ugnet_: Bush will abandon Museveni in 2006

2003-07-13 Thread gook makanga
On The Mark By Alan Tacca Bush will abandon Museveni in 2006 June 13, 2003 On July 5, The Monitor published an extract from a transcript wired by the White House two days earlier. In the transcript, President George W. Bush was answering questions from print journalists. The

ugnet_: IT - Encyclopædia Biologicus Uganda

2003-07-13 Thread dbbwanika db
JUSTICE PARTY Tackling IT, Environmental and Socio-economic Problematicities: - For once think- Anywhere in Uganda it will take a student a period of six month to one year or never at all to get an academic transcript. TRUE?! A transcript. 6 12 month. Computer Science


2003-07-13 Thread Mulindwa Edward
Political Editor Munyaradzi Huni JUST as I predicted last week, the past week was really an exciting one. What with the Texan gunslinger, President George W. Bush, who not so long ago called Africa a country, finally realising that Africa is actually a continent, and what with the MDC in


2003-07-13 Thread Mulindwa Edward
Let’s re-examine Ourselves AMERICAN President Mr George W. Bush’s five-nation tour of Africa has come and gone. He enjoyed a mixed reception. While some of the African heads of state in the countries he visited seemed too eager to roll out the red carpet for him, the people were reluctant

ugnet_: Fresh violence in Congo's Bunia as militia fire

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
Fresh violence in Congo's Bunia as militia fire By Dino Mahtani KINSHASA, 12 July (Reuters) - Militiamen in the Congolese town of Bunia, where a French-led multinational force has deployed, caused panic on Saturday by unleashing heavy firing from the bush. "We could hear the firing from all

ugnet_: Hutu rebels launch fresh attack on Burundi capital

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
Hutu rebels launch fresh attack on Burundi capital By Patrick Nduwimana BUJUMBURA, July 13 (Reuters) - The Burundi army, grappling for control of Bujumbura, said Hutu rebels launched a fresh offensive on Sunday, striking close to the vice-president's residence before being driven back by

ugnet_: BUGANDA IN UGANDA (Uganda People's Congress)

2003-07-13 Thread Mulindwa Edward
.That the UPC in general and the leadership in particular tended to divide along broadly North-South lines is fairly clear. Why this occurred is rather less clear. Some politicians, particularly some Baganda, tried consciously to bring such a division about, on the grounds

ugnet_: Three Tribal Fighters Killed in Congo

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
Three Tribal Fighters Killed in Congo By RODRIQUE NGOWI .c The Associated Press KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) - Troops of a French-led emergency force killed three tribal fighters during an hour-long gunbattle in northeastern Congo, a force spokesman said Saturday. The tribal fighters were shot Friday

Re: ugnet_: Matovu's preparation for pluralism.

2003-07-13 Thread Lutimba Matovu
Michael, While at it, can you explain why you are calling illegal UPC meetings? Are you trying to organise as well? Why are you fighting Matek? LM --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Mutale accused of recruiting children By Emma Mutaizibwa July 13, 2003 Members of Parliament Odonga Otto and

ugnet_: Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states

2003-07-13 Thread Mitayo Potosi
Blair seeks new powers to attack rogue states By Andy McSmith and Jo Dillon 13 July 2003 Tony Blair is appealing to the heads of Western governments to agree a new world order that would justify the war in Iraq even if Saddam Hussein's elusive weapons of mass destruction are never found.

ugnet_: Lack of planning contributed to chaos in Iraq

2003-07-13 Thread Mitayo Potosi
Posted on Sat, Jul. 12, 2003 Lack of planning contributed to chaos in Iraq BY JONATHAN S. LANDAY and WARREN P. STROBEL Knight Ridder Newspapers WASHINGTON - The small

ugnet_: Noam Chomsky on the Drug-Terror Link

2003-07-13 Thread Mitayo Potosi
Noam Chomsky on the Drug-Terror Link By Philip Smith, DRCNet February 14, 2002 MIT professor Noam Chomsky has long been one of the nation's most implacable critics of US foreign policy and

ugnet_: Interview with Eduardo Galeano : 'The Progressive'

