Re: remove twm(1) from xenocara ?

2022-07-18 Thread Janne Johansson
I think cwm works fine for that and it is still there. Den mån 18 juli 2022 08:39Alessandro De Laurenzis skrev: > This is just the perspective of a user (even less: my _personal_ > perspective). > > Removing twm would be a mistake in my opinion. It is still pretty > functional and, when

misspellings in i386/amd64 conf/GENERIC

2021-10-25 Thread Janne Johansson
(Reported by Elyes Haouas on irc) gmail probably will mangle the diff, but the replacement is quite simple. Index: amd64/conf/GENERIC === RCS file: /cvs/src/sys/arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC,v retrieving revision 1.503 diff -u -p -u

Re: Should 80MB of RAM be enough for kernel relinking on i386?

2021-09-23 Thread Janne Johansson
Den tors 23 sep. 2021 kl 14:27 skrev Patrick Harper : > > If there will continue to be a minimum disk value then 600MB wouldn't > be nearly enough for swap, maybe 2GB for a whole disk? Could this handwaving please stop? If anyone wants, make a i386 VM and do a binary search and record the

Re: Unlock top part of uvm_fault()

2021-04-23 Thread Janne Johansson
Den tors 22 apr. 2021 kl 23:13 skrev Scott Bennett : > > Diff below remove the KERNEL_LOCK()/UNLOCK() dance from uvm_fault() for > > both amd64 and sparc64. That means the kernel lock will only be taken > > for lower faults and some amap/anon code will now run without it. > > > > I'd be

Re: occasional SSIGSEGV on C++ exception handling

2021-02-22 Thread Janne Johansson
Den tis 23 feb. 2021 kl 08:48 skrev Theo de Raadt : > > > > > > No problem, real-life often takes precedence. > > > > > > > > > > No way! operator(7) would need an update! > > > > > > > > What do we do when we see a bug? We fix it! What if it is not fixable? > > > > We document it! > > > > > >

Re: acme-client(1) make -F flag use more obvious

2020-12-16 Thread Janne Johansson
Den ons 16 dec. 2020 kl 10:42 skrev Renaud Allard : > > While there, I propose to change the proposed crontab to once a day > > instead of every hour. The certificates can be renewed 1 full month > > before expiracy, I think trying to renew every hour is too much. > > I think that, while waiting

Re: Poison file names

2020-12-09 Thread Janne Johansson
Den ons 9 dec. 2020 kl 09:20 skrev : > The game battlestar has source files names com1.c through com7.c, which > are illegal on windows due to ancient dos com port rules. > > I understand there might not be much sympathy for that, but being able > to have the full source tree on a windows system

Re: syspatch exit state

2020-12-06 Thread Janne Johansson
> > Returning a non-zero exit status is generally a sign of some sort of > failure. Not applying a patch due to already having the patch applied > is not really a failure. > The joys of running Solaris 2.x patches in the late 90s, where "ERROR 02" means the above, you already have the patch. And

Re: explicit_bzero vs. alternatives

2020-08-10 Thread Janne Johansson
> > > OpenBSD has the explicit_bzero function to reliably (i.e. even if not > observable in the C abstract machine) overwrite memory with zeroes. > WG14 is currently considering adding similar functionality to C2X. > > Considered options include: > > * A function like explicit_bzero or

Re: Compiler warning in ctype.h

2020-03-09 Thread Janne Johansson
Den fre 6 mars 2020 kl 12:29 skrev Thomas de Grivel : > Hello, > > I was using base gcc but switching to base clang fixes the warnings on > -current at least. > Is base gcc not supported anymore ? > I think you are supposed to use whatever gets used when you call "cc" on the OpenBSD platform you

Re: carp: send only IPv4 carp packets on dual stack interface

2020-01-15 Thread Janne Johansson
Den ons 15 jan. 2020 kl 11:57 skrev Christopher Zimmermann <>: > So I propose to send IPv6 advertisements only when IPv4 is not possible. > > Why? > > - Noise can be reduced by using unicast advertisements. >This is only possible for IPv4 by ``ifconfig carppeer``. >I

Re: ppppoe octeon kernel panic .6.6

2019-10-23 Thread Janne Johansson
Den ons 23 okt. 2019 kl 09:15 skrev Peter J. Philipp : > Hi Holger & Tech, > > I have made my octeon router work again and I have a patch. > > Truncated it a lot, leaving the things I reacted on: > - sppp_auth_send(, sp, CHAP_RESPONSE, h->ident, > -

