RE: [WSG] RE: Using background images on submit buttons

2009-06-24 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Jens, Sorry for replying so late, just wondering if you found a solution? The only things I have found online have been to make .Net produce an input type=image / which isn't ideal (the image is in the HTML, not the CSS), or a Linkbutton to then format with CSS more easily. I believe that

RE: [WSG] First Attempt

2008-11-24 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Kate, For a first webpage you're doing pretty well - you have some images there and have changed the background colour and text colour on the page. However, using the Dreamweaver design view approach will not give you the best end results, or teach you the best practices. Peter's link gives

RE: [WSG] labels as input wrappers + h6 in place of legend

2008-10-16 Thread Rachel Radford
I understand where you’re coming from because for some designs the legend isn’t easy to style consistently cross-browser, and so sometimes I have used a heading instead. However if possible, using the legend is much better. I also used to wrap form inputs in labels for the same reason as

RE: [WSG] .NET sites which are XHTML 1.0 strict

2008-10-08 Thread Rachel Radford
It can be done... although hard to achieve using the webforms .net, and I found it hard to find an example! Here is one that validates xhtml strict and is .Net: Ironically enough it's the blog that is in Wordpress that doesn't validate! Although that is easy enough to

RE: [WSG] Is it a good practice to have 'Back to Top' link?

2008-09-30 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Joe, Therefore, the use of 'Return to top' link will be required unless I can prove to my client that users don't click them via studies, research or user feedback, not just only from my personal experience. I think you answered your own question there... Can you do some studies or

RE: [WSG] Opera not playing nice with checkbox

2008-09-11 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Tee, Radio buttons and checkboxes are used in different situations - a radio button is when only one option in the list is able to be chosen such as in your Poll, and checkboxes are for when more than one option can be chosen, check all that apply type questions. Some survey programmes make

RE: [WSG] Appropriate postings

2008-08-07 Thread Rachel Radford
I like the newbie questions personally! This list was a HUGE help to me when I was learning CSS (it still is a huge help when I come across a problem) and I would like to think that it hasn't lost that community. Recently a member of this list hugely helped one of my colleagues with a layout

RE: [WSG] Help with div tags in Dreamweaver CS3

2008-06-13 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Susan, It looks like it's quite a big jump to move to all CSS for you right now, especially for that design which isn't perhaps the most straightforward one with lots of images, image replacement and Flash. There's nothing wrong in taking it in steps - read Jeffery Zeldman's book Designing

RE: [WSG] Suckerfish and IE 5 with no Javascript

2008-06-06 Thread Rachel Radford
It sounds like a lot of work for something that you are purely guessing? As your audience is already part of the community that you're doing the website for, it should be easy to find out a typical setup. Many old people I know aren't using IE5 - either they aren't using anything or they

RE: [WSG] New to Standards.

2006-01-04 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Alvaro, A really good book that I'm sure has taught many of us lots is Jefferey Zeldman's book Designing with Web Standards. It introduces everything from a beginner's view, moving from tables to more standard markup and more css. Eric Meyer on CSS is also a brilliant book. Rachel

RE: [WSG] Best Web Standards thing I learnt in 2005.

2005-12-21 Thread Rachel Radford
Sheesh, I've learnt everything this year! Transition from tables to web standards :D The most revolutionary of all would probably creating forms using labels, field sets etc. instead of tables. The coolest would be style-switching (I know it's not new - but new to me in 2005!) -Original

[WSG] styling auto-generated .net id values

2005-12-08 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone else has come across the following problem and if so, how they fixed it? I'm working with a page that has auto-generated html from a .net engine that I then style up with css. In this case I need to reference one item on the page that has an id of

RE: [WSG] Standards and .NET

2005-11-08 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Chris, To echo what Wayne says - Visual Studio 2005 is MUCH better when it comes to css/standards layouts. Unfortunately it is still fairly new, and so not going to be commonly used for a wee while. When dealing with older .net stuff - like I also currently am - yes it is a headache. How

RE: [WSG] standards, accessability and validation?

