[NTG-context] Fwd: ntg-context Digest, Vol 78, Issue 106

2010-12-22 Thread barney schwartz
As usual Ulrike is correct. I got context beta working BUT I LOST lucida math even though lucida text is working. as an aside bibliography IS sorted on author which does NOT work in the normal MikTeX release just hacking my way through in my meager attempt to get a book published which was

[NTG-context] Where do I find the latest beta and

2010-12-21 Thread barney schwartz
Ideas on how I would enable it to be used inside miktex would be very very helpful. I need to use this clever trick by Hans: With the new beta you can add \defineconversion[continued][{},{ (continued)},{ (continued)},{ (continued)},{ (continued)},{ (continued)}]

[NTG-context] Is there a way to split TABLE and TABLE caption for longtables

2010-12-14 Thread barney schwartz
Group, Hans. Wolfgang, Help PLEASE I have numerous loong tables to publish. attached find minimal example. I need these tables to mimic \longtables LaTeX package. I got a recode from Wolfgang using the TABLE module which works well for the header, footer and TABLEbody however: I need table

Re: [NTG-context] Re; TABLE help

2010-12-12 Thread barney schwartz
Wolfgang and others, Thanks for the recode but, I still need the TABLEs to be continued after splitting and NOT to be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3. they need to be 1.1, 1.1(cont.), 1.1(cont), etc. ideas? Please barney see attached file Chap5.tex Description: TeX document

[NTG-context] TABLE help

2010-12-10 Thread barney schwartz
Wolfgang, In MKIV using TABLE: All seems to work well enough UNTIL I use \placetable. I have enormous table that run pages in length. I need them split0 repeat and that works fine until I add: \placetable[here][tab:five]{Descriptive Statistics for Salaried Men \ Women} { . . . . . . . . . } I

Re: [NTG-context] TABLE

2010-12-10 Thread barney schwartz
Wolfgang, \placetable {Caption} {\bTABLE ... \eTABLE} BUT I have a Long split=repeat table and when I use {} the table passes the end of the page. If I remove {} it splits properly but then I have no caption. What to do? barney

Re: [NTG-context] Re;Help TABLE

2010-12-10 Thread barney schwartz
Hans, guess I didn't explain wel enough. Using Wolfgang's TABLE module \bTABLE \bTABLEhead \bTR \bTH Group \eTH \bTH N \eTH \bTH MEAN \eTH \bTH STD \eTH \bTH MIN \eTH \bTH MAX \eTH \bTH Gini \eTH \bTH 80/20 \eTH \eTR \eTABLEhead \bTABLEbody \bTR \bTC[nc=8] 1980 \eTC \eTR . .. . lots and lots and

Re: [NTG-context] Re; TABLE help

2010-12-10 Thread barney schwartz
Wolfgang, Phillip, Hans, Thanks for the pointer to : \placetable[here,*split*] However I need this to be one table split across however many pages required, so that I would have as example ... page 1: table 1.1 page 2: table 1.1 (cont.) page 3: table 1.1 (cont) please see attached code.

Re: [NTG-context] New Release Winedt WORKS with MKIV!!

2010-11-25 Thread barney schwartz
Update on using MikTeX 2.9, ConTeXt MKIV, Winedt 6.?!!! First let me thank Mojca, Aditya, Ulrike and Hans for looking into this. I received a suggestion to remove Miktex Full and install Miktex basic. That did NOT work as I like lucida and lucida math which will not function correctly using

Re: [NTG-context] Trying to move from LaTeX to MKIV in MikTeX (Mojca Miklavec)

2010-11-23 Thread barney schwartz
Mojca, Thanks for trying to help, Here's what I do know so far. . . 1. Yes I bought TUG Lucida and have installed the fonts in c:\localtexmf and done fndb update via MikTeX 2.9 wizard. 2. Yes I also used 3rd party patch and installed those tfm files also in the localtexmf directory Here is a

[NTG-context] New Release Winedt WORKS with MKIV!!

2010-11-21 Thread barney schwartz
New build of WinEdt 6.0 (Build: 20101121) has been uploaded to www.winedt.com This build contains macros that work with the latest ConTeXt Mark IV (previous versions were designed for older version of ConTeXt). If you are upgrading from older version of WinEdt make sure that the executable

[NTG-context] Help Winedt 6.0 MikTeX 2.9 ConTeXt

2010-11-18 Thread barney schwartz
MikTeX 2.9 says ConTeXt is once more available. Winedt 6.0 provides a drop-down menu However, ConTeXt fails to execute. I having been waiting sin MikTeX dropped ConteXt support and was SO happy to see it included once again. Anyone got any ideas how to make ConTeXt functional using MikTeX 2.9