Re: [WSG] How to mark up a flowchart?

2007-03-26 Thread Dan Dorman
On 3/26/07, Nick Gleitzman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have to incorporate a couple of simple flowcharts into the content of a site I'm building, I'm scratching my head about the best way to mark up this info in a semantically meaningful way. On 3/26/07, Joshua Street [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [WSG] Acronym tag usage

2007-05-10 Thread Dan Dorman 2. Dan Dorman *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe: Help

Re: [WSG] Acronym tag usage

2007-05-10 Thread Dan Dorman
on the matter, since this is getting awfully pedantic, but I am genuinely curious: if anyone has some concrete sources on the subject, please let me know; off list would be fine. Dan Dorman *** List Guidelines: http

Re: [WSG] Acronym tag usage

2007-05-11 Thread Dan Dorman
to find a version of the OED through which I could search. If the OED says it, I'll buy it. Thanks, Nick! Dan Dorman *** List Guidelines: Unsubscribe:

Re: [WSG] Javascript problem

2007-06-21 Thread Dan Dorman
On 6/21/07, Dan Dorman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: function alternateRows(tableID,numberOfColors,colorArray){ [snipped] if (table) { var trs=document.getElementById(tableID).getElementsByTagName(TD); [snipped] } } } Whoops! I got a little careless. The line starting with var

Re: [WSG] Safari beta for Windows won't display correctly

2007-07-18 Thread Dan Dorman
partners and the font for the gallery text is 80% in times new roman, times, serif. what i am seeing in safari windows beta is what i described above and the font is arial. The Agora image is left justified in every Windows browser I've tried it on: IE6, Firefox 2, and Safari. :Dan Dorman

Re: [WSG] Jquery and/or Yahoo UI

2007-10-13 Thread Dan Dorman
, because the validators don't even _use_ JS: they look at the source the way it's originally served up, before any possible JS modifications. Or is this incorrect? Do any of the validation tools revise their validation states based on JS interaction? :Dan Dorman