Re: [WISPA] Employee Tracking Program

2008-08-21 Thread Bryan Scott
On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 11:11 AM, Eric Rogers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a company that would like to track real-time and summary information of internet activity of it's employees (by IP). They are looking for summary information, not email content/instant messenger chats/passwords.

Re: [WISPA] Cisco GSR Routers

2008-08-12 Thread Bryan Scott
You could also do a 6500 or 7600 with dual Supervisors power supplies. Mine carries full routes, dual GigE to the world, supports GigE, FE, ATM OC3, DS3, Packet Over Sonet (over OC3 or OC12), 48 96- port ethernet blades, and the list goes on. They have AC or DC power supplies. And they

Re: [WISPA] VoIP Deployments....I'm serious

2008-08-09 Thread Bryan Scott
On Aug 9, 2008, at 8:41 AM, Chuck McCown - 3 wrote: We use a hybrid approach, asterisk for many things, and a Vox like company (it may even be Vox, not sure as I just approve the payments, Bryan is the one that vetted the company). Our VoiP system is form fit and function

Re: [WISPA] Nanostations

2008-07-21 Thread Bryan Scott
On Jul 20, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Gino Villarini wrote: Thay just need to add a couple of features to the t45... Better ethernet configuration options 5 10 40 channels support gino DD-WRT has Ubiquity versions now. Didn't have much luck with it as a client (on a NS5), but haven't tried

Re: [WISPA] Streamlined DC Powered System

2008-07-09 Thread Bryan Scott
That's where I've gotten my RMS boards most recently. Recently being 6-12 months ago... On Jul 9, 2008, at 9:36 AM, Steve wrote: Hi John, I don't know about invictusneteworks. -- John McDowell wrote: Steve, do you normally by from invictusnetworks? I'm having trouble getting to

Re: [WISPA] Chrysler to make wifi hotspot cars

2008-06-26 Thread Bryan Scott
On Jun 26, 2008, at 8:27 AM, Drew Lentz wrote: #3. With linking the cars directly to the cellular telephone links, what effect WILL this have on WISPs? What happens when Verizon rolls- out the in your car and in your home package that rolls the EV-DO card into your monthly bill and you now

Re: [WISPA] 2012 - The End of the Internet

2008-06-20 Thread Bryan Scott
On Jun 20, 2008, at 8:23 PM, Scottie Arnett wrote: I am probably way more rural than Tom DeReggi on this, and I could not agree with him more plus add to it as far as the so called gov't push to get broadband to the real rural markets. I think their push is more of a ghost as far as

Re: [WISPA] mission critical 100Mbps links

2008-06-18 Thread Bryan Scott
On Jun 18, 2008, at 11:46 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Let's all keep in mind that the redundancy is moot if you plug both radios into the same UPS or outlet. Who uses outlets? All our mission critical gear is -48VDC. :) -- Bryan

Re: [WISPA] Voip over Wireless

2008-06-12 Thread Bryan Scott
On Jun 12, 2008, at 7:49 AM, Wallace L. Walcher wrote: Another WISP told me Packet8 works better on a wireless network than Vonage. It comes down to codec being used and the jitter buffer. Packet 8 has a significant jitter buffer. There's a noticeable delay that's very awkward. Really

Re: [WISPA] Barracuda = Source of SPAM?

2008-05-21 Thread Bryan Scott
David E. Smith wrote: If i deny SMTP to all but the barracudas IP then won't people not be able to send email ? Obviously you'll have to adjust your firewall rules a little bit, to match your network. :) All of my MX records point to machines running the same set of spam filtering

Re: [WISPA] Question concerning IP Schema

2008-05-14 Thread Bryan Scott
Patrick Nix Jr. wrote: So then, static or DHCP'd We use DHCP for everyone, then hard code it in the dhcp config file for those who want to get the same one each time (i.e. static IP). As long as you can track who has what and when, it doesn't really matter. You'll need to know when the feds

Re: [WISPA] Question concerning IP Schema

2008-05-14 Thread Bryan Scott
Travis Johnson wrote: And to take it one step further, I've never understood using DHCP for customers. It makes it 10x easier for a rogue client to get on your network if you run DHCP instead of just static. You don't have to maintain any logs, or worry about your DHCP server having

Re: [WISPA] Metered Broadband

2008-05-01 Thread Bryan Scott
I think that's the catch phrase... open meaning, not blocked. So don't block p2p or any other traffic, just throttle it down... WAY down... I gave a talk about doing this with Linux + HTB a couple of years ago. I had our head-end traffic shaper doing classful queuing, giving each type of

