Re: [WSG] A Semi-Transparent Background Color?

2009-02-11 Thread Lewis, Matthew
There is this article: On 12/02/2009, at 1:04 PM, Brett Patterson wrote: Hi all, I was wondering why there was no implementation to allow a semi- transparent background color using CSS? If there is, is there a link that

Re: [WSG] Failed A Job :(

2009-01-29 Thread Lewis, Matthew
On 30/01/2009, at 2:36 AM, Simon Pascal Klein wrote: I’d expect clean, accessible, and semantic code from a front-end developer. Bah—sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. I think we all end up taking a bite from the sour end of the pie at some point in our profession, and, in

Re: [WSG] WCAG2 in govt

2008-09-29 Thread Lewis, Matthew
Hi there - was wondering if there's anyone on the list who works in government and is considering WCAG2. We're looking at this in NZ, and I'd be keen to have a chat about your experiences (and offer my own). How about first considering and then implementing the inclusion of Local

Re: WSG promoting standards via teaching? Re: [WSG] Positioning was Extra white line on the top of my list

2008-08-05 Thread Lewis, Matthew
What would be more a productive use of your time David is validating your pages. And there is plenty of We are still moving into our new site... please bear with us... stuff that still needs to be written. Just a suggestion. On 5/08/2008, at 12:34 PM, David Fuller - magickweb wrote:

Re: [WSG] What is the best solution for IE6 png issue?

2008-08-03 Thread Lewis, Matthew
as to say look at the theory of developing specifics for IE6. There is a gaining movement around to start phasing out IE6 support - look at 37signals, I think they begin IE6 phase out this week or next. They've done their maths and taken a gamble. Hopefully it'll spark something. [snip...]

[WSG] 5.3 Expansion of abbreviations and acronyms in a document

2008-05-17 Thread Lewis, Matthew
Unsure about best practice approach for acronym within a link, which may not be ether of these examples... a href=; title=Real Simple Syndication News FeedRSS News Feed/a a href=; acronym title=Real Simple SyndicationRSS/acronym News Feed/a Many