[ovirt-users] Upload Image to NFS Storage Domain Doesn't Work

2021-07-30 Thread Nur Imam Febrianto
Hi, Lastly in 4.4.6, I have a problem that I couldn’t upload any image to storage domain without clicking Test Connection. Well, after it was acknowledge as a bug and solved at 4.4.7 now I have similar issue. If I upload any image to Storage Domain that uses NFS it only show locked, and then

[ovirt-users] upload image using python api

2020-03-24 Thread David David
hi can't upload disk image with that script: https://github.com/oVirt/ovirt-engine-sdk/blob/master/sdk/examples/upload_disk.py this error message is appeared when i trying to upload image: # python upload_disk.py --engine-url https://alias-e.localdomain --username admin@internal --disk-format raw

[ovirt-users] Upload Image Error

2018-05-24 Thread Peter Harman
Ovirt Users, I am running into a strange problem with uploading images through the webUI. When I test the connection on an upload I get “Connection to ovirt-imageio-proxy service has failed. Make sure the service is installed, configured, and ovirt-engine certificate is registered as a valid

Re: [ovirt-users] upload image

2017-05-23 Thread qinglong.d...@horebdata.cn
It worked. Thanks a lot! From: Daniel Erez Date: 2017-05-22 20:24 To: qinglong.d...@horebdata.cn; Niyazi Elvan CC: users Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] upload image The oVirt's CA certificate can be fetched from http:///ovirt-engine/services/pki-resource?resource=ca-certificate=X509-PEM-CA (more

Re: [ovirt-users] upload image

2017-05-22 Thread Daniel Erez
but I failed. Is there any > documentations about that? > > > *From:* Niyazi Elvan <niyaziel...@gmail.com> > *Date:* 2017-05-19 15:54 > *To:* qinglong.dong <qinglong.d...@horebdata.cn> > *CC:* users <users@ovirt.org> > *Subject:* Re: [ovirt-users] upload im

Re: [ovirt-users] upload image

2017-05-22 Thread qinglong.d...@horebdata.cn
Thanks! But I don't know how to import CA to browser. I have tried to import the CA to my firefox browser, but I failed. Is there any documentations about that? From: Niyazi Elvan Date: 2017-05-19 15:54 To: qinglong.dong CC: users Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] upload image Most probably it's

[ovirt-users] upload image

2017-05-18 Thread qinglong.d...@horebdata.cn
Hi all, I wanted to upload a qcow2 image using web UI. But I got an error: "Unable to upload image to disk a38f29f4-594a-438b-a8e0-6a85ac56055d due to a network error. Make sure ovirt-imageio-proxy service is installed and configured, and ovirt-engine's certificate is registered as a