Re: [Sepsis Groups] 30ml/kg

2016-04-29 Thread Shoup, Mary
We encountered a glitch with the calculation in the electronic system when using 30mL/kg that resulted in an inadequate fluid bolus and resulted in an OFI. Subsequently, we changed our organizational process to make the calc 31mL/kg for the fluid bolus. Mary Shoup Clinical Quality Specialist

Re: [Sepsis Groups] Evaluation for Severe Sepsis Screening Tool HMH revised

2017-08-11 Thread Shoup, Mary
Here is what we follow per the CMS standards: Lactate greater than (not equal to) 2.0 and up to 4.0 indicates severe sepsis--> Lactate of 2.0 or less does not indicate severe sepsis. Lactate equal to or greater than 4.0 indicates septic shock. Mary Shoup Clinical Quality Specialist Tel: (517)

Re: [Sepsis Groups] 2016 SSC Guidelines and materials

2017-07-20 Thread Shoup, Mary
Happy to share my draft. Mary Shoup Clinical Quality Specialist Tel: (517) 205-1358 Cell: (269) 967-0210 Fax: (517) 841-1322 [hfah-email-signature-logo2] From: Sepsisgroups