Invalid Parameters?

2007-08-13 Thread Bobbie
A new user e-mailed me a ZIP archive containing a Web archive exported from her Yojimbo. As received here, the export is an RTFD file. The ZIP has the unlikely file name Unknown Parameter Value. The sender used Allume's Stuffit Pro to create the ZIP, and the name must have been created by

Re: Invalid Parameters?

2007-08-13 Thread Bobbie
On 8/13/07 at 3:21 PM, Matt Deatherage wrote: As there is no such thing as StuffIt Pro and never has been (it's StuffIt Deluxe), I have a feeling that your user has more terminology problems than he or she may be letting on, and may not have performed the procedure you are imagining to


2007-06-12 Thread Bobbie
Following a suggestion from Bare Bones, I created a new 'Note' and drag/dropped a PNG file into it. The result is Rich Text; it looks exactly like the PNG (as one would hope), without the apparent loss of quality experienced when printing to PDF from Apple Preview, and suits my purposes OK :-)