Re: [whatwg] several messages about HTML5 -- authors' tools

2007-02-22 Thread ddailey
Interesting thread (including various sub-ravels thereof). Suppose in a semantically charged, but markup-impoverished medium such as the textual narrative (constituting the majority of the content of the web as we know it), we seek to build the word processor that generates not only the

Re: [whatwg] Should address be more general-purpose?

2007-02-27 Thread ddailey
Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis and Simon Pieters are having a discussion that I understand (at last... at least, sort of, or at least ... I think I do) . The discussion concerns the meaning of the word address and the tag address. How much of the meaning of the word should reflect (for good or for ill)

Re: [whatwg] canvas elements rect polygon etc

2007-03-11 Thread ddailey
. I know... nobody cares about a million votes any more. ddailey - Original Message - From: carmen [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Matthew Raymond [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc:; carmen [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2007 5:47 PM Subject: Re: [whatwg] canvas elements rect

Re: [whatwg] canvas elements rect polygon etc

2007-03-12 Thread ddailey
developers to implement both SVG and Canvas (given what looks like a high percentage of overlap in function) just seems like a way to artificially pump up staffing levels on browser development projects. ddailey

Re: [whatwg] Attributes vs. Elements

2007-03-12 Thread ddailey
a cognitive perspective. It would seem then, best, in this case to default to the status quo. ddailey

Re: [whatwg] canvas elements rect polygon etc

2007-03-12 Thread ddailey
From: Gareth Hay wrote There is nothing to stop browser developers using the same underlying implementation for canvas and svg rendering, so the overlap in function becomes a plus point from a programming point of view. Good point. I guess the difficulty is not really in parsing the markup,

Re: [whatwg] canvas elements rect polygon etc

2007-03-12 Thread ddailey
Edward O'Connor wrote: Please excuse the analogy, but try thinking about it this way: canvas is to Photoshop as SVG is to Illustrator. I think it's a bit more elusive than that. SVG allows bitmaps to be imported, and subsequently filtered (blurs, displacements, channel separations, layers,

Re: [whatwg] require img dimensions to be correct?

2007-03-20 Thread ddailey
I sometimes enjoy the ability to clone images that have no src or no width or no style. I certainly like to vary the height and width attributes via setAttribute, and I might like, in the future, to be able to attach an animate tag (ala SMIL) to the height or width attribute of an img. If I

Re: [whatwg] Drop tabindex=

2007-03-20 Thread ddailey
Simon Pieters writes: The tab order should be up to the user. In Opera you can navigate in any direction you want using e.g. Shift+arrows, allowing you to freely navigate in tables for instance. The author shouldn't have any say about the tab order other than the source order. In a table, I

Re: [whatwg] video, object, Timed Media Elements

2007-03-22 Thread ddailey
As a newcomer to this group, please forgive my ignorance of discussions that, undoubtedly, have already taken place, but as I have been reading these threads on video and timed media and object, a couple of questions have come to mind: 1. why not just include SMIL as a part of HTML, much in

Re: [whatwg] Canvas - globalCompositeOperation

2007-03-27 Thread ddailey
I suspect you already are aware of this but in addition to the references you provide the SVG 1.1 reco gives examples of the Porter-Duff composites It appears that Opera is not handling them properly in SVG either:

Re: [whatwg] Apple Proposal for Timed Media Elements

2007-04-05 Thread ddailey
I understand that some here have reasons not to be happy with SMIL, but its implementation within SVG really is quite nice and understandable. So far as I can see, the discontent with it stems primarily from the fact SMIL seems to have alternative specifications. Since the SVG implementation is

Re: [whatwg] Apple Proposal for Timed Media Elements

2007-04-05 Thread ddailey
Okay -- I guess that makes sense. thanks. David - Original Message - From: Maciej Stachowiak [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ddailey [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: Vladimir Vukicevic [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 12:57 PM Subject: Re: [whatwg] Apple Proposal

Re: [whatwg] Attribute for holding private data for scripting

2007-04-09 Thread ddailey
Henri, thanks for the link to PPK's suggestions -- I rather like many of them. Henri Sivonen wrote: At PPK suggests having an attribute for storing private data for scripts. I'm having a hard time seeing what you're talking about

Re: [whatwg] Infinite loopcount for audio and video

2007-04-23 Thread ddailey
Makes sense to me. If such a thing is not already spoken for why not aim toward a little consistency with pre-existing implementations, like in SVG, where it would be repeatCount=indefinite? Not my favorite piece of nomenclature ever, but it's out there and has a user-base already. David