Re: Removing PF

2019-04-01 Thread Janne Johansson
Den mån 1 apr. 2019 kl 07:30 skrev Ian McWilliam <>: > "peeing on, or even integration into baby mulching > machines or atomic bombs to be dropped on Australia" > That's a lot of missing features to implement in one release cycle. > > I would like the license

Re: FAQ#16 - add link

2019-03-28 Thread Janne Johansson
Den tors 28 mars 2019 kl 11:26 skrev Oleg Pahl : > Hi, > please check my diff for www part of cvs (faq16.html). > ok? > > That seems to change the meaning of it. bridge0 is the first bridge interface, not a pointer to a non-existing manpage section. See the em0 intel ethernet reference on the

Re: ipv6 via ipsec tunnel

2019-03-14 Thread Janne Johansson
Den tors 14 mars 2019 kl 10:48 skrev Claudio Jeker : > On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 10:36:58AM +0100, Otto Moerbeek wrote: > > How does one solve the default route problem? I never really > > understood how routing works in the presense of IPSEC flows. > > IPSec flows steal the traffic away before it

small detail on faq current upgrade guide.

2019-03-13 Thread Janne Johansson
Since some confusion was noticed about this sentence, this might make it clearer: $ cvs -q diff -u current.html Index: current.html === RCS file: /cvs/www/faq/current.html,v retrieving revision 1.982 diff -u -p -u -r1.982


2019-02-11 Thread Janne Johansson
"man vnconfig" ? Den mån 11 feb. 2019 kl 12:40 skrev Oleg Pahl : > Hi All, > > Linux has one tool CRYPTSETUP. > > With this tool I can prepare one container, then open it put some > private data and close. > > I know that our OpenBSD is also Crypto Paranoid OS. > > Any idea how can I do the

Re: Patch to enable building of Octeon kernel with clang

2019-01-03 Thread Janne Johansson
Den tors 3 jan. 2019 kl 15:25 skrev Visa Hankala : > > On Thu, Jan 03, 2019 at 01:16:05PM +0300, Mikhael Skvortsov wrote: > > Tested by running GENERIC.MP built by > > make CC=clang COMPILER_VERSION=clang > > on a CN6120 device. [...] > > Index: sys/arch/octeon/dev/octcrypto_asm.S > >

Re: Patch for install64.octeon : EdgeRouter 6 info

2018-12-21 Thread Janne Johansson
Den fre 21 dec. 2018 kl 01:40 skrev Chris McGee : > > I feel like it would be more clear if the examples uniformly used your > new variable > convention, as some do and some do not. This allows us to eliminate one > example > too. (I assume the ER Lite does OK if you specify numcores=1 ? ) "does

Re: ARP requests

2018-11-21 Thread Janne Johansson
That script seems full of linuxisms like ip route and accesses to /sys. Den tor 22 nov. 2018 01:45 skrev stephan : > Hey I am trying to create an Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) > requester'er. > I keep getting an unpack error. > > > here is the code > > and I'm

Re: slaacd(8): stop unrolling loops

2018-06-21 Thread Janne Johansson
Den ons 20 juni 2018 kl 16:16 skrev Florian Obser : > This might have been a good idea 20 years ago but in this day and age > the compiler is probably better at unrolling loops. > Won't someone think of the vaxes??? -- May the most significant bit of your life be positive.

make octeon kernels compile with DEBUG.

2018-06-13 Thread Janne Johansson
Have nothing else than octeons to test with, but I guess it affects/fixes other mips64s too. For mips64_machdep.c, the vaddr_t va wasn't printable with %p, and since vaddr_t seems to be a unsigned long on mips64, I just %lx'd it. Casting it to (void *) also worked. The unconditional #define

Re: macppc: default to MBR for new installs

2017-11-23 Thread Janne Johansson
2017-11-22 23:20 GMT+01:00 Stefan Sperling : > This flips the default response for the macppc disk layout question > from HFS to MBR. > > > Make sure to edit INSTALL.macppc to reflect the new default, the text seems to hint at the old default at various places, of course. -- May

clang-local(1) doesn't state that it's not looking in /usr/local.

