A new user e-mailed me a ZIP archive containing a Web archive exported from her 
Yojimbo. As received here, the export is an RTFD file. The ZIP has the unlikely 
file name "Unknown Parameter Value."

The sender used Allume's Stuffit Pro to create the ZIP, and the name must have 
been created by Stuffit. I don't have Stuffit available to confirm that though.

When I attempt to e-mail the Web archive (un-zipped) from my desktop to yet 
another party, Mailsmith 2.1.5 refuses to accept the enclosure. There is no 
error message when dropping the icon into the enclosure pane; it just bounces 
out. However, if it is dropped onto the MS icon in the dock, then this error 

"Invalid parameters were detected for an operation (Mac OS Error code -50)." 

The original file opens and views OK on my receiving Mac in Yojimbo and in 
TextEdit; opens but nothing shows in TextWrangler. 

Is this incompatibility of the Yojimbo export with Mailsmith a bug, a feature, 
or a quantum mechanical act? Or could it be that the user somehow extracted the 
Web archive incorrectly from Yojimbo? 

Thanks --

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