Re: [whatwg] sarcasm

2007-04-24 Thread ddailey
On Tuesday, April 24, 2007 9:34 PM David Walbert wrote On Apr 24, 2007, at 9:19 PM, Jon Barnett wrote: That could also apply to other tones of voice where context doesn't make it obvious, such as irony, anger, suspicion, elation, and veiled threats. But if you mark it up, it won't

Re: [whatwg] Cross-domain components

2007-04-28 Thread ddailey
On Friday, April 27, 2007 10:43 PM Ian Hickson wrote: Subject: Re: [whatwg] Cross-domain components We have a cross-frame messaging interface which I hope address this need: Let me know if it needs improving to

Re: [whatwg] Cue points in media elements

2007-05-01 Thread ddailey
Hearing about cue points in media elements. Just sorta reminds me of keyTimes in SMIL. I know SMIL seems funky to some people, but I do really love it! It is so way cool! So far as I know it doesn't do quite what you're talking about here, but it does similar stuff including non-linear

Re: [whatwg] Saying +1 or -1 is not useful on this mailing list

2007-05-01 Thread ddailey
David Hyatt wrote: (ducks) +1 It is best to duck sometimes. Seems like I read that somewhere. If I could just remember it, now. Is there a special dispensation somewhere for those who would like to help write specs who are cursed with *really* bad memories? Oh and thanks for ducking.

Re: [whatwg] Drag'n'drop uploads propsal

2007-05-03 Thread ddailey
On Wednesday, April 25, 2007 7:28 PM David Hyatt wrote I like the idea of having a way of associating a file upload control with a contenteditable region and I also like the idea of having some way for the dropped resources associated with the control to display in the page. The use case

Re: [whatwg] document.write test cases [was: Spec-based canvas tests]

2007-05-11 Thread ddailey
Where do you have your test cases for document.write? I have some examples showing rather funky behavior across browsers and wanted to check to see if these cases have already been addressed. Some are rather obvious; others are not. David Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 9:31 PM Subject: Re:

Re: [whatwg] Dashed strokes on canvas

2007-05-16 Thread ddailey
It's not that there's no plan. It's just that the plan is more along the lines of we'll wait and maybe add it later rather than we'll add it now, since there are workarounds and seemingly little demand. Please let us know if you get any input on your blog post. The utility of dashed strokes is

Re: [whatwg] Dashed strokes on canvas

2007-05-17 Thread ddailey
Kristof Zelechovski wrote: Works in IE? IE by MarsSoft? The utility of dashed strokes is something I can get interested in. Observe the sparseness of the JavaScript code involved in (working in IE, FF Opera) Sorry Chris, I should

Re: [whatwg] Scripting Tweaks

2007-05-19 Thread ddailey
On Saturday, May 19, 2007 1:37 AM liorean wrote: True, but what is wanted by scripters isn't that it triggers before any rendering takes place at all, what is wanted by scripters is to not have to wait for external content to load, in difference to the load event. The important factors are that

Re: [whatwg] Canvas operators (was Re: several messages)

2007-05-20 Thread ddailey
On Sunday, May 20, 2007 6:30 PML. David Baron wrote: ...This is the cairo 'saturate' operator... The above reminded me: using SVG suggested to me a couple of questions* about SVG that would seem to be just as relevant to the canvas tag: 1. Is there a way, using filters, to take an image A and

Re: [whatwg] img as thumbnails

2007-05-30 Thread ddailey
This makes good sense to me. Under US case law stemming from Kelly v Arriba, the thumbnail has a rather special legal status ( ).* I believe similar discussions have taken within WIPO (and certainly did under CONFU), such that that

Re: [whatwg] SVG extensions to canvas

2007-10-27 Thread ddailey
Presumably if the SVG document contained an object such as rect x=0% y=0% width=100% height=100% fill=red / then, that object would scale to fit the HTML tag that contains it. At least, I think that's how it works for embed , object and iframe. David Dailey - Original Message - From:

Re: [whatwg] Removal of Ogg is *preposterous* , SHOULD, and other matters

2007-12-12 Thread ddailey
On Tue, 11 Dec 2007, L. David Baron wrote: In this case, most implementors following the SHOULD and implementing Theora might help companies whose concern is submarine patents become more comfortable about shipping Theora, especially if some of the implementors are companies similar in size or