2017-09-27 Thread Janne Johansson
..whereas gcc-local(1) does, so I lifted that sentence from it. Don't know if that was intentionally left out or not, but since it managed to confuse at least one person recently: $ cvs -q diff -u Index: clang-local.1 === RCS file:

Re: reboot: Only wait for procs if there are any

2017-07-09 Thread Janne Johansson
One guess would be that the post-sync() sleep might give "async" devices a chance to flush out I/O, so shortening that one just because no pid is killable might change peoples experiences. 2017-07-09 9:42 GMT+02:00 Stefan Fritsch : > Hi, > > what about only waiting for

Re: HelenOS and OpenBSD

2016-10-11 Thread Janne Johansson
> > > > Here they manually encode the opcodes of five special debugging > instructions for the MSIM MIPS simulator (these instructions are not > part of the standard MIPS ISA, thus the assembler does not know them)." > > How the OpenBSD developers solve problems that are not resolved by >

Re: mount(8): strlen + malloc + snprintf == asprintf

2016-09-05 Thread Janne Johansson
The 3 lines of code it replaced could, so why would you not believe asprintf() couldn't ? 2016-09-05 9:47 GMT+02:00 Ali H. Fardan : > On 2016-09-05 10:44, David Gwynne wrote: > >> On 5 Sep 2016, at 17:39, Ali H. Fardan wrote: >>> >>> and why is he telling me

Re: Moving away from softnet interrupts

2016-04-26 Thread Janne Johansson
2016-04-25 9:59 GMT+02:00 Martin Pieuchot : > > > The current goal of the Network SMP effort is to have a single CPU > > > process the IP forwarding path in a process context without holding > > > the KERNEL_LOCK(). To achieve this goal we're progressively moving > > > code

Re: I have a program I wish to submit for the base

2016-02-02 Thread Janne Johansson
2016-02-01 22:31 GMT+01:00 Luke Small : > > I think that there is some unwritten policy that nobody can get something > like this into the system. Why on earth hasn't this happened yet? > > Yeah, I think that if anyone has something they want into base it should go in, even

Re: Can I accelerate my magnet HDD using a SSD in any way?? E.g. softraid patch/ARC, dedicated hardware e.g. Intel RCS25ZB040LX="Nytro MegaRAID", anything

2016-02-01 Thread Janne Johansson
2016-01-31 9:16 GMT+01:00 Tinker : > This could be made in software with benefit, as a Softraid patch. > So the frequently accessed stuff ends up cached on the SSD for faster read > speed. > There is some hardware solution, e.g. Intel made the >

Re: Karel, some followup Q:s on your RAID1C patch

2016-02-01 Thread Janne Johansson
2016-01-31 9:24 GMT+01:00 Tinker : > Q1: > > My most important question to you is, the DATA that you CHECKSUM, do you > include the SECTOR NUMBER (or other disk location info) of that data into > your checksum function's inputs, so if the underlying storage's storage >

Re: Karel, some followup Q:s on your RAID1C patch

2016-02-01 Thread Janne Johansson
t; On 2016-02-01 16:29, Janne Johansson wrote: > >> 2016-01-31 9:24 GMT+01:00 Tinker <>: >> >> Q1: >>> >>> My most important question to you is, the DATA that you CHECKSUM, do you >>> include the SECTOR NUMBER (or other disk

Re: support for malloc allocation canaries

2015-10-23 Thread Janne Johansson
With this patch on -current and ln -sf CJ /etc/malloc.conf a lot of things stopped working, like "man ls" and "tmux". With only C or only J, the system seems to work ok, but with both it doesn't. Will check the resulting core files. ntpd and tmux both bombed out on memset inside realloc if I read

Re: WAPBL implementation

2015-10-23 Thread Janne Johansson
did you miss sys/wapbl.h ? cc ... -D_KERNEL -MD -MP -c ../../../../kern/vfs_bio.c ../../../../kern/vfs_bio.c:59:23: error: sys/wapbl.h: No such file or directory ../../../../kern/vfs_bio.c: In function 'bio_doread': ../../../../kern/vfs_bio.c:358: error: 'struct vnode' has no member named

Re: rdomain(4) man page additions

2015-06-29 Thread Janne Johansson
2015-06-29 10:21 GMT+02:00 Remi Locherer Hi I think the following additions to the rdomain(4) man page would be usefull for people that want to start using rdomains and rtables. nitpick +.Sh CAVEATS +When an +.Nm rtable +allready exists a new domain with the

