Re: Downloads from site

2020-09-17 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
S> S> For me, both downloaded within 15s each, and integrity-tested OK. The actual links were:

Plain text formatting

2020-09-01 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
>> If I insert a hard line-break by hitting at the end of a >> line and press at the start of the next line, it means that I >> want the text on that new line to start indented away from the >> window edge. Heartily agreed! :-) S> I'm afraid, you do not understand what plain text is - it's

Re: Unwanted sound

2020-06-21 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
J> I very much like MicroEd, but almost everything about it is a black J> hole for me. Like I implied in my original message, there is hardly J> any documentation regarding the editor... list of keyboard J> commands?... See

Re: Unwanted sound

2020-06-21 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
J> For some time I have noticed that every time I use Alt-L in MicroEd J> to reset the flow of a paragraph, the Windows system sound (Windows J> Background.wav) plays. I'm not sure if this is even a possible explanation, but could it be that Alt-L on your system is also assigned to an event in:

Re: Where are my filters?

2020-06-10 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
M> I tried again and this time no error, just the S.O. window but M> completely empty: No account to select and no filters. M> Any confirmation? A user of a regular (non-beta) version had the same or a similar problem. He suggested that the recent Windows 10 '2004' update might have


2020-06-08 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
M> [..] longer standing issue I have that nobody here was able to confirm. In those circumstances the cause is probably something quite unique to that particular system. Have you tried starting Windows in Safe Mode to disable a bunch of drivers and services that might be interfering? Personally,

Re: Kinda roadmap ;)

2020-06-08 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
Hi Stefan, >> S> This one must be resolved when we start using Chromium engine. Both S> rendering engines used in The Bat! now are outdated beyond repair, I'm afraid. Thanks, but are you sure that the rendering engine is involved

Kinda roadmap ;)

2020-06-07 Thread Daniel van Rooijen
Hi Stefan, good to see you return to the bat's nest and I'm glad that The Bat's development will get a new impulse. I've seen quite a few fixes of inconveniences and annoyances requested, but I think the pita that deserves priority is the one that, for quite a few people, causes The Bat to not