Re: [OSRM-talk] OSRM does not use date restrictions in conditional access?

2020-10-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
michael spreng wrote: > It currently does not. There is an update cycle of about 4 days. I think > such date ranges would make sense to use at the time of generation > (however day time ranges would still be ignored). But that is not yet > implemented as far as I know. It could be implemented in

Re: [Talk-GB] Turn Restrictions at roundabouts

2020-10-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Could I suggest that, rather than second-guessing what some putative router might or might not do, people actually try these scenarios with one of the many real-world routers to see if they actually happen? I see an awful lot of "may" and "might" in this thread, together with a liberal

Re: [Talk-us] United States Bicycle Route System ballot(s) pending AASHTO approval

2020-09-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
SteveA wrote: > With both of us in agreement about tag "proposed:route=bicycle" > (especially as it co-exists with "state=proposed") can we gain > some more consensus (here, soon?) allowing us to move closer towards > recommending in our wiki that we tag proposed USBRs with >

Re: [Talk-GB] NCN 231 and NCN 235 Isle of Wight

2020-09-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
[apologies for broken threading, Nabble is still down] Jon Pennycook wrote: > and > (claiming to be > National Cycle Network Route 231 and 235) have been listed on > OpenStreetMap for some time. They

Re: [Talk-GB] [talk-gb] National Cycle Network removal/reclassification

2020-08-16 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Robert Whittaker wrote: > Sustrans' NCN data is available from > > as vector tiles under the ODbL. However, note that the "removed" > sections mostly won't be reflected on the ground yet. Also, the > dataset

Re: [OSM-talk] Funding of three infrastructure projects : Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch

2020-08-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
mmd wrote: > I'm wondering if some of the changes that are now needed for AIR > would make it more difficult to switch to Ruffle later on. The short answer is (based on the POC work I've done so far) no. :) The slightly longer answer is that I hope, as part of this project, to make a number of

Re: [OSM-talk] Funding of three infrastructure projects : Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch 2

2020-08-02 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Skyler Hawthorne wrote: > Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I think using any funds at all to > continue support for a tool that 1% of editors use would be wasteful. > Flash is, for all intents and purposes, a dead technology. This > money is better spent on other uses. The entire point is to move

Re: [OSM-talk] Funding of three infrastructure projects : Nominatim, osm2pgsql, Potlatch 2

2020-08-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Sören Reinecke wrote: > So far as I understood Adobe dropped Linux support for its > AIR plattform. If that is right, then I am in doubt that > supporting the development of Potlatch 2 is not that in > a sustainable manner. AIR is not maintained by Adobe, but by Harman, a Samsung subsidiary. AIR

[Talk-GB] National Cycle Network removal/reclassification

2020-07-18 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, As some of you may be aware, Sustrans has embarked on a project to review and improve the National Cycle Network. As part of this, sections of routes which Sustrans thinks have no realistic prospect of being brought up to a minimum standard in the near future are being either removed

Re: [Talk-GB] Great North Trail MTB Route

2020-07-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
[apologies for broken threading, Nabble appears to have fallen over] Chris Fleming wrote: > We also have copyright of the route itself, Cycling UK do seem > to assert copyright and therefore we probably do need them to > ask them. I did ask that very question at a recent Facebook webchat with

Re: [OSM-talk] Let's talk Attribution

2020-05-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Kathleen Lu wrote: > OSM has imported sources that are ODbL. The attribution to those sources > does not appear on the map, but rather after several clicks (usually first > to the copyright page, then the contributors page). If that's not > acceptable under ODbL for a map that has multiple data

[Talk-GB] TfL Cycle Infrastructure Database - matching against OSM

2020-04-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi folks, You’ll remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted about the work I’m doing to look at getting the relevant bits of Transport for London’s openly licensed Cycle Infrastructure Database into OSM. I’ve now pushed the in-progress code to github:

Re: [talk-au] Local bicycle routes in NSW

2020-04-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andrew Harvey , wrote: > For these "routes" though there is no clear A to B, there will be short > segments which are obivously part of a route because there are arrows > directing cyclists, but sometimes these are just short segments to the next > intersection so it's unclear where the route

Re: [talk-au] Local bicycle routes in NSW

2020-04-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
On 25 Apr 2020, 09:53 +0100, Andrew Harvey , wrote: > > > On Sat, 25 Apr 2020 at 18:49, Richard Fairhurst > > wrote: > > > Relations with type=route are for routes, with a defined start and end. > > > Not > > > for networks. If you want to

Re: [talk-au] Local bicycle routes in NSW

2020-04-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Tom Brennan wrote: > However, if I go over to Cammeray, someone has added all of the ways > to a single relation (named Cammeray Local Routes, tagged with > lcn=yes and network=lcn). Yeah, please don't do that. :) Relations with type=route are for routes, with a defined start and end. Not for

Re: [OSM-talk] remove the suggestion to credit "contributors"

2020-04-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: > Since cc-by-sa 2.0 times, the suggestion to credit OSM was "© > OpenStreetMap contributors", but from the current legal situation > (all necessary rights granted to the OSMF) it wouldn't be > necessary to credit the contributors. When I wrote the /copyright page all

Re: [Talk-GB] TfL Cycling Infrastructure Database - conflation

2020-04-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Lucas-Smith - CycleStreets wrote: > Richard will be doing the bulk of the scripting work, and is working > on converting each of the sections of data. This will naturally be > published on Github openly, as will the outputted data. This is > reasonably complex work given the number of

Re: [Talk-GB] Adding missing roads using Facebook detections

2020-03-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Jothirnadh Guthula wrote: > With a team of mappers @Amazon we are planning to improve > missing roads in UK using Facebook detections as a source. Please > let us know if you have any ongoing projects using this data source. > While adding missing roads, we will be adding all the associated >

Re: [OSRM-talk] OSRM Problems

2020-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
> Item #1. > > If I go here: > > and click on "View Demo", and put in 2 points > the route is not calculated and the GPX export > button is not active (it is grayed out).  This > used to work.  What happened? The OSRM demo server no longer has a TLS certificate and so any

Re: [OSM-talk-fr] Piste à la fois pour les piétons et les cyclistes ?

2020-03-18 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Florimond Berthoux a écrit: > Sinon la façon que je recommande de faire c’est le cas S5 > > highway=path > segregated=yes|no > foot=designated > bicycle=designated et aussi: surface=asphalt|gravel|... Richard -- Sent from:

Re: [OSM-talk] Digital environmentalism

2020-02-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Kathleen Lu wrote: > I would not say this is true. Google maps has routing for walking, > cycling, and public transit, and their public transit information is > probably more complete than OSM's. It is, but on the other hand Google's walking and cycling routing is _much_ worse. Richard --

Re: [OSM-talk] Web editors and lane rendering

2020-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paul Johnson wrote: > Could we get some lane editing/rendering in these editors > to cut down on this kind of unintentionally erratic mapping? Sure, you're welcome to open a friendly issue at listing the base case for what you think is required. > >

Re: [OSM-talk] For the sake of peace | Re: Cease use of OpenStreetMap/Antifa logo

2020-02-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Rory McCann wrote: > The existence of an OSM cycling logo doesn't mean all > OSMers have to be cycling activists! Wait, what? cheers Richard -- Sent from: ___ talk mailing list

Re: [Talk-GB] Freemap ( - potential shutdown

2020-02-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Nick Whitelegg wrote: > I am proposing shutting down my (very old) England and > Wales footpath mapping site Freemap ( Wow, there's a blast from the past! Freemap was of course one of the very first grassroots mapping sites (2004), together with my (2003 [1]), Jo