Re: [PATCH] root.mail: fix date

2015-01-02 Thread Janne Johansson
2015-01-02 10:55 GMT+01:00 Caspar Schutijser Index: etc/root/root.mail === RCS file: /cvs/src/etc/root/root.mail,v retrieving revision 1.105 diff -u -p -u -r1.105 root.mail --- etc/root/root.mail 1 Jan

Re: removing sys/hash.h

2014-12-03 Thread Janne Johansson
random tip from the side, openbsd gcc doesn't put timestamps on object files, so if you compile it once before your change, md5 the .o file and once more after your change, you can verify that it doesn't have an impact on the generated code. 2014-12-04 2:17 GMT+01:00 Max Fillinger


2014-06-27 Thread Janne Johansson
2014-06-26 23:19 GMT+02:00, Stuart Henderson On 2014/06/26 20:20, Christian Weisgerber wrote: As everybody noticed, there was another problem. Please update to cvsync-0.25.0pre0p0 for the latest bug fix. Sorry for all the inconvenience. At least the following anoncvs


2014-06-26 Thread Janne Johansson
2014-06-25 20:52 GMT+02:00, Bob Beck If you or someone you love runs an anoncvs server, they need to see this. As you know we recently added commitid support to cvs, and we had you update your cvsync binary. updated and cvsyncd restarted, but I don't

Re: ifconfig segmentation fault

2014-05-19 Thread Janne Johansson
at /usr/src/lib/libc/asr/gethostnamadr.c:72 #2 0x00413c35 in gethostbyname2 (name=Variable name is not available. Wasn't there some fix to the resolver just recently? This seems like ifconfig as called by you tries to resolve a parameter and dies due to that bug. 2014-05-19 17:14

got me a 16-core octeon donated.

2014-05-15 Thread Janne Johansson
Its made by Movidis, and it has some linux on it now which boots. Of course, getting openbsd-octeon on it was the next step, but it won't load the bsd.rd correctly: Movidis X16 U-Boot version 1.6.1 (Build time: Nov 23 2007 - 18:27:52) CUST_WSX16 board revision major:1, minor:1, serial #:

Re: got me a 16-core octeon donated.

2014-05-15 Thread Janne Johansson
/tftpboot/bsd.rd.octeon and then it JustWorked(tm)! 2014-05-15 21:32 GMT+02:00 Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 09:04:14PM +0200, Janne Johansson wrote: Its made by Movidis, and it has some linux on it now which boots. Of course, getting openbsd-octeon

Re: [PATCH] rcs merge

2014-05-08 Thread Janne Johansson
Can't say if this was the motivation here, but some people like to put constants before variables for comparisons so as to easily catch the difference between if (a = 5) ... and if (5 = a) .. when you really meant if (a == 5). 2014-05-08 0:13 GMT+02:00 Fritjof Bornebusch

Re: tmpfs vs mfs

2014-05-06 Thread Janne Johansson
dd would perhaps not be the end goal for any memory filesystem, but the major point is that when you remove files, tmpfs will (try to) return the memory to the OS, where mfs will not. 2014-05-06 8:28 GMT+02:00 Loïc Blot Hi @tech i've migrated one of our squid

Re: Switch OpenBSD manuals to DocBook

2014-04-02 Thread Janne Johansson
Can we have a lib to create quad-barcodes so I can grab the URL with my cellphone? We just need to import this from the ports tree into base. *qrencode-libs* A small http webserver would not be wasteful either.. 2014-04-02 7:28 GMT+02:00 Damien Miller On Tue, 1 Apr 2014,

Re: [Donation] Processor Freescale P2020 / TL-WDR4900 / Turrir router

2013-12-13 Thread Janne Johansson
Seems like a decent way to sniff peoples traffic. 8-/ Not that I have extra reasons to mistrust these people, but still... (in the default usage way where you promise to put it on your network for 3 years) 2013/12/13 Jiri B Hi, I would like to send TL-WDR4900[1] hardware to

Re: 2 x em(4) and 2 x bnx(4) trunk(4)s behave differently

2013-11-11 Thread Janne Johansson
I'm not sure if I am misunderstanding your direction of inbound, but that would be an effect of what the switch does, would it not? If the switch isn't configured for LACP correctly, then it would send the traffic to one of them, only. 2013/11/11 Alexey Suslikov On

