[Wikimedia-l] Announcing new 'Data Portability' project

2018-11-07 Thread Joe Matazzoni
The Wikimedia Foundation 2018-19 Annual Plan includes the goal Managing 
Personal Data [1], which aims, among other things, to give users control over 
their personal data.  A sub-portion of that overall goal, “Data Portability,” 
lays out two specific, user-facing objectives: to enable users to download 
their wiki contributions and, if possible, to let users download the data we 
have about them or their accounts. 
Starting in November of 2018, those became the goals of the "Data Portability" 
project, which has been assigned to the Community Tech team. I just published a 
page on Meta for this project [2]. Anyone interested can follow its progress 
there; please have a look and share your ideas and questions with the team on 
the talk page. 
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Community_Tech/Data_Portability 

Joe Matazzoni 
Product Manager, Community Tech 
Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco
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[Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia-l diversity and level of participation

2018-11-07 Thread Pine W
Hello Wikimedia-l,

One subject that continues to be a source of concern for me is that I'd
like to have a greater quantity and greater diversity of participants on
Wikimedia-l. I have heard that some people feel that their English skills
are not good enough to participate here, and I don't know what more we can
do to help with them to feel welcome to participate regardless of their
choice of language or their level of English skills.

Also, I sometimes wonder whether some of our more pointed or stressful
discussions on this list make good-faith newbies and quieter people feel
too intimidated to post when I think that no one intends to make them feel

I hope that this will not sound selfish, but I would like to encourage
people to comment on what could be done to facilitate greater and more
diverse participation in discussions here, and that includes feedback on
how those of us (including me) who frequently post here could do better at
helping people to feel that they have an opportunity to be heard. Although
I would encourage public discussion of these subjects, I also welcome
comments off-list. I realize that it is difficult to balance being candid
with being hospitable, and I am hoping that we can be both.


( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )
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Re: [Wikimedia-l] Wikimedia Summit 2019: Registration now open

2018-11-07 Thread Paulo Santos Perneta
It is very sad that, despite Wikimedia Portugal currently having everything
up to date, being a very active and thriving chapter, being the only
remaining Portuguese-speaking Wikimedia organization in the whole Wikimedia
movement, also acting as a facilitator to all the Wikimedia communities all
over the Portuguese-speaking world on their relation with the rest of the
Wikimedia movement, and having fulfilled all its obligations, including all
those requested by AffCom, AffCom has decided to unilaterally force an
extension of the chapter suspension for more three months, claiming they
need more time to look into the case.
This not only made it impossible or almost impossible to carry on a lot of
activities that were already scheduled for those three months, including
our organization, co-organization and participation on two key national
scope GLAM and FOSS events, including a GLAM promotion event co-organized
with the National Library aimed the divulgation of GLAM partnerships and
projects to other similar institutions in the country, and the first Ubuntu
Conference in Portugal, with an obvious damage of the name of Wikimedia
along those GLAM and FOSS institutions and groups, but effectively blocked
us from taking part on the Wikimedia Summit, as the limit ends next 17
December, much before the new limit of the extension AffCom has imposed.

These are sad times for the Wikimedia movement here in Portugal.

Anyway, I wish the best for those of you that will be attending the
Wikimedia Summit next year, and sincerely hope it will be a success.

Paulo (DarwIn)
Wikimedia Portugal

Cornelius Kibelka  escreveu no dia sexta,
2/11/2018 à(s) 14:01:

> Dear Wikimedians,
> We are delighted to announce that the registration for the Wikimedia Summit
> 2019 [1], which will be held in Berlin at Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof
> Airport [2] from Friday, March 29, through Sunday, March 31, is now open!
> As we have announced previously, the main focus of this redesigned event
> will be the Movement Strategy Process. We invite affiliates, the Wikimedia
> Foundation, its committees and Movement Strategy Working Group members to
> check-in, have a look back and plan the next steps of the process together.
> We would like to provide you with important information regarding the
> eligibility for participation, participant number regulation, registration
> procedure, specifics in regards to the travel and hotel booking as well as
> the visa application process.
> == Eligibility criteria and participant number regulation ==
> The eligibility criteria for participating in the Wikimedia Summit 2019 are
> aligned to the Affiliates’ Agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation.
> Chapters, Thematic Organizations and User Groups must have shown signs of
> recent activity and be up-to-date on their reporting [3] by the eligibility
> deadline (December 1, 2018). Moreover, affiliations need to have been
> officially recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation before January 1, 2018.
> Before registering for the Wikimedia Summit, please check the eligibility
> and status overview of your affiliate as well as the participant number
> regulation on meta [4].
> ==Registration information==
> To make the summit a success, it will be essential for the invited
> affiliates to deliberately choose their delegates. Affiliates are asked to
> send delegates that are well-informed in goings-on at the affiliate and
> able to confidently answer questions about it. We have shared specific
> registration advices and information regarding this [5].
> We are looking forward to also welcoming members of the Wikimedia
> Foundation Board of Trustees and staff, the Funds Dissemination Committee,
> Simple APG committee as well as the Affiliations Committee in Berlin. We
> see a huge advantage in having their representatives participate on site.
> Also, the Core Team has invited Working Group members from the Movement
> Strategy Working Groups.
> All representatives need to register via the registration form [5]. The
> registration deadline is Monday at midnight CET, December 17, 2018. Please
> note that we won’t be able to accept and process registrations after this
> deadline.
> ==Hotel and travel booking==
> Depending on your group belonging the booking process varies. Therefore,
> please double-check on meta [4] to which group you belong to and have the
> group-specific travel and hotel booking information [6] in mind.
> ==Visa information==
> Please visit the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Berlin [7]
> to find out whether you need a visa for travelling to Germany. In case you
> are in need of a visa, we advise you to register until November 19, 2018,
> so that WMDE can assist you with the application process and send you the
> required visa documents sufficiently in advance. All relevant information
> and necessary steps to undertake are also described on meta [8].
> Wikimedia Deutschland is looking forward to welcoming