Re: [Talk-GB] Still too many universities in Cambridge

2020-02-08 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Dave F wrote: > CU wanted a new site map. They paid someone to provide it for > them. Which is fine, but please don't suggest they're > contributions are superior to those of any anybody else. > Especially when they decided to knowingly go against accepted > tagging procedures. I think that's

Re: [Talk-GB] Which paths are shown on this OS 'Standard' render

2019-12-29 Thread Richard Fairhurst
DaveF wrote: > This OS map render only shows a selection of paths. Does anyone > know what criteria OS used to decide which to render? I suspect "only those which OS have got round to digitising". OS have digitised all paths in National Parks and appear to be gradually digitising others. But

Re: [OSRM-talk] Bicycle routing, crossing large roads: how to get information on the roads crossed

2019-12-23 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Jeroen Hook wrote: > Is there another way to find out what type of road(s) I am crossing? I think the easiest solution would be to allow bicycles on your highway=primary, but set it to be a restricted access road (or just to have a really high cost). That way you’d still call process_turn, but

Re: [Talk-us] Trunk VS primary,

2019-12-20 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Eric H. Christensen wrote: > The routing engine should be able to take into account > the road surface It can and often does. Your problem there is that only 2% of highway= ways in the US are explicitly tagged with surface; probably only 30% are implicitly tagged; and sometimes the implicit

Re: [Talk-GB] Appeal for Help - Amending a Route Relation - NCN Route 51

2019-12-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Peter Neale wrote: > I would love to amend the Route Relation, but have no idea how to > go about it. Brilliant. Thanks for taking this on! You can do it from iD - no particular need to use JOSM for this. Essentially the trick is, for each way that needs to be removed from the relation, select

Re: [Talk-GB] Elections Online website - candidate for OSM?

2019-12-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Edward Bainton wrote: > Is there any reason why OSM can't set up a user co-op (for instance) > that would offer a paid tileserver service? It's an idea that's been thrown around now and then. In OSM, of course, "why can't OSM..." is usually best rephrased as "hey, let's...". First person plural.

Re: [OSM-talk-fr] Restriction d'accès saisonnière pour les cyclistes sur des routes de montagne

2019-11-26 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Jean-Christophe Becquet a écrit: > Est-ce que cette combinaison de tags vous semble correcte ? > bicycle=yes > bicycle:conditional=no @ (Nov Fr[-1]-Apr Fr[-1]) et peut-être aussi: bicycle:seasonal=yes pour les routeurs qui ne parsent pas le (très compliqué) opening_hours?

Re: [talk-au] Discussion K: Evaluation of ACT paths audit 2012 and the OSM ACT dataset

2019-10-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
This is getting ridiculous. Richard -- Sent from: ___ Talk-au mailing list

Re: [Talk-GB] Import UK postcode data?

2019-10-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Twopenn'orth and not particularly a reply to any single message: 1. I'm not against them being in the OSM database, mostly for the reason that it's unrealistic to expect every single app to do additional processing for all 195 countries in the world. Sure, it would be nice if Osmand and

Re: [OSM-talk] EuroVelo routes are out of date

2019-10-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Maarten Deen wrote: > Is it an idea to create some kind of ticketing system for this? I think we already have this: - create notes on, including the word "eurovelo" - search for "eurovelo" on Richard -- Sent from:

[OSM-talk] EuroVelo routes are out of date

2019-10-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
EuroVelo routes are not in a great state in OSM. Many of them appear to have been armchaired years ago when routes were "in development", and not updated since to reflect the correct route. A handful of examples: [France]!49.2876!2.655 EV3 should

Re: [Talk-GB] TfL cycle data published - schema mapping

2019-09-23 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin - CycleStreets wrote: > What are people's thoughts about these suggested new tags? This is great - thanks for putting in the hard yards on the tagging. A few comments: > A new tag, asl_position={left|right|center} is proposed. Yes, although the lingua franca of OSM is British English so

