[ns] NS2 + UCBT

2006-10-12 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi list, sorry for this message. I know this is not the apropriate list for discussing external NS modules, but the UCBT list seems to be no more active, and I hope there are people here with some experience with UCBT. Well, I have reproduced, using NS2 + UCBT, a scenario whose I have performed

Re: [ns] Xgraph basic question

2006-10-17 Thread Loreno Oliveira
If using xgraph is not a need, you may try gnuplot for ploting your graphs... Regards, Loreno On 10/17/06, Aco [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am trying to visualize test results using Xgraph. Everything is OK, but I have problem with something that should not be a problem. I cannot find a

[ns] RSSI measurement

2006-10-17 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi All, does anybody know how do I measure the RSSI between two wireless nodes?? As far as I have seen in the archive, this question has been posted during years in this list without any reply. I will be extremelly thankful if somebody had some hint about it. Regards, Loreno

Re: [ns] RSSI measurement

2006-10-18 Thread Loreno Oliveira
of the propagation model in use. Do you want to use RSSI for localization experiments in ns-2? Greetings, Svilen Loreno Oliveira wrote: Hi All, does anybody know how do I measure the RSSI between two wireless nodes?? As far as I have seen in the archive, this question has been posted

Re: [ns] R: RSSI measurement

2006-10-18 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi Marco, very thanks to your reply! I will take a look at the structure you said and doing some tests. Based in what you said, probably this solves my problem. A priori I am only considering simpler scenarios where I do not need to deal with interferences. My actual concern is only finding a

Re: [ns] Problems running simulations

2006-10-19 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Not sure if this is a ns/nam issue. Imediatelly before/after getting this message can you open some graphical application, such as xclock?? Loreno On 10/19/06, eoin curran [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm a first time user and I couldn't find anything to help me with my problem in the archives

Re: [ns] ns-allinone-2.29 Installation problem in cygwin

2006-10-20 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi there Aravind! As the archive is quite big, maybe you have missed my post where I respond to this question. Try to look at http://mailman.isi.edu/pipermail/ns-users/2006-October.txt. Once downloaded, type CTRL + F for searching a pattern and write Unpack ns. This was my answer to a question

Re: [ns] voice and video traffic in ns2(help)

2006-10-21 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi Ghazale, I am also working with simulation of audio and video flows. Well, I may be wrong in my approach, but all I did was creating a simple CBR traffic generator over UDP. I have also made some real tests for getting some parameters for supplying NS2, such as MTU, packet size, and rate. Of

[ns] NS programming

2006-10-23 Thread Loreno Oliveira
Hi all, I do not know if this is the right list for asking this. Btw, I have been studing NS since a few days. Now I have some idea of what I need to do for creating the scenarios I need. The question is where to start. Does anybody knows some tutorials/manuals/how-tos regarding the extending of