I believe if you have a storage set named "Bob" and you erase and name all your tapes in a magazine, "1-Bob"..."8-Bob, etc. (assuming an 8 tape mag) ANY other backup set assigned to that script will be able to use those empty named tapes.  Only after they have data on them does retrospect really assign them to the Bob backup set.

Now this is under 4.2.  If you name an empty tape, it really means nothing until the backup set actually writes to it.  Same under 4.3? I don't know.


01/14/01 10:55 PM
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I thought if you named a tape that Retrospect would NOT use it.  ???
Is that not true?
When Retrospect is waiting for a tape, the message on the screen says waiting for a blank tape named <script name> or empty. (or something similar)  I didn't think a script would grab it if the tape was named.

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