Re: [OSM-talk] Tagging Governance

2019-09-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Roland Olbricht wrote: > > Changing to a github-like system of version management > I thought of Git, not Github. Again, there's no suggestion of "changing to"; it would be additional. As Christoph says, the challenge would be "finding, motivating, selecting and retaining qualified people to

Re: [OSM-talk] Tagging Governance

2019-09-11 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Joseph Eisenberg wrote: > Changing to a github-like system of version management would > require some people to serve as "maintainers" or "moderators" > of the new, curated list of Map Features / Tags, wouldn't it? While > this could be an improvement in the quality and consistency of > how

Re: [OSM-talk] Tagging Governance

2019-09-11 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Roland Olbricht wrote: > Imperfect Flow of Information > > Although many parts of the OpenStreetMap project are well > translated, the tagging documentation has substantial deficiencies. Yep. Documentation is the biggest problem with tagging. I don't actually think it's the wiki per se that's

[Talk-GB] Wales Coast Path almost finished

2019-08-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
I was in holiday in North Wales last week and mapped the biggest remaining gap, east from Aberdaron:!52.8079!-4.6498 That leaves three smaller gaps around the central Cardigan Bay coastline, between Barmouth and Borth:

Re: [OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

2019-08-10 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Kathleen Lu wrote: > "reasonably calculated" means "reasonable." What does reasonable mean? > Well a court would look at what other people in the industry do. Do others > in the industry list attribution, especially to multiple data sources, > after > a click (or many clicks)? Yes, all the

Re: [OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

2019-08-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Christoph Hormann wrote: > Just for understanding what second rate attribution is: For example > the map on the bottom right of: > > printing a prominent "Zeit Online" below the map (self attribution)

Re: [OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

2019-08-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: If you look at Apple Maps, and for example zoomed into some place in Denmark, there is an i-button which brings you to an overlay which has a TomTom logo and a link „and others“ while in Denmark the data is from OpenStreetMap. IMHO this second rate attribution

Re: [OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

2019-08-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Christoph Hormann wrote: > It does not in any way address the problem of second rate attribution > (i.e. someone else - usually the service provider of the map service > or the media outlet publishing the map) is being attributed more > prominently than OSM. That is not something that the ODbL

Re: [OSM-talk] Attribution guideline status update

2019-08-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
SimonPoole wrote: > the few things that are not nailed down belong to those that we > would appreciate feedback on. This is really good, and very much in accordance with both the text of the ODbL and the long-standing precedents set by the page. Thank you. Two small wording

Re: [Talk-GB] Ground truth v legal truth

2019-07-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Tom Hughes wrote: > That doesn't follow - in the UK we have always (with very rare > exceptions like Oxford High Street) mapped secondary, primary > and trunk to the official status of the road. It's slightly more nuanced than that - we have always mapped secondary, primary and trunk to the

Re: [Talk-us] Mapping rail trails

2019-07-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Minh Nguyen wrote: > As with the network tag on bus routes, what's important for both > network and cycle_network is that the route is intended to form > part of a coherent *network* (almost like a brand, but not quite). It's also useful for those of us writing routers, as it means we can avoid

Re: [Talk-us] Mapping rail trails

2019-07-11 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Kevin Kenny wrote: > And route relations are important for sites like Waymarked Trails - > it totally ignores walking and cycling routes that are not indicated > with relations, which is why I wind up doing routes for even > relatively trivial stuff like >

[OSRM-talk] Visualising the hierarchy

2019-07-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, Is it in theory possible to take OSRM's CH graph and visualise, say, the "top 10%" of routes? In other words, I'm interested in creating a map which shows the highest order of contractions - the routes which are most likely to be followed. Obviously I'll have to write some code, but

[Talk-us] Mapping rail trails

2019-06-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, You might remember that back in March I wondered whether we could get access to the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's data, which they've given to Google: Helpful people on this list followed that up with RTC

[Talk-GB] OS Open Greenspace tileset

2019-06-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, I've put together a simple tileset showing greenspace areas from Ordnance Survey's recent OS Open Greenspace release. The data is released under the standard OS open licence therefore suitable for tracing in OSM. Many features are already in OSM, but not all, and in addition the names

