[Proto-Scripty] Re: Nested updater calls , weird result

2009-08-19 Thread dweeves
Hi , many thanks for your comment!!! i was thinking the problem was in the structure of the code, by trying to send you the real thing, i just figured out that somewhere in the page, there was already a div that had same id than the one in the updated content. Fixing ids solved the problem.

[Proto-Scripty] Prototype grid/table maths

2009-08-19 Thread vk2tdt
I am new to prototype/javascript as my background is in php. I am trying to have a 2 x 2 grid of text input blocks that are summed to the right below. Ajax is ment to update on change by re-formatting whatever was input and all the totals. A relevant section of my efforts found below. php -

[Proto-Scripty] Re: help with select on element not working

2009-08-19 Thread ColinFine
On Aug 18, 4:47 pm, T.J. Crowder t...@crowdersoftware.com wrote: Colin, Incidentally (and not on topic for your question) td/ is not valid in either HTML or XHTML. It's valid XHTML for an empty table cell. Wrong. It's a common misconception (which I had myself until recently). All

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Prototype grid/table maths

2009-08-19 Thread Alex McAuley
which parts of it are not working Alex Mcauley http://www.thevacancymarket.com - Original Message - From: vk2tdt vk2...@gmail.com To: Prototype script.aculo.us prototype-scriptaculous@googlegroups.com Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:46 AM Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Prototype

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Ajax.InPlaceEditor in tables in IE6

2009-08-19 Thread Eric
On Aug 18, 7:11 pm, ColinFine colin.f...@pace.com wrote: What's wrong with putting divs in tables (inside the table cells, of course)? Well, it is not that bad, but usually it falls in one of two cases: - The table is an actual table, and there is no (or very few) need to use divs in its

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Using Ajax.Request and evalJS to load functions on the fly

2009-08-19 Thread Donnie Carvajal
HI T.J., Will this work with Ajax.Request? I changed my script so that it is created instead of defined and I still can't access it using evalJS. Donnie -Original Message- From: prototype-scriptaculous@googlegroups.com [mailto:prototype-scriptacul...@googlegroups.com] On Behalf Of

[Proto-Scripty] Re: Which parameters to stopObserving are optional?

2009-08-19 Thread Paul E. G. Lynch
Okay, I do see it documented there. I was looking at the PDF version I downloaded a while ago, which is missing that part. I should have checked the online version first, but I didn't think of it. Thanks for your help, --Paul On Aug 18, 5:27 pm, T.J. Crowder t...@crowdersoftware.com

[Proto-Scripty] this keyword inside of the map function

2009-08-19 Thread Andy Daykin
Hello, I am having some difficulties writing a class, in my code I have a class where I need to be able to bind event listeners to values. In my code I want the variable pointerIndex to be accessible outside of the initialize function, but right now it is not. If I make a global variable for

[Proto-Scripty] Prototype breaks the IE8 native JSON parser.

2009-08-19 Thread Joel
See the following URL for all the gory details: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1288962/ie8-native-json-parse-prototype-stack-overflow But to sum up, the following test case will get an out of stack space error in IE8 when it is running in IE8 Standards mode (you can check the mode by

[Proto-Scripty] Re: this keyword inside of the map function

2009-08-19 Thread Kevin Porter
I am not positive, but I believe the problem is from my event listeners on the line: Now: $(e).observe('click', *this*.doSlide.bind(featuresWrapper[i].id)); You need to pass 'this' as the first argument to bind(). regards, - Kev -- Kevin Porter Advanced Web Construction Ltd

[Proto-Scripty] Traversing XML w/ Prototype (DOMParser)

2009-08-19 Thread louis w
Please check out the code below. I am having a hard time getting the protortype selectors to be applied to this item. Hoping to avoid having to use childNodes to parse this data. var xml = 'datastatusOK/status/data'; var parser = new DOMParser();

[Proto-Scripty] Re: this keyword inside of the map function

2009-08-19 Thread Andy Daykin
I tried putting this as the first argument to bind, but the function doesn't get called. Am I using the right syntax for calling the function -Andy -- From: Kevin Porter k...@9ballpool.co.uk Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:14 PM To: