[PHP-DB] Re: forms with php/mysql

2003-06-11 Thread Pete Morganic
try http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Tips_and_Tutorials/User_Authentication/ Philippe Rousselot wrote: Hi, I need for an association to create a form using php/mysql. If I can understand php, I am not a coder, so if someone had the code I need, I would really be greatful. I need : 1. on a page

[PHP-DB] Re: md5 question!

2003-06-24 Thread Pete Morganic
I found this very useful http://www.aspencrypt.com/crypto101.html pete Jerry wrote: Hi, If I use md5 to handle passwords to my database is there a way to reverse the action if someone forgets their password? Is there a way for me to decode the 32bit to plain text? Jerry

[PHP-DB] Re: extract( $HTTP_POST_VARS ); ------------ what does this do?

2003-06-24 Thread Pete Morganic
http://uk2.php.net/extract Boa Constructor wrote: I'm wanting to overwrite the variables contained in a session, I read on the net somewhere that I could do this by explicitely making variables global, the code I looked at contained this: extract( $HTTP_POST_VARS ); What exactly does this do?

Re: [PHP-DB] Re: extract( $HTTP_POST_VARS ); ------------ whatdoes this do?

2003-06-24 Thread Pete Morganic
. I'm not too fond of the manual as I find it difficult to understand as I'm sure many newbies do. Turns out I didn't have to use that function but thank you anyway! Cheers, Graeme :) - Original Message - From: Pete Morganic [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, June 24

[PHP-DB] Re: Related Tables - Capture ID

2003-06-26 Thread Pete Morganic
$sql = insert into table2(fld,fld2)values( 2, 4); $db-query($sql); $new_id = $db-query('select last_insert_id'); $sql = insert into table3(table2_id, fld) values($new_id,3) $db-query($sql); the altenative syntax for the secound query could also be $sql = insert into table3(table2_id, fld)

[PHP-DB] Re: POSTed form and address

2003-06-26 Thread Pete Morganic
form action=login.php method=POST - this does not send it on the URL pete John Dillon wrote: I have a simple page saying: if(password is correct){then print the page} otherwise {print the login form}. The login form uses the method=post. But the page I get back has the form values: login

[PHP-DB] Re: PHP help

2003-06-30 Thread Pete Morganic
$query=INSERT INTO login VALUES ('$login'); have fun Bill Pilgrim wrote: My System: Windows 98 Apache 1.3.27 PHP 4 mysql Hello all, I am a PHP beginner and was wondering if I could get some help from some of the more experienced on this list. I have been trying to use an html form (with

[PHP-DB] Re: hmmm

2003-07-01 Thread Pete Morganic

[PHP-DB] Re: insert NULL to mysql table.

2003-07-02 Thread Pete Morganic
'$issue' where $editor = is null Anders Thoresson wrote: Hi, I've the query UPDATE un_issue SET i_editor = '$editor' WHERE i_date = '$issue' where $editor = /0 but the inserted value in un_issue.i_editor becomes 0. un_issue is defined as follows: CREATE TABLE un_issue ( i_id INT PRIMARY

[PHP-DB] Re: Acceso a Oracle (Replanteo mi pregunta)

2003-07-03 Thread Pete Morganic
Cristian Marin wrote: OK, and what is your problem ? :)) Y trwbwl iw ti dim yn diach dim iaithg on english - twpsin twp -- PHP Database Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To unsubscribe, visit: http://www.php.net/unsub.php

[PHP-DB] Re: Database question

2003-07-03 Thread Pete Morganic
definately do NOT recommend this path- Just make an include file at the top of each page pete Hardik Doshi wrote: Hi Group, Currently i am connecting the underlying database server from every php page. To reduce the connection overhead i am thinking to store the PEAR DB object into the registry

[PHP-DB] Re: fatal error with DB.php

2003-07-04 Thread Pete Morganic
edit the php.ini file and chenge the include paths to being where your isntallation is ; Jswalter wrote: I am trying to use DB.php, but I am getting htis error... Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'DB.php' (include_path='.;c:\php4\pear') I can't find this path defined *anywhere* I