Re: [OSM-talk] Remove validation rule asking to add highway=footway to railway/public_transport=platform

2019-05-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Andrew Hain wrote: > Have a new team of developers code from the codebase of iD. > Write a new online editor from scratch. > Abandon online editing and tell everyone to use an offline editor. Please stop trolling. Richard -- Sent from:

Re: [OSM-talk] Remove validation rule asking to add highway=footway to railway/public_transport=platform

2019-05-27 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Wiklund Johan wrote: > Adding footway to the platform serves no purpose but to please poorly > built > routing engines. Are there actually any such engines, or is this a post-facto justification? OSRM has routed over platforms since 8 September 2013. Valhalla does - it's multimodal and you

Re: [OSM-talk] iD influencing tagging

2019-04-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: > Now while everybody is free to use any tag she likes, I would not > expect the OpenStreetMap-Foundation standard editor to > introduce new tags through presets. It's been happening since Potlatch 1 came online in 2007, so you should have had a few years to get used

Re: [Talk-us] Proposed mechanical edit - remove objects that are not existing according to source of GNIS import that added them

2019-03-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mateusz Konieczny wrote: > Please comment no matter what you think about this idea! I will > not make the edit without a clear support so please comment if > you think that it is a good idea and if you think that it should > not be done. I think it's an excellent idea. I've deleted these

Re: [Talk-GB] Milton Keynes Redways - How to Tag Consistently

2019-03-21 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Peter Neale wrote: >So how should they be tagged for access? I believe it should be: > highway=path  (but I see several tagged as highway=cycleway and both are > shown in the Wiki > at > foot=designated > motor vehicle=permit (to allow the

Re: [OSM-talk] weeklyOSM #450 2019-02-26-2019-03-04

2019-03-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Koppenhoefer wrote: > How did you come to this conclusion? I counted 3 people not so > interested in attribution or OK with current state of things and > 16 agreeing either explicitly or implicitly with Richard's assessment > that there is a problem. I think WeeklyOSM were being very

[Talk-us] Rails-to-Trails data

2019-03-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, I see that Rails-to-Trails Conservancy donated their GIS data to Google: Anyone in the US fancy asking if they might do the same for OSM? Our coverage is good on the major trails (Katy Trail, Coeur d'Alenes, etc.), but

Re: [OSM-talk] We need to have a conversation about attribution

2019-03-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mikel Maron wrote: > We may not like that reality, but that's the underlying legal situation. > We can certainly recommend a better way. And that recommendation > can only be formulated through the OSMF; a mailing list discussion > will not lead to a legal decision, though it's an interesting

[OSM-talk] We need to have a conversation about attribution

2019-02-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, In recent years some OSM data consumers and "OSM as a service" providers have begun to put the credit to OpenStreetMap behind an click-through 'About', 'Credits', 'Legal' or '(i)' link. Examples:

Re: [Talk-GB] Tagging post towns and other addressing issues in the UK

2019-01-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
I'm not quite sure what you've done with the quoting but you've attributed me as writing your reply, which evidently I didn't. :) Will Phillips wrote: > I really don't see what is outlandish about using post towns as a > guide for what goes in the addr:city tag. Royal Mail might be becoming >

Re: [Talk-GB] Tagging post towns and other addressing issues in the UK

2019-01-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Colin Smale wrote: > As you will know RM have their own particular ideas of the > geography of the UK, all done for their own convenience. It > would certainly avoid some confusion if we used addr:posttown > instead of addr:city. Fully agree. The notion that I should tag addresses in

Re: [Talk-GB] OS National Grid References

2019-01-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Brian Prangle wrote: > Are these covered by copyright? The National Grid per se is not covered by copyright. The newer transformations used to produce highly accurate grid references may be, but in fact OS has licensed the most recent (OSTN15) under the permissive BSD licence:

Re: [OSM-talk-fr] Opencyclemap : absence des relations network= icn

2018-12-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mathias Vadot a écrit: > Après plusieurs test, je me rends compte que le fond de carte > OCM n’affiche pas les itinéraires internationaux, relations > taguées de cette manière : network = icn. :) Richard -- Sent from:

Re: [OSM-talk] Ground truth for non-physical objects

2018-12-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Tomas Straupis wrote: > Ad absurdum argument: can you invent your own street name or even > placename and expect post, police, ambulance, firefighters, taxi to > arrive (on time or at all)? Sure, in the UK, you could do that and I know people who have done so. If you invent a street name here

[OSM-talk]'s OSM bike routing now covers Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

2018-11-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Hi all, I've just added coverage of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to the OSM-powered bike routing at . New countries are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, (North) Macedonia,

Re: [Talk-GB] Network tag on railway stations

2018-11-17 Thread Richard Fairhurst
TonyS wrote: > Lot of the obscurity is caused by the contracts from Department > For Transport. Merseyrail is both a train operating company > and a commuter rail network in and around Liverpool City Region Indeed, and it's actually even more nuanced than that. Merseyrail is not a franchise

Re: [Talk-us] Population during mandatory evacuations

2018-11-13 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Minh Nguyen wrote: > Following some discussion about this changeset in OSMUS > Slack [2], I started a discussion on the wiki about preferring > more stable population figures over supposition about > temporary circumstances. [3] It's roughly analogous to a situation we had a few months ago

Re: [Talk-us] Spartanburg County SC road centerlines import

2018-10-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mike N. wrote: > As one who grew up in a rural area, a country road lined with 4 > houses in a mile would feel "residential" and I would tend to set > it as residential in OSM. That describes most of the rural parts > of this county also, except for roads that don't happen to have > a house.

Re: [Talk-us] Spartanburg County SC road centerlines import

2018-10-22 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mike N. wrote: > This is a proposed import of road centerlines for Spartanburg County > SC, based on county GIS data. This will include a systematic review of > all roads in the county and qualify to remove tiger:reviewed tags. Looks good! Browsing through the code and the wiki page, you have:

Re: [Talk-GB] 'historic' county boundaries added to the database

2018-09-20 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Stuart Reynolds wrote: > I propose that we refer this to the OSM UK Directors and ask > them to review the arguments for both sides and come to a > firm decision. That’s what we elected them for, after all. Then > they publish it, and that is what we all agree to accept, > whether it matches

Re: [Talk-GB] 'historic' county boundaries added to the database

2018-09-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Frederik Ramm wrote: > But we are not fundamentalists, and we do allow exceptions. One > obvious exception is current administrative boundaries; they are > not easily verifiable on the ground but we're making an exception > because of their undoubted usefulness. From 1974 to 1997, the county

Re: [Talk-GB] Road refs

2018-08-29 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Toby Speight wrote: > That's why we have > rendering rules - if you don't like the rendering, change the rules. What you're suggesting would imply that every worldwide site using OSM data to display a consumer-facing map, or provide routing, needs to write a special exception for Great Britain.

Re: [Talk-GB] GB does not include Northern Ireland

2018-08-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Brian Prangle wrote: > I suggest at the very least that the change is reverted for NI. The edit did not take place in Northern Ireland, as Dave stated unequivocally in his original mail: "Note I didn't include Northern Ireland"

Re: [Talk-GB] GB does not include Northern Ireland

2018-08-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst wrote: > As it has been pointed out to me on IRC that GB doesn't include > Northern Ireland, and I should keep my opinions to myself. No-one told you to keep your opinions to yourself; I simply suggested you start a separate Northern Ireland-centric discussion

Re: [Talk-GB] Road refs

2018-08-28 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Toby Speight wrote: > Who is responsible for coordinating the related changes to software - > editors, renderers, converters and QA tools - that are required? I > see no sign of any of this having started. No changes are required to core OSM software, but if your own niche requires a map on

Re: [OSM-talk] Is it technically and legally possible to add the Open Location Code to the OSM search?