Re: make ftp(1) ignore leading whitespace in URLs

2013-11-05 Thread Janne Johansson
I think this would help the port yt to not crash on such urls, and I think it uses ftp to collect the youtube movies. For some reason, I paste starting spaces a lot, and since youtube urls contain and other non-shelly args, I have to paste into a pair of 's, and if there is a space to begin with,

Re: Fixing an LLVM warning in the i2o code

2013-11-04 Thread Janne Johansson
Could be the FBI code we were looking for! 2013/11/4 David Gwynne On 5 Nov 2013, at 12:40 am, Kenneth R Westerback wrote: On Sun, Nov 03, 2013 at 10:51:43PM -0500, Brad Smith wrote: LLVM errors out on the i2o code with the following warning..

Re: Iso image integrity verification

2013-09-11 Thread Janne Johansson
So you publish something on a HTTPS page, which means that when the browser says green padlock, it only says: this site was using a key signed by someone who in turn was signed by someone out of a few hundred CAs in a list which include companies in scary countries*. That will help a lot. *)

Re: Iso image integrity verification

2013-09-11 Thread Janne Johansson
And from that we can deduce what? $evil_country can't spend $10k to be able to intercept and silently MITM all https? 2013/9/11 InterNetX - Robert Garrett also means somebody paid a lot of money for that green bar On 09/11/2013 04:46 PM, Janne Johansson wrote

Re: ntpd jump ahead

2013-09-06 Thread Janne Johansson
I think I had a script on my previous laptop to see if ifconfig egress would result in something, and only wait for ntp to sync time in those cases. The existance of a default route may not be 100% fool-proof, but on dhcp-boxes it was good-enough for me. 2013/9/6 Stuart Henderson

Re: arch/: unitialized vars

2013-06-28 Thread Janne Johansson
Now the hard part is to figure out exactly where it should have been initialized and to what. Just setting it to 0 somewhere is not necessarily better. 2013/6/28 Maxime Villard Hi, some other uninitialized vars found by my scanner in arch/. == hp300/dev/hd.c At l.544,

Re: variable initialisation for userland program

2013-06-14 Thread Janne Johansson
Variables declared outside of (before) main() have zero for contents if not specified. 2013/6/14 sven falempin Hello Does the chain automatically set a parameter so C var are set to zero by default ? curl

Re: bzip2

2013-06-06 Thread Janne Johansson
If it covers that tar needs for tar xjf bla.tbz2 to work then this would be a good addition. 2013/6/6 Ted Unangst Something that comes up from time to time is the question of whether to import bzip2 into base or not. Turns out the question is moot because already have

Re: tmpfs

2013-04-09 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/3/27 Pedro Martelletto Hi, I have ported NetBSD's tmpfs to OpenBSD. The port should be functional on i386 and amd64. I haven't tested on other architectures. There are limitations: update of mount options is not supported and the number of nodes in a tmpfs file

Re: tedu faith(4) and faithd(8)

2013-03-13 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/3/12 Martin Pieuchot Diffs below kill respectively faith(4) and faithd(8) as suggested some weeks ago after a submission by dhill. Should this teduing include removal from : distrib/sets/lists/base/mi distrib/sets/lists/man/mi ..also, or does that always fall on

Re: Secrets of Buffer Cache Enlargement.

2013-03-08 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/3/6 Janne Johansson On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Bob Beck wrote: You too can have a GIANT buffer cache etc. etc... Great.. and now I have people mailing me dmesg's from machines with 16 and 32 Gigs of ram. I only have 8 I feel so

Re: Secrets of Buffer Cache Enlargement.

2013-03-06 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/3/5 Bob Beck On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Bob Beck wrote: You too can have a GIANT buffer cache etc. etc... Great.. and now I have people mailing me dmesg's from machines with 16 and 32 Gigs of ram. I only have 8 I feel so. small... My

Re: Secrets of Buffer Cache Enlargement.

2013-03-06 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/3/6 Mark Kettenis My amd64 testbox running this has only 6G, so we can cry over red wine together.. 8-( the 1TB boxes at work have too many cores for obsd to run on them so I can't really make dmesg pr0n on them. Even when you disable HyperThreading? No,

allow ospfd config-check to complain about file modes, and return a usable exit code.