Re: [WISPA] Metered Broadband

2008-04-30 Thread Bryan Scott
There are arguments for flat rate and for metered for most utilities and services. All you can eat attracts people who don't want to worry about overages, where tiered usage plans cater to the penny-pincher who knows exactly how much (or little) he needs. For a service provider it is much

Re: [WISPA] tower lighting

2008-04-21 Thread Bryan Scott
Rick Harnish wrote: My understanding (no research done) is that if there are strobe lights installed, the towers do not have to be painted red/white. Therefore, many tower companies are installing strobes to cut down on maintenance (painting) of their towers. A night/day system which

Re: [WISPA] tower lighting

2008-04-21 Thread Bryan Scott
I'm no expert, but I have seen many towers with significant height that aren't painted. Heck, to that extent, buildings over 200' would need to be red\white, then. The best part about posting to large lists is how quickly third-party information is either substantiated or shredded to

Re: [WISPA] GSM - WiFi handover

2008-04-20 Thread Bryan Scott
Nigel Bruin wrote: On 19 Apr 2008, at 09:29, Christopher Orr wrote: Rogelio- I believe T-Mobile has that [EMAIL PROTECTED] is the brand. Yup. UMA using Kineto equipment. Handover works well as long as you're not moving too fast. :)

Re: [WISPA] OSPF tips

2008-04-14 Thread Bryan Scott
Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Bryan Scott Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 12:55 AM To: WISPA General List Subject: Re: [WISPA] OSPF tips rabbtux rabbtux wrote: Played with OSPF some, but am unclear on how to use the 'area' parameter in my topology

Re: [WISPA] OSPF tips

2008-04-12 Thread Bryan Scott
rabbtux rabbtux wrote: Played with OSPF some, but am unclear on how to use the 'area' parameter in my topology. Unless yours is a multi-state topology with hundreds of routers, put everything into Area 0. It keeps things really simple. -- Bryan

Re: [WISPA] Femtocells

2008-04-07 Thread Bryan Scott
The cell carriers aren't using G711. I haven't seen how much a UMA call takes up, but I'd bet it's less than the 90K of G.711u. UMA basically encapsulates a GSM stream inside of an IPSEC tunnel. EDGE traffic gets up to 100K+ when surfing or downloading files, so I could see a data stream

Re: [WISPA] Femtocells

2008-04-04 Thread Bryan Scott
It's interesting to see how the wireless carriers are trying to compete with VoIP and (at the same time) leverage the broader coverage of broadband in areas where cell service is weak. On the cool side: A few of us here have been using T-Mobile's wifi service and GSM+WiFi phones for the past

Re: [WISPA] IPv6 and Us

2008-03-03 Thread Bryan Scott
Anthony R. Mattke wrote: Someone posted some questions about a year ago about IPv6 and most of us looked at it and said yeah, some day.. but for a lot of us IPv6 is our next step. What about IPv6-IPv6 gateways/6to4 tunnels? Anyone configure one on their network yet? I've done this

Re: [WISPA] Router Help

2008-02-19 Thread Bryan Scott
Bill Price wrote: We are just acquired a wireless network that has 3 tower locations. The router they were using was a Dlink DFL210(?) they had set up with a 6MB circuit. We need a router that will handle VLANS, handle more bandwidth if needed, QoS, firewall (This network does a NAT). Were

Re: [WISPA] Router Help

2008-02-19 Thread Bryan Scott
Bill Price wrote: We are in the process of looking for a new router for our network. What are some routers that others are using? What are you replacing? What are your needs, i.e. where's this thing going?


2008-01-29 Thread Bryan Scott
Mike Hammett wrote: I am looking at getting a GPS device. I'd like it to work with many different programs such as Google Earth, Radio Mobile, Kismet, etc. What sort of features do I need it to have to work with these programs? I'd also like to have it be an independent unit with

Re: [WISPA] Looking for short licensed link

2008-01-16 Thread Bryan Scott
- Original Message - From: Brad Belton [EMAIL PROTECTED] Just a suggestion, but I would cross reference your cable loss settings with the manual's guidelines. Your flaky behavior could be due to the ODU being overdriven or starved for power. Then again if you've already had

Re: [WISPA] Looking for short licensed link

2008-01-16 Thread Bryan Scott
Brad Belton wrote: If you like, please provide me the cable length and type on each end. Then provide me the loss figures you have entered for each side. We'll compare notes between yours and ours. What version are you running? Side A - 50' of LMR400 + 17' of RG58 (or 59, whatever the 50