Validate refreshingview

2009-09-22 Thread Hakan . Steisjo
Hi, I've a problem where I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have a page which holds a form, an ajaxsubmitlink, and a panel containing formcomponents. The panel also holds two other panels, where one of the panels holds a refreshingview to which the user can add items, using a

Validate RefreshingView

2009-09-23 Thread Hakan . Steisjo
Hi, I've got a problem that I hope someone can help me with and point me in the right direction. Is there a way in the validation phase to validate that a refreshingview contain items? My scenario: I've got a page that holds a form, an ajaxsubmitlink and a panel. The panel in turn has some

List/search state

2009-04-24 Thread Hakan . Steisjo
Hi, I'm a new user of Wicket and need som help/ideas on list and search state. If I have two pages, one for searching, i.e., which produces a list of items in a datatable which has sorting, paging and a text field for basic searching. All this works well. Now, if I change the sorting or use

Expandable row in datatable

2009-05-26 Thread Hakan . Steisjo
Hi, I need som help with how to create an expandable row in a datatable. The idea would be to have functionality like an accordion where you click the table row and it expands to show more details of the object in the current row. I've seen different examples of solutions and they all seem to


2009-08-12 Thread Hakan . Steisjo
Hi, I'm having some problem configuring the DatePicker the way I want. More specifically how can I change the css of the DatePicker? Thanks. -HÃ¥kan

ListChoice and it's renderer

2011-10-14 Thread Hakan Steisjo
Hi All, I want to extend a simple listchoice component to also include a title attribute in the generated html code. So basically I want the option tag to be generated like this: option value=value title=titleUser display/option Can anyone give me some input on where I can add this feature to