Re: [Ql-Users] Ql is 30

2013-12-03 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Agree! Let's get behind Rich's offer. Kenn Sent from my iPad On 3 Dec 2013, at 19:26, Dave Park wrote: I think we should hold the event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas has many convention halls and are ideally set-up for hosting such a popular and successful event.

Re: [Ql-Users] QL-SD News

2013-12-05 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Me as well please. Kenn Sent from my iPhone On 5 Dec 2013, at 10:01, Lee Privett wrote: Initially 2 for me too On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 7:33 PM, Ian Burkinshaw wrote: Hi Peter If it helps in gaining a measure outside Germany, I

Re: [Ql-Users] QLis30 pledge...

2014-02-04 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
I am happy to contribute the remaining £70. Kenn Sent from my iPhone On 4 Feb 2014, at 15:26, Dave Park wrote: In light of this fabulous email from QUANTA, The pledge tally now stands at: Currently: Sandy Electronics / Dave Park£150 Mark Martin

Re: [Ql-Users] QL Meeting 2014 - Italy: LIVE

2014-05-18 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Thank you Davide for arranging a very interesting Skype session earlier...I really enjoyed hearing Dave talks us through his exciting product roadmap. Kind regards, Kenn On 18 May 2014, at 14:09, Davide Santachiara wrote: Hi All, 14 people are attending in Modena

Re: [Ql-Users] Sandy Electronics change of focus?

2014-06-01 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Dave, As I wrote to you after your presentation at the Italian QL meeting, I am very excited about your roadmap of products. When I decided to dust off my QL 6 months ago after 25 years in the loft, it was really difficult and very expensive to source the necessary add-ons for my standard QL,

Re: [Ql-Users] Anybody heard from Sandy Electronics (Dave Park)

2014-07-28 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Ian, I find myself in the same situation. Regards Kenn Sent from my iPhone On 28 Jul 2014, at 19:17, Ian Burkinshaw wrote: Sorry to bring this up. But placed an order with Sandy Electronics two months ago, I have not received the goods. I have placed

Re: [Ql-Users] QLis30 pledge...

2014-10-08 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Doug L £150 Jiří Doležal £ 50 Kenn Van Hauen £ 70 TOTAL£500 Quanta Match £500 Available

Re: [Ql-Users] PC issues

2014-10-09 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
Sorry to hear the bad news. I have no suggestions to how you resolve the PC problem but given the urgency, if you have web access and your netbook supports, then I recommend using Prezi ( to complete the presentation. Hopefully when you then have the advantage of time, you'll be able

Re: [Ql-Users] email bounced back

2015-06-27 Thread Kenn Van Hauen
John, Your e-mail prompted me to enquire why I haven’t recently received copies of the magazine? I didn’t receive the below mentioned e-mail either. Many thanks, Kenn On 27 Jun 2015, at 14:33, John Gilpin wrote: Hi all QLers, I recently sent out the eMag

Re: [Ql-Users] vDrive QL

2017-09-24 Thread Kenn Van Hauen via Ql-Users
Strange logic. I am pleased that Apple doesn’t say the same when they launch new iPhones! Indeed, I am very grateful for a price-point that allows me to participate as an enthusiast...thank you Charles. Kenn Sent from my iPhone > On 24 Sep 2017, at 16:17, Dave Park via Ql-Users

Re: [Ql-Users] found unused stuff

2019-10-18 Thread Kenn Van Hauen via Ql-Users
Thank you Paul for sharing here. Yes, I would be interested in buying the Aurora from you. Please let me know how you’d like to proceed. All my best, Kenn Sent from my iPhone > On 19 Oct 2019, at 01:54, paul via Ql-Users wrote: > >  > While the mood is with me, I manage to get through a