2013-03-01 Thread Janne Johansson
Index: ospfd.c === RCS file: /open/anoncvs/cvs/src/usr.sbin/ospfd/ospfd.c,v retrieving revision 1.78 diff -u -r1.78 ospfd.c --- ospfd.c 20 Aug 2011 11:16:09 - 1.78 +++ ospfd.c 1 Mar 2013 12:58:25 - @@ -209,6

Re: trunk(4) take MTU from first member port.

2013-02-22 Thread Janne Johansson
Worked fine on my dual-ix(4) setup. In loadbalance mode with 9k frames it gave me more Gbits than with a single ix(4) connection, even if I didn't go ape on all possible combinations of mtu, trunkprotos and whatnot. Quick test with tcpbench on Dell 320s without pf and 9k mtu and two ix(4) showed

Re: [PATCH] Support for virtio random device

2013-01-25 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/1/25 Stefan Fritsch qemu 1.3 has added a virtio entropy device. Here is a driver for it. Comments? OKs? As the entropy reserve of the host may not be unlimited, the OpenBSD guest should only ask for entropy when it actually needs it. Would it make sense A few of my

Re: [PATCH] pfctl configuration file parser

2013-01-23 Thread Janne Johansson
Yes, I think the usual programs should not print if the normal operation went fine style should keep pfctl -f some-file quiet. Having output in the specific config test mode would not hurt, but it's not something I've been longing for. 2013/1/24 Julien Dhaille Oops. This one

Re: amd64 bus_space tweak

2013-01-16 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/1/16 David Gwynne i also make it possible for the compiler to inline bus_space_barrier, which can generally get reduced to a single instruction rather than a function call. as a result it makes the kernel smaller. and THERE we got vi in. 8^D -- May the most

Re: bge(4) support for BCM57{18,19,20}

2013-01-15 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/1/16 Claudio Jeker Here is a diff to support the newer Broadcom chips seen in Dell and HP servers. This was tested against a BCM57765, BCM5721, and BCM5720. This needs a lot of testing on ANY bge(4). The diff will most probably only apply to a very current

Re: Soekris net6501 GPIO LED support

2013-01-14 Thread Janne Johansson
2013/1/14 Matt Dainty Attached is a patch that adds soekris(4) which provides access to the GPIO and LEDs as implemented by the onboard Xilinx FPGA on the Soekris Dunno if I am out of my league here, but: +void +soekris_gpio_write(void *arg, int pin, int value) +{

Re: clonable bpf

2012-11-28 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/11/27 Mike Belopuhov apply the diff and see how all your apps are happily using single device node: /dev/bpf0. i'm not 100% sure we want this but why wouldn't we? generally speaking we also need to move to a single /dev/bpf node, but that can be done, once this diff

Re: PATCH: Virtio memory balooning

2012-11-07 Thread Janne Johansson
Any reason for this being i386 or just not tested on virtual amd64s? 2012/11/6 Dinar Talypov Hi, This patch adds virtio memory ballooning device support. Actually code was taken from NetBSD and I rewrote some OpenBSD specific parts. +static const struct

Re: cwm reload support

2012-10-30 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/10/30 Okan Demirmen will anyone miss reload support? one can always re-exec cwm, or any other wm for a matter of fact. I use cwm and will not miss reload. -- To our sweethearts and wives. May they never meet. -- 19th century toast

Re: smtpd require auth

2012-10-09 Thread Janne Johansson
I also like the last version, makes the default sane. Den 9 okt 2012 19:56 skrev Bob Beck Then what about the opposite ? listen on fxp0 [...] auth # 99% case listen on fxp0 [...] auth-optional # 1% case Better, as long as we're sure

Re: strlcat usage in realpath.c

2012-09-13 Thread Janne Johansson
You can md5 the object files to see that the output really is identical, obsd gcc will not stuff dates in the .o files. Den 13 sep 2012 14:35 skrev Michal Mazurek The following diff should produce an identical binary, but the code makes more sense. Found with clang.