[whatwg] clientWidth and innerWidth

2007-12-19 Thread ddailey
I was revisiting some old scripts I had written for determining the size of the browser window (or things inside it) -- using clientWidth for IE and innerWidth for Netscape / other. Like many scripts written for the good old days, measuring seems to have changed as well. Mark Wilton-Jones

[whatwg] When closing the browser

2008-02-28 Thread ddailey
I made a quick look through the HTML 5 Working Draft table of contents, as well as Anne's differences document and went looking through the changes on the network and processing models to see if this was covered or not, but didn't see it. I probably

Re: [whatwg] Usemap and ismap for canvas tag

2008-03-04 Thread ddailey
Greg, I remember seeing the quote here: canvas is designed for creating images dynamically in scripts. SVG focuses on pre-computed image documents, and is more complex and slower to generate dynamically. at some point in time and thinking to myself that it was basically inaccurate. I realize

[whatwg] access to local path in input type=file

2008-03-20 Thread ddailey
it is supposed to be according to emerging standards. That is the situation when the HTML file is stored on localhost. If however, one places the code on a server (see then the program works from none of the browsers. apologies in advance if I

Re: [whatwg] access to local path in input type=file

2008-03-22 Thread ddailey
), and we don't allow remote access to local content (this is a good thing). Security Error: Content at may not load or link to file://localhost/78255.png. Actually, when I use Firefox 2.0012, the script contained in that file ( http

Re: [whatwg] Workers

2008-07-09 Thread ddailey
I'm not sure what it means when you say: a.. URLs: Workers should be spawned from URLs, not from strings, since script rarely has access to its own source. could you elucidate a bit more? Doesn't JavaScript usually have access to its own source? I'm not sure when it doesn't. and isn't

Re: [whatwg] Select element suggestion

2008-07-15 Thread ddailey
This does not really address what you're asking for, but rather what you're asking for reminds me of something else: several years ago I used to ask my students to program, as exercises, various useful widgets in HTML/JavaScript (color pickers, alarm clocks, zoomers and panners and sliders

Re: [whatwg] Audio canvas?

2008-07-16 Thread ddailey
I recall a little app called soundEdit (I think) that ran in the Mac back in the mid 1980's. I think it was shareware (at least it was ubiquitous). The editing primitives were fairly cleanly defined and, had a reasonable metaphoric correspondence to the familiar drawing actions. There was a

Re: [whatwg] Treat video like an image

2008-08-11 Thread ddailey
I'm thinking that you're thinking like an author. I like it! Lots of fun and you're right to point out the possibility for problems. Allowing video to be turned off (just like browsers used to -- and probably still do -- allow for images to be turned off, when the hardware or user isn't up

Re: [whatwg] RDFa discussion

2008-08-31 Thread ddailey
Thanks. Your advice here, seems, fundamentally, like a most sensible choice. 96 (or so*) semantic primitives (e.g. act (generic verb marker), thing and essence (generic noun markers), value(quality and magnitude), able/possible, universal and existential, poset (brings comparatives for

Re: [whatwg] Creative Commons Rights Expression Language

2008-09-01 Thread ddailey
Sorry for joining in naively to a conversation I've not been following, but reading Karl's remarks on the facilitation of metadata entry for users, some discussions in the vicinity of the recent SVGOpen that concerned usability, accessibility, and metadata made me think the following (that I

Re: [whatwg] WebSocket support in HTML5

2008-09-21 Thread ddailey
Hi Richard, My apologies for getting involved in a topic I confess to knowing very little about (though I would like to be able to have direct client-to-client communication for a variety of purposes including gaming and social networking), but it seems like the question here is what does the

[whatwg] salvaging work while navigating away from a web app -- onunload=confirm('save before quitting?')

