Re: [rt-users] Assets RT 4.4.0

2017-01-26 Thread Dippery, Kyle
Maybe use a custom field for Company? Or create Company-specific catalogs? From: rt-users on behalf of Dunbar, Brian Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 2:59 PM To: rt-users Subject:

Re: [rt-users] Assets with 'dynamic' titles

2017-02-21 Thread Dippery, Kyle
Probably? If you copy from its home to $RT4/local/lib/RT/, you can modify the Create subroutine (and then probably delete all the routines that you don't override). I'd aim for someplace around lines 222-231 (of the original file): 222 my $catalog =

Re: [rt-users] Fwd: Using getting stuck when choosing new Custom Lifecycle

2017-02-14 Thread Dippery, Kyle
In my own custom lifecycle, I have one hyphenated status ("in-use"). I don't remember why (perhaps this is the reason), but I have it in quotation marks as a key in our transitions array: transitions => { ... "in-use" => [qw(allocated recycled stolen lost deleted

Re: [rt-users] How to customize AssetSearchFields

2017-02-16 Thread Dippery, Kyle
Try: Set($AssetSearchFields, { 'CF.Inventar-Nr' => '=', Name=> 'LIKE', Description => 'LIKE', }); Cheers, Kyle -- Kyle Dippery Engineering Computing Services 219 RMB 859-257-1346 From: rt-users