Re: SuperDrive

2001-01-16 Thread Curtis Burns
on 1/15/01 10:05, Eric Ullman at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Great news! I can live with a delay as the beast ain't shipping for 7-10 weeks anyway :-( Thanks Eric. Hi Curtis, It's a VERY high priority. We're working with Apple on this now. Best regards, Eric Ullman Dantz Development

Re: How to keep Backup sets/tapes specific to a magazine?

2001-01-16 Thread mark . maytum
I believe if you have a storage set named Bob and you erase and name all your tapes in a magazine, 1-Bob...8-Bob, etc. (assuming an 8 tape mag) ANY other backup set assigned to that script will be able to use those empty named tapes. Only after they have data on them does retrospect really assign