The Talk2 List Possibly an Eloquence mispronounce

2007-08-19 Thread Brandon Hicks
Hi. Just got a message from someone referring to a Bada. I'm reasonably sure Eloquence was being used. Not having access to the one used in JFW, I can't say if bada and beta sound the same or if this guy was just an idiot. Brandon Did you miss a message? Well, don't.

Re: The Talk2 List Possibly an Eloquence mispronounce

2007-08-19 Thread Lynn reaper
Ya know, I used to absolutely hate it in the older versions, totally refused ever to use it, then I got a talx phone, that just happened to have a Britttish (or whatever it's meant to be) accent, and I got so used to it, that now the American one, just grates on me. Granted it is much more

RE: The Talk2 List oh crap, can't do the show again.

2007-08-19 Thread John Clower
I'll admit the ladder versus latter error is one of the few mistakes I've made in the past, well, regarding the object you use to climb walls and peak into windows of unsuspecting neighbors, not the latter a la former versus latter. This never happened all that often, but it has. Although I

The Talk2 List Ladder VS Latter

2007-08-19 Thread Onj
From a book that I'm currently reading, comes the following: I think it makes this problem easier to understand. We went in and found a young guy in new BDUs behind the counter. He was a cheerful corn-fed country boy. He looked like he was working in his dad's hardware store, and he looked