2018-08-11 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Blake Girardot wrote: > Also: No one is getting paid for anything related to this at this > point. I personally would like to see Google donate to the OSMF > and let the OSMF grant it out to help OSM core and eco system > tools implement OLC native in code as it should be. That's done. Tom has

Re: [Talk-GB] New Ghosts Set and Survey Me Auto-Location Feature

2018-08-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Philip Barnes wrote: > Recently new blue branded co-op shops have started to appear, > some have changed and at least one has opened in direct > competition with an existing Mid-counties. Midcounties are also adopting the "new" cloverleaf Co-op logo in many places, while their Chipping Norton

Re: [Talk-GB] New Ghosts Set and Survey Me Auto-Location Feature

2018-08-07 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) wrote: > Perhaps an operator=* tag would help, if we knew which > Co-Op groups still had pharmacies... A quick flick through their various websites suggests only: Midcounties: Lincolnshire:

Re: [Talk-GB] New Ghosts Set and Survey Me Auto-Location Feature

2018-08-06 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) wrote: > First there's a new set of objects in my "Ghosts" tool at > There are 162 still-mapped > "Co-Op Pharmacy" branches, which should have been rebranded > to become "Well Pharmacy" branches now. Not necessarily! As you say,

Re: [Talk-GB] 'D' class roads references.

2018-08-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Wynne wrote: > Google publishes a map for profit. > Worcestershire County Council is paid for by me. And a few others. Sure. The point is that copyright automatically subsists unless expressly disclaimed. WCC has not expressly openly licensed this data. You can't just say "it's publicly

Re: [Talk-GB] 'D' class roads references.

2018-08-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Martin Wynne wrote: > Worcestershire County Council publishes PDF text lists (no mapping) > of classified and unclassified roads. Google publishes a map, but that doesn't mean it's an admissible source for OSM. :) Richard -- Sent from:

Re: [Talk-GB] 'D' class roads references.

2018-08-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Rob Nickerson wrote: > Dave can you do the D class roads too. Someone has added these - > e.g: That reminds me - there's some weird ones in Hillingdon too: Can anyone think of a

Re: [Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

2018-08-05 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Killyfole and District Development Association wrote: > So I hear a urgent traffic update on the radio that there was a forest > fire > on the C425 Eshnadarragh Road and that the Fire Service have closed > the road due to the pumping equipment needed to fight the fire. Dave originally wrote

Re: [Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

2018-08-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Dave F wrote: > However this task was never undertaken. I decided to grab the bull by the > horns. Bravo! Killyfole and District Development Association wrote: > Surely we map for what is there on the ground, not how it renders? Right. C road numbers are not on the ground. (With the

Re: [Talk-us] Senseless Germans, again.

2018-07-25 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Bryan Housel wrote: > Do you live in Austin, TX? > If not, why do you care whether the students want to map sidewalks there? I realise all of this is a bit rhetorical, but Frederik runs a company that provides OSM-based services such as routing and map tiles, and so he does have an understandable

Re: [OSM-talk] Scientific paper on "Information Seeding"

2018-07-09 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Greg Morgan wrote: > Let's compare Germany[8], the state of Montana[9] and the > United States[10]. We see that the size of Montana matches the > size of Germany. Yet, we see the population density is roughly > 82 million people in Germany to 1 million people in Montana. I see a lot of varied

Re: [OSM-talk] proposed mechanical edit - moving FIXME=* to fixme=*

2018-07-04 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Florian Lohoff wrote: > Have you ever dealt with OSM data from a software development > standpoint? > > There is no such thing as "database quality". Its a big spaghetti > mess and data consumers take whats documented and ignore > misspellings. Users have to fix it with discipline noticing the

Re: [OSM-talk] About OSM social implications and what can/should be displayed on the map (or not)

2018-06-29 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Carlos Cámara wrote: > Willing to read your points of view on that matter. There is a whole lot I could say on this (writing "Eurocentric" in a discussion about casinos seems really weird, and I'm not sure Native Americans would thank you for it) but ultimately it's a little academic at the

Re: [talk-au] Road name abbreviation exception?