2003-07-13 Thread Mitayo Potosi
Each time I hear about wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Africa, and anywhere else, I always ask the same question, with no answer: Who is selling the arms? Who is making profit from this human tragedy? I have never found the answer in the media, and it's the main question you should ask when


2003-07-13 Thread Mulindwa Edward
Ugandans A very simple question I have this afternoon, what about the Ankole Kingdom? Is Cultural leadership only honoured when it is concerning Buganda, Busoga and Toro? And what will happen to these now functioning Kingdoms if NRM gets out of power? Like I have told the federalists,

ugnet_: MDC makes desperate efforts to go after SA president

2003-07-13 Thread Mitayo Potosi
MDC makes desperate efforts to go after SA president By Political Editor Munyaradzi Huni ; sundaymail 13/7/2003 THE MDC is now making desperate efforts to go after South African President Thabo Mbeki using

ugnet_: Professor Ali Mazrui on America's Global Apertheid policy

2003-07-13 Thread Owor Kipenji
Mazrui urges State not to approve the anti-terrorism BillBy KEN OPALA Kenya has been urged to resist US demands to pass the anti-terrorism Bill. Prof Ali Mazrui said apart from snatching away civil liberties, the Bill gives American authorities powers to penetrate Kenya's security forces.

ugnet_: Fighting Breaks Out in Burundi's Capital

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
Fighting Breaks Out in Burundi's Capital By ALOYS NIYOYITA .c The Associated Press BUJUMBURA, Burundi (AP) - New fighting between Hutu rebels and the Tutsi-dominated army erupted in Burundi's capital Sunday, a day after the army claimed it pushed the insurgents from the city. The fighting

ugnet_: I bet you Rammy did not calculate this when he druming up war efforts in Iraq

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
Rumsfeld Warns of More Attacks in Iraq By JENNIFER C. KERR .c The Associated Press WASHINGTON(AP) - It's not going to be a peaceful summer in Iraq for U.S. forces, who may face increased attacks in the coming days. The stark warning came Sunday from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who also

ugnet_: Rebels attack Katakwi again

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
Rebels attack Katakwi again By Patrick Elobu Angonu July 14, 2003   The Lord's Resistance Army rebels have re-entered Katakwi district. The rebels yesterday burnt three camps for displaced people in Obalanga sub-county. They also abducted many people. Obalanga LC-III Chairman, Mr Patrick

ugnet_: More Wars Coming After Kony - Besigye.US FUELING WARS AND INSTABILITY IN UGANDA

2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
More Wars Coming After Kony - Besigye His warning was contained in a July 7 statement he sent to The Monitor titled "The US Is Fuelling War and Instability In Uganda". Some how I missed reading this Besigye article. Can somebody repost the article on Ugandanet or UPC net. Or send me artcile to


2003-07-13 Thread Matekopoko
There exists a very close correlation that holds over a long period of time between human rights violations and US military aid and training. It's not that the US likes to torture people; it's that it basically doesn't care. FOR THE US GOVERNMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION ARE A SECONDARY

ugnet_: Maj. Bantariza says LRA hard to track-250 people rescued-BBC

2003-07-13 Thread Omar Kezimbira
Last Updated: Sunday, 13 July, 2003, 23:32 GMT 00:32 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Uganda army rescues children Village children are forced to sleep in towns to avoid kidnap Military officials in Uganda say they have rescued about 250 people - most of

ugnet_: Bush has misread Africa-Nabudere

2003-07-13 Thread Omar Kezimbira
Bush has misread Africa - NabudereBy Chris Obore July 14, 2003 - Monitor The Joseph Kony-led rebellion in the north is not similar to the al-Qaeda's international terrorist network. According to Prof. Dani Nabudere, the United States has mistaken the Kony rebellion, which has a long history,

ugnet_: Byanyima says Museveni only treats 'friends'-Monitor 14/7/2003

2003-07-13 Thread Omar Kezimbira
Byanyima says Museveni only treats 'friends'By Patrick Onyango July 14, 2003 President Yoweri Museveni offers free HIV/Aids treatment to selected army officers, Mbarara Municipality MP Winnie Byanyima has said. Ms Byanyima last week told Parliament that Mr Museveni offers free anti-retroviral