Re: [freenet-support] British Telecom starting mass censorship ofWebsites

2004-06-07 Thread Brad Gilbert
We US citizens/civilians are so much asleep that the Patriot Acts I 
and II and Homeland Security are just about to soundly eradicate nearly 
all of our freedoms. Before you go fucking the Brits, or anyone else for 
that matter, you may want to consider removing your penis from your own 
anal pore and start alerting your local representatives and police to 
the fact that theirs may well be jammed up their own as well.  This 
country is one step away from martial law, buddy.

Watch out for that red alert!
Fuck the brits, free speach is what you make of it. Europe doesn't
know what free speach is. In my opinion, this idea will be forced upon the
europeans by time.

I think you're wrong, but then what do I know, I'm a stupid brit
apparently.  If anything, speech is more free in Europe than in America,
but that said I still take offence at your blanket fuckage of brits and
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[freenet-support] Router configuration problem

2004-03-24 Thread Brad Gilbert
I had to reinstall Freenet from scratch after an OS crash. It had been 
running fine. Now I can't, for the life of me, get it passed my router. 
The virtual server setting in the router still had the previous 
listenPort so I just changed it to the newly installed freenet.ini 
entry. I know I'm  missing something  that's probably obvious to the 
more experienced.

Based upon the info below, I'm hoping some wise and kind soul might 
offer some advice!

My D-Link router (DI-604) is set to DHCP server enabled (IP from ISP is 
dynamically assigned). I've used substitutes for some of the real IP 
numbers for the sake of privacy, yet the numbers of digits are the same.

In the freenet.ini line:
which one do I use from the router's WAN info?: (My assumption was the 
IP address)
IP Address  XX.XX.XXX.100 
Default Gateway  XX.XX.XXX.1 

I then inserted the listenPort number from the freenet.ini:
into the router's virtual server configurator, where I created this:
FreeNet TCP X/X
( being Private IP, X/X being the PrivatePort/PublicPort)
based upon my router LAN specs:
IP Address 

I tried (the actual computer using Freenet) and that 
didn't work either).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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