[sqlite] More WAL questions and concerns.

2010-07-09 Thread A. H. Ongun
A few questions that are my application specific that is an embedded application. I have two databases, the first one is a fixed size configuration database where all writes are UPDATES, and the database does not get that many writes. Does this mean that because of WAL the database itself

[sqlite] Best Practices

2008-06-10 Thread A. H. Ongun
We have  an application requirement for the following: 1) Maintain an in memory database of real time data.  The main table mimics a Modbus register address scheme and once the table is created and records are inserted to create the table at startup, all writes are updates for the state

[sqlite] Updating same tables in attached databases.

2008-08-03 Thread A. H. Ongun
I have two databases, an in memory main database consisting of a single table, and a disk based database consisting of multiple tables one of which is also the same table as the one in memory database. Let's say in memory database table "foo" consists of records 1-4000. The "foo" table in

Re: [sqlite] best language match for SQLite?

2008-09-16 Thread A. H. Ongun
Best language to use is the one that is suited for the job. Examples: I use Perl as a gluing language to connect various subsystems together, and as a swiss army knife. C, C++ for embedded development on Linux. C++ for Windows development. Forth for embedded development on some specialized

Re: [sqlite] Tedious CSV import question

2009-09-27 Thread A. H. Ongun
I recently had to import an Excel based database into an SQL database. To complicate the matters data was all over the place in each file (3 separate tables in a single CSV file), and some numbers had commas (e.g. 8,253.45). I used the Perl CSV module to read in each file (1500+) line at a