2005-11-02 Thread Rachel Radford
We have moved a lot into .net stuff while still keeping it css layout, and although yes it did take time, our programmer now does this as normal practice. So it is possible!! It does take more time and effort for the programmer. You just have to make sure that they don't use the pre-built .net

RE: [WSG] Firefox filter?

2005-10-30 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Kenny, As far as I can tell it is all about how the browser plays and handles the animated GIFs. I have found that FF using animated GIFs as backgrounds will play the animation once on each page and it takes a refresh or navigating to a new page to play the animation again. I actually found

RE: [WSG] Complex form - markup help?!

2005-10-20 Thread Rachel Radford
point cheers, pete :) On 10/21/05, Rachel Radford wrote: I am completely stumped as to what the best way to attack the markup for this form: It isn't a data table and yet there are headers there and it is in columns... so not sure if it warrants being

RE: [WSG] liquid faux columns

2005-10-19 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Ted, I haven't tried it out, but at WE05 in one of the presentations there was images given a percentage width for fluididity. Check it out: Russ Weakley's one. I guess you could apply it to backgrounds too??? I've been meaning to try it myself. But yes, it will

RE: [WSG] Fix for min-max in IE

2005-08-30 Thread Rachel Radford
+1200, Rachel Radford wrote: We have just launched a site ( but have received feedback that IE for windows is crashing!!! We have figured out that it is a bit of Javascript making it crash  this bit of Javascript mimicks the CSS min-max behaviour that is needed

RE: [WSG] Fix for min-max in IE - no javascript

2005-08-30 Thread Rachel Radford
any javascript and works in standards compliant browsers that understand the min-width CSS property. Best Regards, Ryan -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Rachel Radford Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2005 7:01 AM To:

[WSG] IE, Ordered Lists and width on LI

2005-08-18 Thread Rachel Radford
if the width isn’t there…! Rachel Radford (+64-4-384-3546 : [EMAIL PROTECTED] *Heliocell | Online Solutions 12 Knigges Ave PO Box 6859 Marion Square Wellington ý PLEASE NOTE: This email message and accompanying data may contain

RE: [WSG] Align text vertically in a division

2005-08-09 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi everyone, I'm replying to this because I am also stuck on the same issue. I have horizontal navigation that is floated (son of suckerfish style) and that has relative widths for scalable fonts. Some of the navigation text runs onto two lines, and some of them are short enough to be on one

RE: [WSG] a few more issues with page layout with definition list

2005-08-04 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Bruce, It's looking good but quite different between FF and IE... Try putting a negative top margin on the image with the hand and key... that should fix that problem for Firefox. But you might need to make it conditional so that IE 6 won't do it too. From a design point of view perhaps a

RE: [WSG] a few more issues with page layout with definition list

2005-08-04 Thread Rachel Radford
!! -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Bruce Gilbert Sent: Friday, 5 August 2005 10:25 a.m. To: Subject: Re: [WSG] a few more issues with page layout with definition list On 8/4/05, Rachel Radford [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi

[WSG] Accessible Flash?

2005-07-06 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi I'm wondering if anyone is able to give me any pointers of creating an accessible flash movie? I have this site: which I am aiming to change to an accessible flash movie and insert in the page using flash satay. I've read articles on how to make the flash movie

RE: [WSG] Accessible Flash?

2005-07-06 Thread Rachel Radford
, PA 19382 800.388.1850 x1208 484.356.0990 (fax) Rachel Radford wrote: Hi I'm wondering if anyone is able to give me any pointers of creating an accessible flash movie? I have this site: which I am aiming to change

RE: [WSG] Jumping text in FF and Netscape

2005-05-01 Thread Rachel Radford
Hi Cole, I am having the same problem on a website that Im working on and Im also stuck hmm! Let us know if you find a solution Id be interested!! From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Cole Kuryakin - x7m Sent: Monday, 2 May 2005 3:43 p.m. To:

RE: [WSG] device independence

2005-04-18 Thread Rachel Radford
You say try test extensively... but from what I've seen there is SO much variation between rendering on different cell phone and PDA's. And I don't know about the rest of the world, but in NZ it is VERY expensive to use the browsing on the cell phone. Is there a web site or an accurate way of