2008-11-16 Thread ddailey
[Skip forward to paragraph four to avoid the historical backdrop. ] 1. Seven or eight years ago I was working on a mini-app [1] in the browser using VML. It allowed folks to build graphs on-screen with a GUI and then to do standard graph theoretic things: color nodes, find shortest paths, find

Re: [whatwg] Use cases for Node.getElementById

2008-12-08 Thread ddailey
There are lots of times in which I've needed to examine one document by use of a script that resides inside another. Using lists of attributes to do that has been rather important, though if those lists were accessible as properties of objects rather than as nodes themselves (as in some sort of

Re: [whatwg] Embedding images within editable content

2008-12-22 Thread ddailey
Observe the following: In IE 4 - 7 (with the Adobe SVG plugin enabled), the end user can select an image from her own hard drive using a file upload. In IE 4, I had a similar thing (sans SVG) that worked also in Netscape. It doesn't work

Re: [whatwg] Load SVG via IMG element

2009-02-10 Thread ddailey
In the message below, Ian Hickson wrote: It's not clear to me what I should say in HTML5 about this. img should just do whatever the image format says it should do, right? I would think so, but I cc-ed Doug Schepers on this who might know of a reason not to. I seem to recall some discussion

[whatwg] multiple tbodys in table

2009-03-19 Thread ddailey
I recall a while back trying to figure out how to style columns of a complex table that occured below the nth row of a table. I discovered that if I just used col style and moved those col's down to the appropriate row, IE was okay with that and did what I wanted but the other browsers not only

Re: [whatwg] C:\fakepath\ in HTML5

2009-03-25 Thread ddailey
While on the topic, something vaguely similar came to mind. If we make a puzzle of 2n-squared minus 1 (e.g. a puzzle of 15) in which web site visitors can slide tiles around through a grid, we might wish to detect, through script, when the puzzle has been solved. This means interrogating the

Re: [whatwg] Input type for phone numbers

2009-03-31 Thread ddailey
My strong sense is that the canonical UI for choosing points in a metric space (time, as typically viewed, being a one dimensional Euclidean metric space) has not yet been built. Using a pointer like a mouse together with timing delays between mouseup and mousedown together with 3D

Re: [whatwg] code attributes

2009-04-29 Thread ddailey
On Tuesday, April 28, 2009 3:16 PM, Jacob Rask wrote: has there ever been any discussion on including an attribute to the code element, specify the programming language in the markup? If so, what was the conclusion? I didn't find anything in the list archives. Having just converted a 200+

Re: [whatwg] SVG extensions to canvas

2009-05-04 Thread ddailey
On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 21:15:04 +0200, Ian Hickson wrote: As far as I can tell this doesn't require any changes to HTML5, since the same applies here as applies to a regular img, right? Anne van Kesteren replied: Maybe you misunderstood, but the request was not about img referencing

Re: [whatwg] code attributes

2009-06-05 Thread ddailey
Hi Ian, 1. Having to type precodelt;tagname/code/pre seemed a little bit silly to me: is there a use case for *not* wanting pre when doing code? Could that not be handled as an attribute of the code if so? code is used a lot to refer to method names and the like, where the contents aren't

[whatwg] notation for typographical uncertainty

2009-09-20 Thread ddailey
Ya'll probably have dealt with this already but here is the usage case My son and I are are typing my recently deceased Dad's memoirs from the Manhattan project. I'm saying to son: if you can't figure out what it says, type the characters you are sure about. Use '?' marks for the letters that

Re: [whatwg] Uploading directories of files

2009-12-11 Thread ddailey
on Friday, December 11, 2009 6:11 PM Jonas Sicking wrote: I'm fairly certain that any of the major browser vendors would be quite horrified if this worked today. I.e. if the page could just grab arbitrary files from the users file system. Occasionally people store private data there ;)

Re: [whatwg] Uploading directories of files

2009-12-13 Thread ddailey
Rereading comments 1 - 24 of as cited below, reveals to me that I was not the only one in the past 7 years to encounter the many use cases (involving client-side access to local images). I was quite disappointed when it finally became

Re: [whatwg] Dealing with Stereoscopic displays

2010-04-26 Thread ddailey
No it isn't simple. Allied issues have been discussed here before. As the nature of input devices become richer (e.g. eye movement glasses that give binocular disparity data to the display device) then the nature of the convergence data that defines the scene becomes more relevant to its

Re: [whatwg] input type=number without keyboard editing

2010-11-07 Thread ddailey
This discussion reminds me vaguely of something I've given students for the past n years (where n is dirt): Build a widget called a throttle (i.e., a number-picker) Allow the user to control acceleration as numbers (real or integer) between 1 and 10,000 are selected. High on the throttle

Re: [whatwg] wrapper element

2011-02-27 Thread ddailey
Why not borrow the g from SVG (meaning to group together -- the semantics may be a bit more accessible in some cross-linguistic sense than wrap, particularly because of the silent w in wrap which throws a lot of folks for a loop)? g has very rich semantic connotations inherited from MacDraw,