Re: [Radiant] children:each tag behaviour

2008-09-27 Thread Sean Cribbs
Jim Gay wrote: Page.find(:all, :offset = 3) returns all pages. This is essentially what the children:each does (scoped to a particular page) If this is incorrect behavior, it's with ActiveRecord::Base Right, which is a database issue more than one with Radiant. Offset is generally used in

[Radiant] script/extension error

2008-09-27 Thread Josh Godsiff
Hi I have a problem with script/extension not working on my installation of Radiant For example, trying to install the Gallery extension via this method yields the following: C:\www\rails_apps\radiantruby script/extension install gallery The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is

Re: [Radiant] script/extension error

2008-09-27 Thread Sean Cribbs
Josh, It doesn't like the temporary directory for some reason. Try setting the TEMP shell environment variable to something else, like C:\temp. In order to avoid messing up your Radiant project, script/extension does all of its checkout/unpack stuff in the temporary directory, and then

[Radiant] complain druby in aaf_search:migrate

2008-09-27 Thread KIRIYAMA Kazuhiko
Hi. I'm newbie of radiant but have very interesting of radiant cms framework. Now I'm trying to install AAF Search extention,but failed in migration: [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/radiant/openedu[64]% rake production radiant:extensions:aaf_search:migrate (in /s/usr-home/admin/radiant/openedu) rake

Re: [Radiant] children:each tag behaviour

2008-09-27 Thread Gabriel Lamounier
A possible solution would be the children:each to count the number of children pages and automatically set it as the value for the limit param. I think it would be a very fast and easy solution. Be Radiant! Gabriel 2008/9/27 Andrew Neil [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Supose I've got 6 children pages,