[WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread Henrik Madsen
HI all, I'm hoping there's a simple solution to my two problems. All looks fine in Mac browsers x5 and IE8b2 (according to netrenderer) but not in: IE6 - Mysterious margins are appearing between the header and the top menu and in both coloured boxes in the right hand column of the main

Re: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread Dhanishth
Hi Guys, This is my first posting. For clearing floats other reference which could be checked are : http://reference.sitepoint.com/css/floatclear Also the book Everything You Know About CSS is Wrong page 26 onwards there is material regards dhanishth At 02:06 PM 1/23/2009, you

RE: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread Damian Edwards
Most likely a lack of hasLayout triggers or layout context changes, or both. For the coloured boxes, add overflow:hidden to the divs with classes catalougeMid and subscribeMid. This will force them into a new layout context and in turn expand the container to contain all elements. If you want

[WSG] IEv8 support for Data URIs?

2009-01-23 Thread Foskett, Mike
Hi All, I was under an impression that IEv8 was to support Data URI format for images. Yet preliminary testing with IETester shows a lack of support. Can anyone confirm if IEv8 is to support the format? Preliminary test results for IEv8b2: 1. The NOT IE conditional comment

Re: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread Todd Budnikas
Damian probably gave you your answer, but I'll also say that if you review the original documentation from http://www.positioniseverything.net/easyclearing.html for the code you're using, you'll see that they recommend conditional comments to trigger hasLayout. In your case, in the head

[WSG] Belinda Garfath/CO/HIC is out of the office. [SEC=No Protective Marking Present]

2009-01-23 Thread Belinda . Garfath
I will be out of the office starting 24/01/2009 and will not return until 02/02/2009. Save time-get your child's immunisation history statement online. NOTICE - This message is intended only for the use of

Re: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread David Dixon
Just to correct Todd's reply, the :after property isnt support by either IE7 or IE6 (and below), therefore you would need to adjust your CSS to state (assuming you're using a CSS hack, for ease of display): #NameofContainingDiv { *zoom: 1; /* all your other styles for the element */ }

Re: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread Todd Budnikas
ack.. sincere apologies. If you view positioniseverything.net, they use a class of clearfix for this fix, and I think it is poor practice to add mark-up to help IE behave. However, David is correct, as i copied and pasted without checking myself. So the :after should have been left out for

Re: [WSG] CSS IE6/7 - what a surprise

2009-01-23 Thread Henrik Madsen
Thanks for your replies. Non-expanding div issue I removed the :after stuff altogether (which initially broke the layout in Mac browsers) This fixed IE7: *:first-child+html .catalogueMid, *:first-child+html .subscribeMid { overflow: hidden; } Adding the following styles to the

[WSG] Looking For Information

2009-01-23 Thread Marvin Hunkin
Hi. and this is not a very good design for accessibility. no contact information, i could seem to find. so posting below. cheers Marvin. Hi. went to this site at http://www.nigella.com and tried to signup, but not letting me and do you think i can find any contact information? i need help? maybe