Re: [NTG-context] Appendix Page Numbering

2014-02-15 Thread Troy Henderson
Have you updated you installation because the viewerprefix key was added yesterday. Oh no. I'm using the TeXLive 2013 ConTeXt. Is the update something I can do on this, or do I have to download and install minimals? \dorecurse{2}{\dontleavehmode\page} Thanks.

[NTG-context] Pgfplots - passing point coordinates by Lua

2014-02-15 Thread Lukáš Procházka
Hello, I just started experimenting with pgfplots package. I'd have two questions: 1) When plotting/loading a data file: Is it possible to specify the comment mark, which is '#' and '% by default? I'd need to treat ';' as a comment mark, too. 2) How to pass coordinates of plot points by Lua?

Re: [NTG-context] missing underbrace using palatino with latest beta (2013.12.26)

2014-02-15 Thread Sanjoy Mahajan
With 2013.12.26 12:50 MKIV beta, the underbrace disappears. With a bigger target (e.g. xyz instead of x) or with the default font, the underbrace returns. fixed in next beta (border case math font issue) It works in the 2014.02.14 beta. Sorry it took so long to test. -Sanjoy

Re: [NTG-context] underbraces slightly too narrow (with MkIV 2013.05.28)

2014-02-15 Thread Sanjoy Mahajan
Hans Hagen writes: anyhow, i've now defined then in a different way (ok, some more trickery had to be applied as it's one of these aspects of open type math that still inherits old stuff) so in a next version you can do this: \setupmathstackers[vfenced][hoffset=10pt] Tested

[NTG-context] writetolist doesn't include sectionnumber in mkiv?

2014-02-15 Thread Sanjoy Mahajan
With MkIV, I'm having trouble getting \writetolist to include sectionnumbers. Or at least, I cannot get the typeset list to include the sectionnumbers (but maybe writetolist sent in the information). Here's a minimal example, which is almost exactly the example from the wiki at

[NTG-context] Installation Bug with Minimals

2014-02-15 Thread Troy Henderson
I've done the following steps on two different machines (both running Gentoo Linux) for installing ConTeXt minimals. mkdir /opt/context cd /opt/context rsync -av rsync:// . ./ cd working directory for foo.tex .

[NTG-context] bug with \setupdirection[bidi=on]

2014-02-15 Thread Pablo Rodriguez
Dear list, the following sample shows the bug I tried to report yesterday: \setupdirections[bidi=on] \starttext \section[sectionone]{Section one} \section[sectiontwo]{Section two} \section[sectionthree]{Section three} \section{Section four} As said in \about[sectionone], \about[sectiontwo]