Re: cscope support in mg

2012-03-01 Thread Janne Johansson
2012/2/29 Sunil Nimmagadda On Fri, Sep 02, 2011 at 02:23:28PM -0300, Christiano F. Haesbaert wrote: On 2 September 2011 14:17, Matthew Dempsky wrote: I'd love to have ctags support in mg. cscope would be cool too, if not too much bloat. This

Re: Small pgrep/pkill enhancement

2011-06-12 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/6/12 Philip Guenther On Sat, Jun 11, 2011 at 7:19 PM, Ted Unangst wrote: Funny enough, when pkill was first added I added an option to confirm each kill. Guess what letter it used? That's right, -i, modeled after rm. Confirm each kill?

Re: allow usermod to remove user from secondary groups

2011-04-13 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/4/12 Frank Brodbeck group. I am pretty unsure about my choice of F_SETSECGROUP, didn't knew if I should choose 0x1200 or 0x1001 or even something completely different. +++ src/usr.sbin/user/user.c12 Apr 2011 17:36:01 - @@ -101,7 +101,8 @@ F_SHELL =

Re: resurect and fix bce(4)

2011-04-07 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/4/3 Claudio Jeker bce(4) was turned off because of limitations in the DMA engine that allows the chip to access only 1G of memory. On systems with more then 1G of memory hilarity ensued. Now I rewrote the driver to use bcopy() to copy the mbufs into a savely

Re: horribly slow fsck_ffs pass1 performance

2011-04-03 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/4/2 Benny Lofgren I've noticed that some (all?) linux systems do uncalled-for file system checks at boot if no check have been made recently, but I've never understood this practice. It must mean they don't trust their own file systems, I'm quite sure this comes

Re: urndis(4) Frame length validation

2011-03-20 Thread Janne Johansson
2011/3/20 Loganaden Velvindron Hi, this diff also discards packets larger than maximum buffer size. Please test. Index: src/sys/dev/usb/if_urndis.c === RCS file: /cvs/src/sys/dev/usb/if_urndis.c,v

Re: Allegations regarding OpenBSD IPSEC

2010-12-30 Thread Janne Johansson
2010/12/21 Kurt Knochner 2010/12/21 Theo de Raadt regarding the allegations about a backdoor beeing planted into OpenBSD, I did a code review myself [...] It is unfortunate that it required an allegation of this sort for people to get

mount_vnd salt file nits

2010-11-26 Thread Janne Johansson
As j...@freenode found out, the salt file needs to be 128 bytes (or larger), but no part of mount_vnd seem to mention the size requirements, so if we require 128 bytes, then this diff should help people use salt files: Index: mount_vnd.8

Re: small nit in nsd.conf manpage.

2010-10-31 Thread Janne Johansson
2010/10/31 Ingo Schwarze Hi Janne, hi Jakob, This is not the only ERROR in nsd.conf(5) causing information loss. The man(7) source code quality of the nsd documentation is very poor in general and far from meeting OpenBSD quality standards. This stuff is in dire need of

small nit in nsd.conf manpage.

2010-10-30 Thread Janne Johansson
The word slave will not appear in the manpage when the nsd.conf source looks like it does. Patch here: Index: nsd.conf.5 === RCS file: /cvs/src/usr.sbin/nsd/nsd.conf.5,v retrieving revision 1.2 diff -u -r1.2 nsd.conf.5 ---

Re: Enable speedstep on nehalem (i3/5/7) cpus

2010-06-28 Thread Janne Johansson
Seems to work on my i7-930 in amd64 mode also. 2010/6/28 Dawe On Sat, 26 Jun 2010 23:48:15 -0600 (MDT) (Gordon Willem Klok) wrote: Hello this should make speedstep work on nehalem cpu's (i3, i5, i7s) where est uses acpi to get the available states. Please let

Re: If you are one of the cool kids who cranks kern.bufcachepercent up..

2010-01-17 Thread Janne Johansson
Bob Beck wrote: My conern is what is actually behind your possible panic. We (including myself) have been introducing and removing some dlg inspired breakage at the same time here so it depends what you are doing. Please continue and let me know what you see. I redid the tests on my 2G laptop

Re: If you are one of the cool kids who cranks kern.bufcachepercent up..

2010-01-12 Thread Janne Johansson
Bob Beck wrote: Try this. We used to do this, but perhaps prematurely. I've now killed several of the nfs bugs this used to tickle. This lets you make more effective use of your larger buffer cache, if you are using it for lots of small files (like /usr/src, and the like) since you can