[PHP-DB] OCIExecute very slow when Updating rows

2003-07-08 Thread Krueger, Philipp
hi there! sorry for bothering but i can't help myself anymore. i've written a small hardware-database for my company with a webinterfaced based upon php. now: everything works just fine - selects, inserts - everything works except for the damn updates! ### CODE ### $stmt =

[PHP-DB] Re: OCIExecute very slow when Updating rows

2003-07-08 Thread Philippe Saladin
Philipp Krueger [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit dans le message news: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ... but it still wouldn't work - when i comment OCIExecute out the script works again - which is out of question of course since i need the damn script to execute. when i take the query and paste it in sqlplus

RE: [PHP-DB] OCIExecute very slow when Updating rows

2003-07-08 Thread RENAULT, François
i think it's a usual transactionnal problem i dont know what is your SQL update , but mostly the problem is there -Message d'origine- De : Krueger, Philipp [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Envoyé : mardi 8 juillet 2003 09:13 À : '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' Objet : [PHP-DB] OCIExecute very slow when

[PHP-DB] :: Vieatatissimo minori 18 anni ::

2003-07-08 Thread jvksexy-pornstar
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[PHP-DB] HEAP table

2003-07-08 Thread Terry Riley
I have a query that I would have liked to cache, but as it uses UNIX_TIMESTAMP and has a user variable in it, where cacheing won't work, I looked around for another way to do it (it is used to create a smallish 50 records table on each web page, so any speed increase is worthwhile). I decided

Re: [PHP-DB] Re: PHP crashing with using Oracle (SOLVED... well, sorta)

2003-07-08 Thread Thies C. Arntzen
On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 03:58:45PM -0400, Reuben D. Budiardja wrote: Apparently there is a bug or something with OCI8 extention for PHP-4.3.2. Using the same configuration and everything, I compiled PHP-4.3.1, and 4.2.3 and both worked. I send e-mail to PHP-DEV wondering if this is a

[PHP-DB] Problems using Postgres

2003-07-08 Thread Jadiel Flores
Hi all, I really need your help asap, I have to change a website from mysql to postgres but this site is in spanish and Postgres is returning the error: PostgreSQL said: ERROR: Unicode = 0x1 is not supoorted This is everytime I try to insert the characters ñ, á, é, etc. Do I need a special

[PHP-DB] formating results in seperate tables?

2003-07-08 Thread Aaron Wolski
Hi All, Having some issues with the code below: ?php } ? tr valign=top ?php $col = explode(,,$threadsColumn); $col_search = (; for

[PHP-DB] Delete constraint

2003-07-08 Thread Norma Ramirez - TECNOSOFT
Hi all, coul I delete a constraint made over a postgresql table? (In the parent table). The child doesn`t have records. By the way, does any one know a good postgresql administrator like mysqladmin?? Thank´s Norma Ramirez

[PHP-DB] Weird Segfaults with Oracle, PHP, Apache2

2003-07-08 Thread Harris, Jeff
We're getting segfaults (11) when we try and execute a simple piece of Oracle PHP code. This is a new installation and compilation of Apache2 and we're just trying to see what is wrong. This particular code works on all of our Apache 1.3 installations. Versions: Redhat 8.0, PHP version 4.3.2,

Re: [PHP-DB] Delete constraint

2003-07-08 Thread Pascal Polleunus
Norma Ramirez - TECNOSOFT wrote: Hi all, coul I delete a constraint made over a postgresql table? (In the parent table). The child doesn`t have records. I'm not sure to have correctly understood what you mean :-/ Anyway, to delete a constraint you need to use an ALTER TABLE command. ALTER TABLE [