[PHP-DB] Re: odbc going nuts

2003-07-04 Thread Pete Morganic
Are registed globals off, otherwise u name to change $username to $_POST['username'] Any suggestions (apart from dropping Access in favour of another db - client choice) Oh dear.. Access is a real pain in the butt and we now NEVER deal with a client that selects Access. Never had any

Re: [PHP-DB] Re: odbc going nuts

2003-07-04 Thread Pete Morganic
. George -Original Message- From: Pete Morganic [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 04 July 2003 1:56 pm To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [PHP-DB] Re: odbc going nuts Are registed globals off, otherwise u name to change $username to $_POST['username'] Any suggestions (apart from dropping Access

[PHP-DB] Re: OCIPLogon

2003-07-09 Thread Pete Morganic
$conn = OCIPLogon(scott, tiger, testdb); $statement = OCIparse($conn, INSERT INTO Dummy VALUES ('A')); OCIexecute($statement, OCI_DEFAULT); $statement = OCIparse($conn, INSERT INTO Dummy VALUES ('B')); OCIexecute($statement, OCI_DEFAULT); $statement = OCIparse($conn, INSERT INTO Dummy

[PHP-DB] Re: PEAR DB getAssoc()

2003-07-11 Thread Pete Morganic
$sql = ' select contact_id, contact_name from contacts'; $contacts = $db-getAssoc($sql); also try getAll which will give u a different result $contacts = $db-getAll($sql); pete Jacob Marble wrote: Hey all- Could someone give an example of how to use the DB_Common::getAssoc() function? I'm

[PHP-DB] Re: windows explorer

2003-07-14 Thread Pete Morganic
http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/File_Manipulation/index.html Gates Bill wrote: Hello , i want to make an windows explorer like application in Php where on the left hand side i have the folders with + or - sign and if i click on + sign it should show me the sub-folders in that

[PHP-DB] Re: any Help !! the only way have to ODBC to Linux

2003-07-15 Thread Pete Morganic
Have you looked at Pear DB http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.database.php This is what i use all the time and allows me to easily switch between mysql, mssql and postresql which i do all the time pete Nabil wrote: I have an Linux server running Apache/PHP/MySQL. and I need to connect to

[PHP-DB] Re: Multiple same values only wanting one

2003-07-16 Thread Pete Morganic
select distinct(myCol) from table Ron Allen wrote: How do I select * from a table, but I do not want it to return the same value if two fields are the same. Example test test test test new new new Results that I want are just test new Any suggestions? -- PHP Database Mailing List

[PHP-DB] Re: Form Actions in PHP

2003-07-16 Thread Pete Morganic
you need a bit of JAvascript Rick Dahl wrote: I have a small problem. I need to have a form post to two different locations. If a variable is a certain value, it goes to location_one.cgi and if it is another value, it goes to location_two.cgi. This may turn out be a html problem but I figured

[PHP-DB] Re: sql to find one year in datetime MySQL column

2003-07-16 Thread Pete Morganic
select * from mytable where year(tstamp) = 2003 Bill wrote: How can I find all the records for a single year from a db that has a datetime column (in MySQL)? This seems to work: SELECT * from mytable WHERE tstamp '2003-01-01 00:00:00' AND tstamp '2002-01-01 00:00:00' But this doesn't: SELECT *

[PHP-DB] Re: Help... PostgreSQL on Windows 98!

2003-07-21 Thread Pete Morganic
I've succeeeded with windows 2000 under cygwin.. Configuration took a lot of time and in the end however it was a bit slow.. so I ended up with an olde pentium 233 box with SUSE upon it. Works great pete Bruno wrote: Hi, I'm trying to use PostgreSQL on Windows98! Does anyone here succeded with

[PHP-DB] Re: Wrapper classes

2003-07-22 Thread Pete Morganic
I use Pear DB http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.database.php its probably already installed in the pear/includes directory as it comes with the php distribution pete Mohammad Saad wrote: Hello all, I would like to know what is the best wrapper class for Mysql database interface. I need a