: [ns] Error Model in ns-2.29

2006-03-06 Thread Svilen Ivanov
Hello Qadous, I have used the tcl script below to test the error modeling. I am using ns-2.29 and when I increase the value of rate_ from 0 to 0.05 I get more duplicated packets, and collisions, which is a result of transmission errors. I used the following command to specify the Error

[ns] how to get node id in the classify function

2006-03-06 Thread prachi rathod
Hi, Classifier works on the node entry point. Each packet which is received by the node is classified and accordingly it is either forwared to the port demux or next link. So does the same classify works for all the node ? Can i access node-id (or address) from the classify function? If

Re: [ns] How to use Error Models with Wireless channels ?

2006-03-06 Thread Daniel Mahrenholz
On Monday 06 March 2006 09:26, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Could anyone please tell me how to configure error models with a wireless channel in ns2.28. Actually I tried it as mentioned in the manual like this: I use the following code and it works: proc UniformErr {} { set err [new

[ns] How to calculate mean latency

2006-03-06 Thread A Anupama
Hi I am simulating the modified version of AODV protocol. In that I need to calculate Packet delivery ratio, Packet overhead, Byte overhead and mean latency time. I know how to calculate the first three and I wrote the following perl script for that... #!/usr/bin/perl -w # #usage:

[ns] Compute Overhead in DSR

2006-03-06 Thread Alicia Triviño
Which traces should I compute in order to know the overhead in a MANET that is using the DSR protocol? Any help? Thanks in advance, Alicia Triviño / Tl. +34- Dpto. Tecnologia Electronica E.T.S. Ing. Telecomunicacion Universidad de Malaga Campus

[ns] scripts for xgraph very urgent!!!!!!!!! - reg

2006-03-06 Thread maha lingam
hello friends, i am mahalingam doing a project in ns2. i want to generate graphs with the help of trace files that i have generated. plz send me any sort of material regarding xgraph. with expectations mahalingam

[ns] who can send a message using dijkstra

2006-03-06 Thread mohd hammad
Dear ns user hi did any body help me who to send a message using a dijkstra alg as i know the alg. is implemented in ns2 under ../ns-2.2?/routealgo/dijkstra.cc did any body can help me plz regards __ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has

[ns] Regarding CBR packet sending rate

2006-03-06 Thread jeevesh sharma
HI friends, As we know CBR connection use an option type packet/sec to be sent. Is that means they are sent at regular interval. i.e. 4 packet/sec means it will send the packet at regular interval of .25 sec. But i think it is not the real world communication.

[ns] how to get the rooting table????

2006-03-06 Thread hamdi benmessaoud
Hi all , I want to get the rooting table of my simulation and I don't kwow how to do this please if there is any one knows how to do this help me Thank you in advance Amel - Nouveau : téléphonez moins cher avec

Re: [ns] Compute Overhead in DSR

2006-03-06 Thread Carlton Davis
You can look at the number of packet of type -P dsr sent compare with the number of data packet (cbr or tcp) sent. All of this info is in the trace file. Best regards, -Carlton On Mon, 6 Mar 2006, Alicia [iso-8859-1] Triviño wrote: Which traces should I compute in order to know the

Re: [ns] how to get the rooting table????

2006-03-06 Thread Kanthi
Hi Amel, To get the routing table on each node 1. Find out which is the routing algorithm that you are using in your simulation. 2. In the code corresponding to the implementation of that routing algorithm, find out where is the routing table structure defined and what is the structure. 3.

[ns] Urgent, How activate the debug?

2006-03-06 Thread Russel Patron
Hi all.. I'm working on ns-2.1b9a, using AODV. I want to see all the message generated . for example #ifdef DEBUG fprintf(stderr, %s(%f): %d\tsending RERR...\n, __FUNCTION__, CURRENT_TIME, index); #endif // DEBUG sendError(rerr, false); In this part I want to see the fprint

[ns] how to print the content of the rooting table ????

2006-03-06 Thread hamdi benmessaoud
Hi all, . In my simulation I must test three protocols :dsr ,dsdv ,aodv . But In a first step i will use the aodv ; so I want to get the values of the rooting table at the end of the simulation , and exactly I want to get for each node the route of each packet he send to reach

[ns] rtProtoLS : LS_MSG_LSM ?

2006-03-06 Thread Vincent Nauwelaers
Hi, I'm working on a more RFC accurate version of rtProtoLS to accomplish RFC 2328 ( OSPFv2 ). Does anyone have any idea what this LS_MSG type is used/intended for ? The only usage I found was in the destructor of LsMessage (~ns2.2x/linkstate/s.cc), what does the M stand for in LSM ? Link

[ns] VoIP

2006-03-06 Thread Krzysztof Mendyk
Hi I am looking for any information (examples, web links) about how to generate VoIP traffic in ns2. I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Chris - Yahoo! Mail Bring photos to life! New PhotoMail makes sharing a breeze.

[ns] problem in wireless.tcl run

2006-03-06 Thread deepak kumar panwar
  hi all... wn i run the wireless files on ns it gives the warning n does nt run... hw can i run these files...

[ns] energy model in ns

2006-03-06 Thread amrutha ravichandran
Hi, Im doing a project to save energy in mobile nodes.. i have to do this by sending the WNIC to 'sleep' mode whenever data is not being recieved or transmitted(by shaping TCP traffic).. How can i use the energy model for this purpose.? will it be of any help? Thanks Amrutha.

[ns] Ready code for calculating statistics

2006-03-06 Thread A Anupama
Hi I found ready java code to calculate the statistics like Packet delivery ratio, Routing overhead(packets bytes), average end-to-end delay. I am attaching the file below. import java.util.*; import java.lang.*; import java.io.*; //Usage: java parsetrace inputfile(tr file) outputfile public

[ns] routing overhead

2006-03-06 Thread cp kothari
hi, i am following what u have mentioned in the mailing list but can u clarify why i am getting less routing overhead in DSDV for all situations as compared to AODV and DSR. secondly i am getting less e2e delay too in case of DSDV? PLEASE REPLY. ...kothari...