2018-06-29 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Warin wrote: > I expand these out to Saint. I think that is correct in the English > language. It is expressly _incorrect_ in British English and if this were a UK discussion you would be asked to put them back to St. I can't speak for Australian English but it wouldn't surprise me if it were the

Re: [Talk-GB] Has someone just given us (the start of) access to the crown jewels?

2018-06-14 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Mike Thacker wrote: > Yes, a threshold on getting the data via an API, but true Open > Government Licence doesn't limit the amount of data used (as > far as I know) so it should be possible to build up a fill picture > as open data. The transaction-limited versions don't appear to be being

Re: [Talk-GB] Footpaths - search for the missing ones

2018-05-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Nick Whitelegg wrote: > I realise this is going a bit OT for OSM but wondering if this data, > together with the newer historic maps from the earlier part of the > 20th century, could be used to build a platform for the purpose of > finding these lost paths? Had a quick look yesterday and there

Re: [Talk-us] Drop the tiger:reviewed tag from roads

2018-05-12 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Clifford Snow wrote: > I did learn from Toby Murray this morning that you can add > tiger:reviewed to the list of discarded tags in JOSM by going > to preferences->Advanced Preferences and adding > tiger:reviewed to tags.discardable. Then just reload > JOSM for the changed to be active. Just

Re: [Talk-GB] Footpaths - search for the missing ones

2018-05-10 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Rob Nickerson wrote: > Basically we have point data of historic footpaths (some 300k points) and > I think it would be amazing to compare this to OSM to see if we can find > more footpaths to map. Very cool. Could you post the data somewhere? Richard -- Sent from:

Re: [Talk-GB] Implicit speed limits: What to tag in built-up areas?

2018-05-01 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Philip Barnes wrote: > I wouldn't invent a type tag, it's maxspeed = 20 mph > because that's what the sign says. There is nothing special > about these areas. No, 20mph zones and roads with 20mph limits are different legal concepts and are signed differently. A 20mph zone must have physical

Re: [OSM-talk] Name:* tags in the local language

2018-04-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Paul Norman wrote: > If there's agreement that there is a problem here, I could look > at preparing a mechanical edit or MapRoulette challenge to add > name:* tags, e.g. adding name:en to objects in the US with > other name:* tags, and adding name:zh in China. As an > estimate, this would be

Re: [Talk-us] Gravel roads and surface tags in the US

2018-04-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Jack Burke wrote: > Keep in mind that OSM apparently uses "compacted" to refer to > macadamized roads, which is a specific process for building roads. surface=compacted in OSM, following British English usage, is traditionally as described on pages 18-20 of this document:

Re: [Talk-us] Edit war after MapRoulette motorway downgrading task

2018-04-03 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Frederik Ramm wrote: > * you have developed a certain way to map certain objects, that might > be a little out of touch with what is considered the "right" approach > elsewhere in the project, but you don't notice or care Adding to which... I think half the problem is that the wiki

Re: [OSRM-talk] OSRM v5.16.0 Release

2018-02-24 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Chau Nguyen wrote: ### Maneuver Override Relations: Sometimes road geometries of complicated intersections do not give enough information on how a suitable guidance should look like. OSRM is now supporting the `maneuver override` tag in OSM to detect such intersections and choose better

Re: [Talk-us] Rural US: Correcting Original TIGER Imported Ways

2018-02-19 Thread Richard Fairhurst
Great to see so much attention being paid to rural TIGER fixup. The majority of my editing these days is that, and it's a massive but rewarding job. I put together a view a while back which superimposes unreviewed rural residentials onto the Strava heatmap. The idea is that you look for

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